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Uncovering The Truth

Fat loss does not have to be expensive, confusing, or only attainable by those with “great genetics” or those with countless hours on their hands to commit to mind-numbing cardio.

When I started out five years ago I bought into all the hype, blowing easily a couple of thousand dollars on supplements, while simultaneously chaining myself to the treadmill and ensuring I was eating small meals every couple of hours to “keep my metabolism firing along”…

There comes a point in time where you realize the effort you are expending does not equal the results you are getting.

I was working my ass off but I was struggling to get results. Why? Because I was doing what everyone else was – broscience workouts, dieting principles and just general fuckarounditis jumping from one diet, training regime etc. to the next in what I’d essentially call “shiny object syndrome.”

After much trial and error, along with reading, testing, recording, and the like I discovered what works.


Don’t waste your time jumping from one approach to the next like I did, nor fall victim to paralysis by analysis…

1. You Don’t Have To Count Calories To Get Lean

To look good you don’t have to count calories at all. To burn fat you simply need to consume FEWER calories than your body is burning on a 24-hour basis. There is no such thing as a fat burning food, period.

Acai berries? Nope. Celery? Nope. Grapefruit? Nope.

Consume a high protein diet with a moderate amount of dietary fiber and drink two glasses of water prior to every meal.
A high protein meal will leave you feeling fuller than carbohydrates or fats ever will, fiber and water will leave you feeling fuller quicker too, this is a simple approach to decrease your chances of overeating.

If you want to look the best, however, you’re going to need to calculate your calories. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

2. Weights Are Your Friend

When it comes to fat loss cardio seems to be the go-to thing to do in the gym. Lifting weights is far more beneficial however because:

1. Performing heavy compound movements such as the squat and deadlift burns a ton of calories, not only while you’re performing your lifts… but afterwards during the muscular recovery phase too.

2. By lifting weights you’ll be building muscle, an increase in an muscle will result in an increase in your metabolic rate (the rate at which your body burns calories) as lean muscle mass takes an additional amount of energy to move and maintain.

3. When It Comes To Cardio More Is Not Necessarily Better

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is king. There’s no need to spend 40 minutes to an hour mindlessly grinding away on the treadmill or elliptical when you can burn the same amount of calories in 10-15 minutes of interval training.

Interval training is known to be far more muscle-sparing than the traditional LISS (low intensity sustained state) as well as assisting in increasing speed and explosive power.

4. Meal Timing? Forget It

food (1)


Want to eat every two hours? Want to eat every 12 hours?

Go for it.

Fat loss (and muscle gain for that matter) is a game of calories in vs. calories out. This is where most guys get caught up and suffer paralysis by analysis. Plan your meals around your schedule and lifestyle – don’t get paranoid if you eat earlier or later than normal.

This may be a controversial point, but from my experience (following styles of dieting eating every three hours vs. fasting with one or two large meals per day within a specified eating window) I noticed no difference in terms of the rate of fat loss, and have seen no studies indicating a significant enough increase in the metabolism to promote accelerated fat loss.

5. Over The Counter Fat Loss Supplements Are Highway Robbery


Most “fat burner” supplements are a complete joke. Here’s why:

  • -The majority of these supplements have had the formula ‘padded out’ with filler ingredients
  • Run of the mill ingredients are referred to by their scientific name to attempt to trick you into thinking you’re getting something new and groundbreaking
  • Proprietary blends are used on formulas to prevent the disclosure of the supplement dosages within
  • The effective ingredients in these products are generally just caffeine and green tea, which can be purchased separately for a fraction of the cost of the fat burner itself

6. Diets, Supplementation, and Cardio All Lead To The Same End

A calorie deficit.

Fat loss is impossible without a calorie deficit, period.

Different diets, supplementation and workout regimes are all utilized and manipulated to create a calorie deficit.

My Comprehensive Solution

For the past five years I have walked the walk—my results speak for themselves. If I wasn’t confident I could get you the same results I wouldn’t have written the book.

F.U. Fat is the final product, there’s no upsells. Everything you need to know and all actionable advice is contained within this one book – I don’t try to sell you a course, coaching, or any ridiculous supplement line in the book.

The techniques I share with you are from my own personal experience (i.e. I do/have done all methods discussed) as well as a plethora of referenced studies to back up claims and recommendations.

There is no filler. The book is 140~ pages long on Amazon Kindle. I had no intended length in mind—I said and discussed everything that needed to be said and eliminated any repetitive or unnecessary information. I did not attempt to reach a certain word count or page number, when a book is intentionally dragged out it’s easy to tell.

Prior to hitting the “publish” button I issued just shy of 50 copies of this book to friends, family, training partners, other fitness bloggers etc. and clarified and ironed out any unclear areas.

Check it out here on

Don’t like it? All books in the Kindle store come with a money back guarantee!


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