Gentleman, today is going to be a glorious and exciting day. We’re going to be discussing a topic that is very near and dear to my stone-cold heart. I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy this particular subject in a few of my other articles, and I think the time has finally come to get down to business and talk about how to make it happen. Yes, indeed, today we’re going to talk about…

Getting women to pay for our shit.


Oh how I love it when women pay for shit. God damn, I love it so much. Watching a woman open up her purse, grab her wallet, and then spend her not-so-hard-earned money on me is sweet enough to cause a spike in my blood sugar. I especially enjoy it when they put everything on their credit cards and then only make the minimum monthly payments.

What’s that? A 17.99% APR interest rate, you say? No fucking problem, replies the impetuous slut.

After all, what do they really have to worry about when it’s all said and done? The dumb bastards who end up marrying these hoes are the ones that get stuck paying off all the stuff they’ve bought for me. And since I’m a nice guy and I don’t want to seem ungrateful, I would just like to say to all of you mules out there who end up marrying these women—thank you. You’re all such great guys; heroes even. Monuments should be erected in your honor.


Okay, enough lambasting the dumbasses who marry broken-down clunker sluts—let’s get started with the good stuff. In a previous article, I said the following: “Women love winners, and women love losers—it’s the guys in the middle they can’t fucking stand.” I believe those words are universal to women across the board; however, I think they especially ring true when it comes to getting women to pay for stuff.

I will be using that fundamental tenet as the foundation of this article, because at the end of the day, there are only two types of men that women will spend their money on—winners and losers.

How Losers Win

Women will gladly squander their money on losers all damn day, and do so with a smile. It’s happening right now as I type this: some guy out there is charging $1,300 in car modifications on his woman’s Visa card, another is at Best Buy purchasing a new $800 flat-screen TV with his girlfriend’s savings, and yet another man is hearing his fuckbuddy say, “Don’t worry, babe, I got this,” as she grabs the check for their $25 breakfast.

Whether the amount of money being spent is big or small is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is if the woman in question is opening her wallet right along with her legs.

The loser accomplishes this by creating an aura that lets women know that their pussies aren’t anything worth getting too excited about. A woman is accustomed to her pussy being more than sufficient to keep a man eating out of the palm of her hand, but a loser isn’t pliable to that bullshit. He doesn’t care about a particular woman’s pussy all that much because, well, it’s just another pussy.


The loser understands that 3.5 billion out of every 3.5 billion women have a vagina. Not only is the woman he’s involved with replaceable—she’s extremely replaceable. The loser may even vocalize this from time to time if he feels a woman needs to be reminded of just how fucking disposable she truly is. Pussy, to a loser, is like a golf ball to Tiger Woods—he’ll just grab another one if he needs to.

A woman will pick up on this attitude, and even though the man she’s involved with is a loser—she will step up her game to keep him nonetheless. Stepping up her game can encompass several different things, and opening up her wallet and trying to win over the loser through buying his affection is one of them.

Guys in the middle will sit back and observe this with bewilderment and say to themselves, “Man, I would treat her so good, I would do anything for her, yet she’s with this piece of shit who barely works and treats her poorly, she should be with me instead!”

Those men are right. In an ideal world, these women would be with them instead, but the problem lies with the fact that women are fucking morons—that’s the most accurate description I can think of for them. Any decent looking woman knows that she can have a good man at the drop of a hat if she desires; she’s fully aware that she could have a guy that would treat her well and go to the ends of the earth to make her happy.

And you know what? She fucking hates that guy. She hates the good man because he’s nothing more than a man in the middle, and being a man in the middle will never suffice for the average vagina-bearing shit-for-brains airhead running around America, I’m sorry to report.

The Virtue Of Selfishness

If there’s one thing the loser has going for him that the man in the middle doesn’t—it’s that he is selfish. The loser doesn’t care if a woman ends up living in a cardboard box because she spent all of her money on him, and he doesn’t care if she has to work countless hours of overtime to make ends meet.

The loser just thinks to himself, “Well, she’s a dumb bitch and it’s her fault for getting herself into these situations—ain’t my problem,” and you know what? He’s completely right—it is her fault and it ain’t his problem.

Losers, despite their countless faults, understand that a woman’s fucked-up decisions are one-hundred percent her responsibility—not his. Any man with two functioning eyeballs connected to an operable brain can sit back and spectate as women do stupid shit and waste their lives away, and the loser is more than happy to lend a helping hand in that process in an attempt to procure all he can get.

However, what the loser is not interested in is providing windfall protection for these women as they make their rapid descents—ensuring soft landings for dumbass women and their choices is beyond the scope of both the losers desires and his talents. The loser, for as stupid as he may be, isn’t stupid in this respect.

In my own experience, some of the women I’ve had the most difficulty getting rid of have been the ones that have received the worst treatment from me. For whatever reason, I just didn’t like them all that much and didn’t treat them very well. In many instances, it was usually because I found out something unsavory about their pasts and subsequently lost the little bit of respect I may have had for them to begin with.

As a result, I never went above and beyond to please them. I never complimented them or said nice things to them. I didn’t respond to their text messages or phone calls for hours, and that’s if I bothered responding at all. I flirted with other women right in front of them. I didn’t care if I gave them a good fucking, and I certainly didn’t care if they had an orgasm—I just didn’t give a damn about any of it. I treated these women like they were lower than shark shit at the bottom of Marianna’s Trench, and they completely adored me for it.


I can hear the collective moans coming from both the men and women reading this: “Bullshit, A.V. Yader! There’s no way a woman would be crazy about you and buy you stuff if you’re not fucking her good and giving her multiple squirting orgasms!” Well, I hate to break it to you, but y’all are dead wrong.

Being good in bed helps, there’s certainly no denying that, but it’s far from the most important thing in the world. It all boils back down to emotions with women, and what you do outside the bedroom is much more important in the grand scheme of things.

We tend to look at sex as a recreational activity nowadays as opposed to what it really is—the means of procreation. It’s important to keep this fact in mind. Obviously, none of us here want to have a child with some random broad that we’re casually dating, but we do want to simulate the process of making a baby with her (i.e. fucking her).

When dealing with women, most guys will ask themselves, “What can I do to get this woman to sleep with me?” When what they really should be asking themselves is: “What can I do to make this woman want to have my babies?” There is a difference between the two, and it’s important to understand that difference.

Give Her The Baby Rabies

A woman who is willing to buy you stuff and show up at your place on command is a woman that you’ve emotionally attracted to the point that she wants to bear your children. This isn’t something that she’s going to verbalize to you, or even understand it herself—it’s instinctual. She craves your seed because you’re hitting all of the correct emotional buttons. You’ve succeeded in making her so crazy about you that she wants to have a miniature version of you running around—she wants to fucking duplicate you.

And in order for that to happen, she doesn’t have to have a single orgasm. She needs you to cum, for you to be the one that feels good. What you want always comes first because in order for her to get what she desires—your offspring—you are the one that ultimately must be sexually satisfied.


A man in the middle can get on his knees and eat pussy until his tongue falls off, or he can fuck with the ferocity of a two-peckered jack rabbit on a meth binge—but it doesn’t matter. He can give a woman all the orgasms in the world, but it doesn’t mean shit because he’s just a fucking man in the middle. She doesn’t crave that man’s seed—she doesn’t want to produce his progeny. The man in the middle simply doesn’t create the emotions needed to elicit such a primitive and visceral response in most women.

A major reason why single mothers have no problems settling with a man in the middle is because they already have what they truly want: the offspring of a loser. They will always have a piece of their loser with them for the rest of their lives and, for many women, that is more than enough to make them content—even with a man in the middle. It’s also a major reason why single mothers emasculate their sons so much—they’re trying to tame their sons in the way they could never tame their losers.


The fact of the matter is that many women want losers, and only losers will do. If you can be the loser that a woman pines for, then she’ll make sure that you’re happy—this includes paying for stuff and buying you gifts, regardless if you make more money than her or not.

If you’re thinking something along the lines of the following: “Well, how can you evoke such emotions in a woman when you treat her so poorly? Surely no woman would tolerate such shitty treatment, not to mention want to bear your children!” The answer is simple, and was covered earlier in the article: women are fucking morons. Moving on.

How Winners Keep On Winning

The winner that has women spending money on him can be best described as a “carrot dangler.” The winner has shit going on—he’s not a loser. He has his house in order and his finances are solid (or have the potential of becoming solid). He’s a catch, and the women around him know that he’s a catch. But most importantly: he knows that he’s a catch, and he will use this to his advantage to the greatest extent possible.

The winner takes a good hard look at the women in his life and assesses their reasons and motives for wanting to be with him. These women may want quick access to his resources or long-term perpetual access—it all depends on the particular woman and what stage she’s at in her life.

The winner then takes inventory on what he has to offer—it could be money, businesses, access to events, social status, travel etc. It all depends on the winner and what he, as an individual, brings to the table. The winner understands perfectly well that while women will gladly fuck losers—and even prefer to fuck them in many cases—they want a winner when it comes time to settle down and enter a committed relationship.

The younger women are most likely after him for maximum short-term gains. They want to get in and get out with as much as they can in the shortest amount of time possible—they’re the “robbers.” The older ones in their mid to late twenties or early thirties are looking to lock down the winner for good—they’re the “executioners.”

I’m speaking in generalities here—young women can be executioners, and old women can be robbers too, obviously. But it’s not all that common. With that out of the way, let’s look at these two types of women in more detail.

The Robbers


Robbers are, by far, the most difficult women to get to pay their own way. Robbers are young, they’re pretty, and they know it. To get these women to spend their cash requires you to incorporate being a winner and being a loser into one unit—there’s no other way to do it in my experience. If you don’t incorporate some loser into your methodology, then you’ll be used like an ATM machine and taken for a ride. You have to set the tone early on that you—as a winner—are better than them.

The fact that a woman is young and attractive doesn’t mean shit to you because you’re a winner, and she’s not. She’s just another typical loser female—she’s beneath you, and you’re not impressed by her simply because she exists. The winner’s prevailing attitude is always, “Okay, you’re pretty, but so are many of the other women out there who want me, so you’d better step up your fucking game if you want to be in my presence.”

Young good looking women aren’t used to men having this kind of attitude towards them, so it intrigues them when they come across a guy who doesn’t worship the ground they walk on.

If a robber wants to date a winner, then she needs to prove that she’s worthy of his company. And she will prove her worth by paying her fair share from time to time, but make no mistake about it—you’re never going to come out on top or break even with a robber. This is completely acceptable because they’re young, hot, and generally fun to be around—they’re supposed to win.

The goal is to only give a robber the bare minimum while extracting as much as possible. Once they realize that you’re not going to bend to their whims and give them everything they want—they’ll bail out and pursue men that will. In the end, you’ll get very little out of the deal (unless she’s truly crazy about you), but at least you won’t get taken for a ride like the typical chumps who dates them.

The Executioners


Executioners are the easiest group of women to get to buy you stuff—especially if they’re the “strong and independent” type. These women are the ones that are weighed down with debt, emotional baggage, and monster egos. They’re searching for a winner, and only a winner will do for a long-term relationship.

Executioners are also “checklisters:” height matters, looks matter, job titles matter, and money—or the potential of it—really fucking matters. If you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t have any of those things,” then you needn’t worry. Most of these women get fucked by losers all the time, and they will continue to get fucked by them while they prowl for a winner.

These women can generally be divided into two categories: they’ve slept with tons of losers and now they want a winner, or they have low notch counts and only dated winners, but ended up ruining their relationships with those men because of their shitty attitudes or other intolerable defects. Both types are completely unacceptable and should be rode hard and put away wet as a result.

With the robbers—you just let them fade away on their own volition. However, the trick with the executioners is to quit while you’re still ahead, and you do this by dangling the carrot. The carrot is you and what you have to offer long-term. If a woman wants to travel the world and you have the ability to make that happen—then dangle the travel carrot in her face. Let her think that the possibility exists that you’ll take her on trips at some point down the road. You can do this without outright lying to her, just be vague with your words.

Perhaps you’re the kind of winner that could support a woman financially and she could stay at home and raise kids. If that’s the case, then dangle the financial security carrot in front of her. Give her the impression that you’re looking for a strong woman to settle down with, and that you have the resources to single-handedly provide for a family. Once again, you don’t outright say any of this stuff, and you certainly don’t tell a woman how much money you make. She’ll be able to draw reasonable conclusions on her own after she has spent some time with you.

Executioners with decent jobs will spend money on you to prove that they’re “team players” while simultaneously hammering home the point that they “don’t need a man”—feminism and “you go girlism” has these broads completely confused on how to properly behave.

They’re trying to demonstrate that they’re good women, but since they can’t cook, won’t clean, and would make terrible mothers—they take a more masculine approach and demonstrate their value through their careers and earning power. The more “strong and independent” they are, the more they will pay their fair share and beyond in many instances—they’re very egalitarian in this sense, but they’re far from altruistic.

Get The Investment


These women are making an investment in the winner. They’re trying to make the winner think, “Wow, she really likes me for who I am.” And they do this by picking up the bar tab, treating you to nice meals, or bringing you bottles of your favorite liquors from time to time.

They’re doing these small things because they think it will ultimately get them a McMansion with a pool, a German SUV, and a couple of annual vacations to the Caribbean down the road—they’re playing the penny stocks and hoping you’re Microsoft circa 1986. So all you have to do is dangle your carrot, kick back, and enjoy all of the goodies these women throw your way—then abruptly drop their asses before giving them any kind of significant return on their investments.

These types of women are dickheads, so I feel absolutely no guilt about leading them on and using them for all they’re worth—I’ve dealt with enough of them to know their game and how they operate. You stand much better chances of breaking even with these types of women than you do with a robber—you can even post the rare profit from time to time.

But the problem is executioners tend to become unhinged and lose their fucking minds when you end things with them. Just be smart in how you make your exit and take any necessary “cover your ass” precautions. I’ve been pretty lucky over the past couple of years and have never had any major problems, which is pretty astonishing, considering how big of a prick I can be.

In Closing

Being a loser is a younger man’s game, being a winner is for the older fellows, and being a combination of both is the mark of a man who truly gets it—a true player. But being a man in the middle? A man trapped in purgatory? That’s no place to be. It’s unfortunate because being a man in the middle used to be more than enough to get a decent woman. Those times are well behind us. Adapt, escape, or perish—those are your choices.

If you’re a man in the middle and you’re reading this, then it’s time to make some changes. The only way a man in the middle can exist is due to a lack of experience with women. The men I’ve known who have had the most success with women were the ones that were the most contemptuous of them—myself included. Guys that respect, revere, and even love women for “who they are” always seem to be the ones who are never able to fuck them.

The way to develop a loser attitude towards women is very easy: simply date them. Seriously, that’s all it takes. It’s literally impossible to go out with a few women and come away from those experiences with a positive outlook.

Sure, you’ll get laid, and pussy is nice and all. But the human beings those pussies are attached to will be a different story. Once you’re exposed to the deceit, the flaking, the sluttiness and the vapidity—then you’ll truly come to understand what this is all about. You’ll come away knowing that 99 percent of women are all the same, and they’re not the same in a good way.

You’ll immediately wonder why you were ever a man in the middle in the first place, and you’ll never turn back for anything less than a one percenter.

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