London is the eye of the degenerative cultural storm enveloping Western nations at an alarming pace. Its large and youthful population, and especially Anglosphere females, are craven followers of any new trend presented to them them as beneficial or beautiful. This demographic picks up habits on cue as directed by peer pressure and the culture creation industry.

The fallout from this rampant social engineering is evident to the keen observer of London women and their degenerate behaviours. A radioactive soup of dire prophecies like the Androgynous Agenda, Kurzweil’s singularity and post-modern gender-bending are starting to take shape in the following behavioural trends.

1. Women with smashed iPhones


London is full of iPhones with broken screens, the majority of them owned by women. These are usually thoroughly smashed all over, consistent with repeated dropping, which itself indicates chronic use. British women are notorious for being addicted to the constant stream of validation provided by smartphones.

This leads them to stay constantly plugged into these devices. There is not a single public place where a British girl isn’t to be seen transfixed by an iPhone screen. Such patterns of use inevitably lead to the dropping and smashing of these fragile devices, and girls frantically texting on smashed iPhones are a common sight in London.

The smartphone obsession of British women is so prevalent, it has even become a matter of public safety. Zoe Sugg, a professional narcissist who feeds her grotesque ego under the pretext of running a fashion blog, was chided for filming a video blog poast at the wheel of her car. In a case of more dire consquences, a 21-year old girl was so busy sending text messages that she crashed into another car, killing its driver. She was given a mild sentence of 21 months in prison. At her trial, she told the judge “I just feel awful that I was involved.”

British women’s craven thirst for constant online validation doesn’t only result in collisions on roads. Matt Forney has reported on “manslamming,” which he describes as “the idea that men don’t move out of the way of women on the sidewalk fast enough.”

Even in busy areas of London, British women are walking around intently staring into their iPhones, earphones in, oblivious to all around them as they bathe in Facebook likes and Tinder swipes from thirsty male supplicants online. A girl doing this walked into me on Tottenham Court Road a few weeks ago. I was chastised with an indignant yelp of protestation. It is, of course, men’s duty to move out of the way promptly when this happens.

Feminism, in its relentless drive for global equality, has brought civilization to the point where Chinese women are throwing themselves from fourth-floor windows in desperation at working in factories that make the devices that narcissistic Western women use to fill the gaping hole in their spirits with external validation. Then, as if in gratitude, Western women treat these delicate and carefully crafted devices like a child’s toy, with resulting breakage.

2. Corporate women wearing sneakers with business attire

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 23.08.07

Nothing betrays a Sheryl Sandberg-clone femcunt like sports shoes with business attire. In London, this is the exclusive preserve of Anglo women who have brought into the myth of office-cubicle empowerment. I have yet to see this ghastly mismatch of styles in women from Eastern Europe or Russia.

More traditional cultures instil in their women a sense of deep shame at the prospect of appearing in public looking less than their best. British women have no such reservations, walking around in ghastly, foam-soled running shoes anywhere but on the running track. The colours—usually neon pink—show that not only are these women happy to look like off-duty circus clowns, but they are deeply proud of it as well.


A closely related trend is that of middle class British women wearing Air Max 90 trainers. Formerly the preserve of rappers and hood rats, this masculine footwear has been culturally appropriated by a demographic of women terribly keen to show off how “down” they are. It is an unflattering, unfeminine look and a trend that would die a horrible death in a healthy society with any semblance of values.

3. Women wearing leggings as trousers


Although some may think othewise, this fashion trend is a Chernobyl-level disaster in the field of female attire, and an egregious affront to all decency. For a woman to leave the house and deliberately aim to be seen in public in nothing more than a thick pair of tights, she has to be narcissistic enough to have exhausted all other avenues for obtaining attention, of which there are many.

British women used to afford the public gaze the dignity of a denim skirt over leggings. Lately, however, as shamelessness enters the vogue, all modesty has been dispensed with, and women are walking around with flabby, wobbly arses hanging out and muffin tops on show.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule.


4. Androgynous women

Women of the Anglosphere are known for their distinct and often brash lack of femininity. In the streets of London, subtle evidence of this can be observed. East European and Russian women walk with a graceful bounce, hips moving with an elliptical figure 8 pendulation which mesmerises the male gaze. British women display a rigid hip movement akin to an AT-AT from Star Wars.

2 English 8's on Carnaby Street, yesterday.

Two English 8’s on Carnaby Street, yesterday.

British women, especially those of a progressive political persuasion, have started to adopt boyish androgyny in both fashion sense and demeanour. Over the weekend, I had an unpleasant experience opening an Audrey Hepburn lookalike. What struck me about this distasteful set, aside from the the snarky disdain and aggressive, relentless shit testing, was the fashion—high cut bangs, a formless cream coat, boy trousers, and boy shoes.

The style is an instant erection killer, and (unfortunately) increasingly common. British women, especially middle class liberals who read The Guardian, are now dressing like Richard E. Grant in Withnail and I. If it wasn’t for East European and Russian women who are still careful and diligent with maintaining their femininity, London men would have nothing to pick from but an amorphous mass of women who from afar look like Pete Doherty.


Cultural Marxism is the expression employed by reactionary factions, of which the manosphere is but one, to describe the project for change promoted by elites under the guise of equality and social justice. Because women are the more impressionable sex, elites expend disproportionate resources in aiming to change women.

Similar to the Soviets’ New Socialist Man, the New Feminist Woman is a grotesque pastiche of anti-femininity, Kurzweilian automation, and repugnant narcissism taken to depraved extremes. The men who have to come to terms with these women must deal with androgynous, unfeminine women who are addicted to their iPhones and who live at the centre a CERN-like attention vortex driven by real life and social media validation.

Men who reject this new paradigm must avoid apathy towards these trends and practices, lest they become “the New Normal.”

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