Most people who regularly go to the gym don’t make quality progress.

They don’t burn much fat. They barely build any muscle. And they lift the same amount of weight they’ve been lifting for the past three years.

And the worst part is, it’s almost always due to the same few mistakes. Let’s cut through the bullshit and cover six of the most common errors guys make in the gym—and how they can be corrected.

1. Your diet is shit

Go easy on the Shake Shack

Go easy on the Shake Shack

The number one reason guys aren’t making progress is because their diet sucks.

Scrawny guys aren’t bulking up because they’re too big of pussies to eat the amount of food it takes to gain weight and build muscle. And fat guys aren’t losing weight because they lack the self-control necessary to restrict the amount of food they’re shoveling down their throats.

If you’re small and you’re trying to get big, then you need to eat more. And if you’re chubby and you’re trying to shed some fat, then you need to eat less. PERIOD.

2. You’re not lifting

Yes, there’s a time and a place for cardio. But it comes FAR after lifting weights… for general health purposes, yes, but especially for changing your body composition.

Resistance training and lifting weights applies a very important stimulus to your body that triggers improved nutrient partitioning – this means that when you’re lifting weights any weight that you gain is likely to be muscle instead of fat and any weight that you lose is likely to be fat instead of muscle.

Cardio simply doesn’t do this.

3. Your lifting routine sucks

Don't be like this fool

Don’t be like this fool

Way too many gym bros just do bench press and curls… they overwork their chest and arms and neglect the rest of their body.

For one, this won’t lead to a physique that looks good. Moreover, it’s fucking terrible for your posture and your long term health. Neglecting your legs and back is a quick way to develop back pain, knee pain, and other chronic joint issues.

Get on a proper, balanced routine and you’ll see far quicker results and build a body that will age well.


4. Your form sucks

Bad form is a quick way to get hurt. It also tends to alter the exercise that you’re doing in a way that prevents it from properly working the correct muscles.

For example, if you bounce the bar off your chest during a bench press, your chest ain’t growing, bro—but you are likely to tear a rotator cuff or even your pec by going overboard on the weight. Also, if you don’t squat deep enough or you let your heels come off the ground then you’re not really working your legs and you’re likely to ruin your knees and your lower back.

Take the time to do the exercises with correct posture, stop trying to lift more than you can, and you’ll start to see better, more sustainable results in the process. You’ll also feel better.

5. You compare yourself to other guys

Acknowledge guys who are ahead of you without comparing

Acknowledge guys who are ahead of you without having to compare

Constantly comparing your body to the biggest or most shredded guys at your gym is an easy way to lose motivation and feel shitty about yourself. Yes, it can be motivating in small doses, but it can also be frustrating and eat away at your self-esteem.

Every great body you see took time to be built. You have to go to the gym, eat well, and lift heavy as a regular habit for an extended period of time before your body will really start to show noticeable changes. Unless you want to compromise your health and take steroids, then adjust your sights to the long term and give yourself at least one year to make solid progress.

6. You rely on supplements

Pretty much all supplements that make a big impact are illegal – because they’re liable to fuck up your hormone levels.

Protein powder, a pre-workout supplement, and some amino acids aren’t going to magically “fix” your shitty diet and your lack of work ethic in the gym. It doesn’t matter how many post workout shakes you drink if the workout itself isn’t on point.

Solution: Eat well and lift heavy

Stay focused on making steady progress

Stay focused on making steady progress

The easiest way to avoid all of the above mistakes to simply eat well and lift heavy.

Depending on your goal your diet will vary. Scrawny guys should eat more in order to bulk up. Fatties should eat less in order to slim down. But everyone should be lifting heavy. And they should be lifting heavy for every major muscle group.

Adhere to these two simple principles and your progress will begin to skyrocket. It’s not complicated, it just takes time and effort.

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