Pictured above is a classic photo of taken from the office of the U.S. Defense Communications Agency (1960–1991), which has now become The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). This organization has numerous functions which includes communications support to the President, as well as the military to deal with combatant tasks, like for example when the nukes start going off. I submit that the manosphere develop one. Maybe call it MANOSPHERE DISA, or MDISA for short. It should be set up just in case.

In case of what you might ask? For same reason: in case the nukes start going off. But for the manosphere, nukes going off means a government that consists of warmongering feminists and anti-male ilk wanting to shut us up. As we are all too well aware they are convinced that all things with a penis and / or with a dissenting thought (dissenting from theirs) are evil, they will scream to shut down any media source of ideas they do not like to hear. Unfortunately since it appears that the majority of Americans have been sold on socialism, the notion of the net getting censored is plausible. We only need to look at China and see that this is technically feasible. Although the control of the net by the Matrix may not be 100%, and true there are some techies out there that can buck the system, I still think that it could be sufficiently controlled so John Q. Public does not have a voice, potentially putting an end to Publishing 2.0.

And while we see on CNN all these civil rights themed programs condemning the censorship of the Internet in other countries, these same hypocritical journalists will happily see anyone get muted that that is not a part of the social elites agenda. So for the dissenting voice it is quite simple: you have the right to free speech with the understanding that you will not actually use it. And you have the right to free speech so long as you do not say anything that they do not agree with.


Let’s take a look at some of the writing on the wall: Considering that there seems to be a major push for World government, it is no surprise that the UN wants to censor the Internet. Just recently of course a well done article here at ROK showed that Norton was taking it upon themselves to censor websites they didn’t like. As well a Men’s Rights ad banned in the UK because it was “too mean”. If and when the net becomes censored, how does the Matrix decide who should be banned? Perhaps they might for example consult with SPLC, and let’s not forget one Mr. Roosh is already in their crosshairs.

This does bring the question of what shall the backup means of staying in contact be. This is difficult to say because it will not be as good as having the net.  When hurricanes hit and all communications are cut it is usually the ham radio that acts as the back up for the civilian population. This could be one possibility, but ham radio requires getting a license although I suppose one could still operate under rogue conditions. But he still needs the equipment and less than user-friendly know-how compared to how easy it is to blog, Skype or email. Whatever is developed it will be a bit awkward and not as fast as the net, but under a crisis situation there will be a need to simply stay in contact. Hopefully I am being over the top, and hopefully an alternative system will never be needed. But consider it a fire extinguisher in your office. It most likely will never get used, but it’s good to know it’s there. Just in case…

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