If you are a male who was born any time after 1960, you have been subjected to continuous efforts to make you into a big pussy. Here is how it happened.

Pussy Cartoons


Caring is important!

In the old days before the pussification campaign, cartoons for kids were pure, mindless entertainment, like Bugs Bunny. In a typical episode, Elmer Fudd would hunt Bugs in order to turn him into rabbit soup. Bugs would continuously escape Elmer by outsmarting him. There was tons of violence, but somehow we knew that we weren’t really supposed to give people exploding cigars.

If there was a “lesson” in these old-school cartoons, it was that there were bad people in the world and that you couldn’t reason with them. You could only use your wits to stay one step ahead of them.

At some point in the 1980s, people became horrified at the violence in these old-school cartoons, and they set to work creating cartoons with a more wholesome message.

A great example was the Care Bears. These chubby, multi-colored bears solved problems by getting together and “caring a lot.” You might not have watched the Care Bears cartoon, but pretty much every children’s cartoon that came after followed the same model. It eschewed cartoon violence and it tried to impart some valuable message.

Unlike the old-school cartoons, the newer cartoons have a definite lesson—everyone is basically good, and if you care enough, you can work through your differences.

Some pussified men think that this actually works in the real world. If you just try to understand what you did wrong that made your girlfriend cheat on you, you can make it all better. If the U.S. just talks to Iran and cares a lot, we’ll have a peaceful agreement. Good luck with that.

Everybody Wins

Non-competitive musical chairs

Younger men may have grown up in the era when it became common to no longer recognize winners and losers. This happened both in elementary schools and childhood sporting events. Everybody gets a trophy or a certificate regardless of performance.

Parents nowadays are no better. They praise their special snowflake no matter what he does. I’ve always had the intuition that praising children for doing nothing damages them and makes them ill-equipped to handle life. Now, there is actually a study that proves it.

The Washington Post reports that parents who overvalue their children run the risk of turning them into narcissists. Narcissists “tend to be more aggressive and even violent than other people, and are at higher risk for depression, anxiety and drug addiction.”



No grenades

Does MTV still exist? Seriously, if you are reading this, you probably wasted at least some of your formative years watching MTV. It turns out that MTV was one of the most powerful vehicles for pussifying the American man.

MTV achieved this by pushing the cult of permanent adolescence. It encouraged both men and women to avoid responsibility and behave like junior high school kids.

Real men achieve. Real men build. But MTV shows such as Spring Break, the Real World, and Jersey Shore taught us that the being a man meant having “experiences.” In the MTV world, this means going to exotic places, drinking to excess, hooking up with slags, and generally acting like a perpetual horny thirteen-year-old.


A few MTV reality stars, like Jamie Chung, became successful. But for the majority, following the MTV lifestyle turned out to be a recipe for failure. Some of the “stars” of MTV reality shows ended up in rehab, broke, or even dead. The rest of them spent their early adulthood going from one low budget reality show to the next before sinking into obscurity.

Political Parties


You should pay for her birth control

Women vote more than men do so both political parties bend over backwards to reach women voters. They do this by focusing on issues that are supposed to be of interest to women. The Democratic Party in particular has been especially good at creating “women’s issues” that they hype in an effort to divide the electorate. The strategy has worked because women have decisively supported Democratic candidates for decades.

The result is that there is an inordinate focus on “women’s issues” in every election. Both parties celebrate the female members of their party. If you watch the conventions, women dominate the speaker rosters. Most of the campaign commercials are targeted at women.

Men who follow politics are likely to be sucked into this fake gyno-vortex and thus become pussified. If you think that the Lilly Ledbetter Act is an important piece of legislation that helps anybody except trial lawyers, you have succumbed.

Absent Fathers 

Young Darth

Absent father who later overcame his wimpy qualities to become a productive citizen

Traditionally, young men learn about manhood from their fathers. A boy without a father figure in his life will embark on his own search for what manhood means. Without some guidance, he is likely to go down the wrong path.

In our day, the traditional family is on the decline. While the divorce rate has remained stable at about 50%, the number of children born out of wedlock has been skyrocketing. This means more boys are growing up without male role models.

This had an effect on my own life as I came from a broken family. My real father was virtually out of the picture, and my stepfather, while being a very good man, was not a strong father figure. Unlike many boys who seek out gangs or criminal activity to make up for the lack of a strong father figure, I plunged into constant overachievement, accumulating academic degrees and certifications. It wasn’t until I had my son that I was finally able to start coming to terms with what it means to be a man.

Internet Porn


The ubiquity of internet porn has also contributed to the pussification of men. At first glance, this seems counter intuitive. Doesn’t seeing thousands of vaginas make you more manly?

Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect. Men are supposed to be out in the big world trying to find a woman. Internet porn tricks our minds and bodies into thinking that we are already wildly successful in the sex department. It saps the vital energy that should be used to track down a real woman.

Internet porn has already had a devastating effect in Japan where it has contributed to the rise of “herbivore men” who find it much easier to sit in their rooms and beat off instead of pursuing a relationship with an actual female.

Also, internet dating, while not as bad as the use of internet porn, has a similar effect of robbing men of their natural face to face game and replacing it with snarky texts on a smartphone.


These are only some examples of factors that contributed to the pussification of men. It would take a whole book to describe the phenomenon in detail, but the exercise would not really shed much additional light.

The good news is that none of the effects of pussification are permanent. All it takes to escape the programming is to swallow the red pill (or to use the new term suggested by Roosh, embrace neomasculinity). Don’t let your life revolve around women. Stop waiting for the government to fix all your problems. Have kids and give them actual guidance. Get to work as the craftsman of your own life.

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