Some people doubt that the author of G Manifesto is the real deal, because he does impossible things like put on a tie. Me, I’m a believer.

But what’s the broke and (hopefully) young international playboy to do? Can a college student borrow from the G’s philosophy, and make it his own? Yes he can. It’s 100% possible to run G Manifesto Game On A Neil Skywalker Budget. All you have to do is follow these three steps:

1. Be The Best Dressed Man In Whatever Room You’re In

James Bond wears $10,000 suits that have been tailored for him by the best that Savile Row has to offer. A sophomore whose dad is a plumber doesn’t have that kind of cash to play with.

But here’s the thing: if you can’t afford a high-quality suit, you’re probably not hanging out with people who can recognize one.

If you’re just a broke kid, grab something off the rack for a few hundred bucks and look better than all your buddies in their jeans and button-ups. Once you have a career and start making a bit of money, you can upgrade to some decent retail brands. A nice collection of well-tailored Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, and Zara joints, combined with some stylish shirts, ties, squares and other accessories, will put you a cut above the majority of your peers.

Once you’ve been working a few years, you can get good-quality bespoke work done in HK and Bangkok for under $1000/suit.

By the time you hit your mid-thirties, hopefully you’re making enough that a few suits costing in the mid-four figures, and a lineup of shirts and accesories to match, is completely realistic. But until then, just go with whatever you can afford, and you’ll still reap 95% of the benefits of actually dressing like an extra from Ocean’s 11.


2. Choose Your Venues

There are two questions you need to ask yourself before you plan your night. The first is: Would James Bond dig this place?


More generally, take a minute to visualize the sort of man you want to be. Now start going to venues that are congruent with that man. 90% of people go to the same dingy college bars that appeal to the fat middle of America’s bell curve of class. On a long enough time scale, every man is the company he keeps.

Question number two: Is this the sort of place a hot girl would like?

Girls like places with expensive drinks and steep cover, because they fill the venue with guys with money. Would it be cool if girls were smart enough to see the appeal of dollar drink night with an awesome Dropkick Murphy’s cover band? Yes, yes it would. But they are not. If The Hunt is your priority, spend your nights in the kind of high-end places favoured by women looking for high-quality men. Spending twenty bucks at the start of the night to triple your chances of a solid lay is money well spent.

Not where we want to be

3. Act The Part

When uncertainty strikes, ask yourself: how would John Dillinger handle this situation? What would Frank Sinatra say to that pretty girl over there? How would George Clooney talk his way to the front of this line? Take your answer and run with it. The biggest obstacle between who you are right now, and the man you want to be, is your inability to give yourself permission to be the alpha male. Role-playing in the skin of your role models is an effective means of by-passing whatever beta tendencies you have.

Suiting up and rolling to higher end venues is not just practically advantageous, it makes this sort of role-playing easier to pull off. Why? Because your style and environment will be congruent with the attitude you’re shooting for. Dress up and play-act as the man you aspire to be, and soon enough you’ll trick your brain into giving you permission to access a more confident, more attractive version of yourself.

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