With mental disorders skyrocketing among American females, it’s inevitable that men will have to deal with girls who are not playing with a full deck. Just under a quarter of women suffer from mental illness, with rates as high as 50 percent among girls aged 18 to 25, and girls overall are 40 percent more likely to develop mental disorders. Despite this, all too many guys are willing to play Captain Save-a-Ho to these damaged goods.

Just say no.

Girls with mental disorders, no matter how minor, are defective creatures. While they might be good in the sack, their craziness will render any attempt to form a lasting relationship with them futile. Here is why you should shun girls who have any form of mental illness.


1. They’re whiny

This applies mainly to girls with “anxiety.” Like anorexia, anxiety is almost exclusively a white girl problem: mysteriously, girls in poorer countries such as Thailand or the Philippines almost never suffer from this ailment. Girls typically cope with anxiety by popping Prozac, the heroin of the middle class, and they’re abusing antidepressants at such a high rate that they’re poisoning the water supplies of major cities.

A girl who needs the crutch of prescription drugs so she can get out of bed in the morning will be nothing but trouble for you. If she needs therapist visits just to deal with her comfortable office job, she won’t be able to handle having children, cleaning up the house, or performing any of her womanly duties.


2. They’re slutty

It should go without saying that girls who sleep around are cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, but in case you need scientific evidence, females with higher numbers of sexual partners are more likely to have anxiety, depression, or other mental disorders. Girls who hop into bed with any stiff prick are compensating for serious mental deficiencies, and if you expect them to stay faithful to you, you’ve got another thing coming.


3. They’re self-absorbed

Virtually all girls are full of themselves to a certain degree, but modern technology and our you-go-grrl culture of artificially inflating girls’ self-esteem has pushed female narcissism into the stratosphere. A girl who can’t go 24 hours without posting selfies on Instagram is basically saying, “I’m so empty inside that I need constant affirmation to keep from overdosing on Klonopin.” “Confident” girls are incapable of seeing men as human beings, only as tools in their never-ending quest for validation.

To those who think that religion or conservative values can redeem a narcissistic girl, think again. My last long-term American girlfriend was a devout Christian from a flyover state, but she was just as hooked on social media attention whoring as the coastal degenerates.


Her Twitter and Instagram accounts were a nonstop barrage of pouty selfies and polite humblebrags, each Like from her male orbiters inflating her ego like a water balloon. I also later found out that she’d been hiding a second “boyfriend” (in quotes because they didn’t have sex) from me.


4. They’re gross

If you’ve ever thought about slumming it with a fat girl because you think they’re nicer than thin ones, think again: fatties are more likely to be mentally ill. And regardless of her weight, mentally disturbed girls are smellier than their well-adjusted counterparts.

One of the symptoms of depression is a lack of interest in cleanliness, meaning that girls who are down in the dumps will have messy bedrooms, grimy skin, and loins that reek of the halibut apocalypse.

Mental illness is so pervasive among girls these days that female typists are writing articles justifying it. For example, the Telegraph’s Daisy Buchanan recently wrote that “[w]omen reserve the right to be smelly,” because taking a daily shower is just too much effort. That’s how sick these girls are: they can spend all day on their iPhones playing Candy Crush, but they can’t take five minutes to wash their filthy asses.


5. They’re manipulative and violent

But these are all child’s play compared to the primary reason you should avoid mentally ill girls: they will drive you insane. At one end of the scale, anxious and depressed girls will make you miserable by submerging you in their manufactured emotional torment. On the other, you can actually end up in jail due to the manipulations of girls with borderline personality disorder or similar problems. Trying to fix borderlines is a fruitless enterprise; they deserve only pity and scorn.

For example, when I was in college, I dated a borderline who constantly started fights with me because she felt I was “neglecting” her. Her modus operandi was to make mountains out of molehills, haranguing me for not putting the dishes away in the “right” order or wanting to spend time with my friends.

I didn’t know this at the time, but she was trying to provoke me into hitting or slapping her, because getting me angry was the easiest way to get the attention she wanted.

The only thing that girls with mental disorders are good for is a quick lay, particularly if you know how to yank their levers. But you’re wasting your time if you try and wife them up. The ideal girlfriend is emotionally stable, naturally happy, and lives to please you. A nervous, Zoloft-popping wreck will do nothing but ruin your life.

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