The number one reason guys work out is to get laid. There—I said it.

Even if it’s not what fuels you to hit the gym every day, don’t lie—it’s almost definitely the reason you got started.

The benefits of getting fit range from general health benefits like a reduced risk of contracting numerous diseases and lowered blood pressure, to aesthetic benefits like increased muscle mass and decreased body fat.

And – let’s be honest – unless you’re an old man you’re only worried about the latter. You want to look good naked, primarily for vanity’s sake. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

When it comes to men, being fit means two things: having a solid amount of muscle mass and being relatively lean. It doesn’t mean you’re as big as a bodybuilder… And it also doesn’t mean you’re a skinny marathon runner. Below I’ll argue that being fit is the easiest way to put yourself one step ahead of the competition when it comes to your perceived social value by both men and women.

People don’t take fat people seriously

fat man

Being noticeably overweight is an easy way to limit your potential

When you see a fat man what do you think?

While you might not consciously tear him apart, the undeniable truth is that you don’t take him seriously. His lack of self-control in regards to his diet and exercise have crippled him.

And you can only assume this lack of discipline affects other areas of his life. He looks like shit and he probably doesn’t have his shit together, either. If you’re a man, you’re likely to look down upon him. If you’re a woman you’re likely to immediately disqualify him as a sexual partner.

In short, his social value is severely limited, even if he’s an all-around boss when it comes to his career, confidence, and sense of humor. If you’ve let yourself go, don’t get depressed by these facts, but rather use them as fuel to take back control of your body and shed that weight.

Having noticeable muscle mass is associated with confidence

At the opposite end of the spectrum of our fat friend, is the guy who you can tell clearly holds a lot of muscle, even when fully clothed. His presence demands respect from other men… And attention from women.

Building muscle takes time, but it’s not that complicated – all you need to do is put on some weight and lift heavy.

When you’ve built a solid amount of muscle mass, you embody the principle of strength. And strength is attractive to men and women alike. It’s associated with confidence and leadership. However, having muscle mass alone doesn’t ensure your confidence or your social success. I think we all know a guy or two who are absolute beasts, yet are still extremely insecure.


But it does give you a step up on the competition, and this can’t be ignored.

Strong posture will affect how people perceive your self-esteem


It’s relatively easy to build strong posture with a proper lifting routine

Possibly the easiest way to look stronger and more confident is to stand up straight. And while this can be done by simply being more mindful and consciously doing so, the most effective way to ensure you do this by default is to get fit.

When you incorporate the correct exercises – that strengthen your upper back and rear deltoids – into your routine, you’ll quickly stand up straighter by default.

And doing so makes you look taller, your shoulders appear wider, and your overall image that much more powerful.

It gives you a mental edge

Being fit will give you a mental edge for two key reasons:

So, on top of the fact that other people will perceive you as more confident, you actually will be more confident. The combination of these two factors will skyrocket your social value.

…When the clothes do come off, it will turn her on

hot hot

While game and confidence are needed to attract women, having a solid body helps

If and when you find yourself naked with a girl—and you have solid muscular definition—it will undoubtedly add to her sexual excitement.

It won’t get her in your bed, no, but it will help once she’s there. And this knowledge will similarly boost your sexual confidence when you’re dealing with a girl you like with whom you want to escalate the interaction.

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