Matt Forney recently reported on a website called Tag The Sponsor. This is a site that pulls back the veil on the real exploits of instagram “models.” In short, good looking women are propositioned by rich Middle Eastern men (the “sponsors”) to finance their all-expense paid trips to Dubai and other exotic locations in exchange for their company.

Their company, however, is an extremely tame description. These girls are paid to be slutty trophies in public. Okay so that’s big deal right? We see this all the time all over the world. Men have been paying beautiful women to be their ornaments for ages so no harm no foul………………….right?

I’m afraid not. The real debauchery happens behind closed doors and it is outright nauseating to be sure. These girls are fucked by foreign objects, pissed on, shit on, violently and bloodily gang banged or whatever other nasty shit that comes to the twisted minds of these oil tycoons.

The obvious question here is why? Why would these young, pretty girls put themselves through these disgusting fuck-a-thons? I may be naive here but I’d like to think that maybe 25 years ago girls wouldn’t even consider these propositions. So a deeper question is what exactly is it that’s changed their mindset?

Understanding this phenomenon is important for men because this completely wrecks women physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Carousel riders are damaged beyond repair but we still game them because they’re still good for the occasional nail ‘n bail. We know how to get in and out of their panties with minimal investment and keep it moving.

Tag The Sponsor sluts, however, are ruined for life. The physical and emotional toll it takes on them is a cross they are ill equipped to bear. This makes them radioactive to friends, family, boyfriends, and hookups. Even the man unlucky enough to have a one night stand with her will be impacted by the mind fuck inflicted on her while abroad.

This article will take a look at the where this behavior originates as it relates to the sexual marketplace, what their motivations are, their real status-quo, how it truly damages them, and most importantly what this means for men.

Let’s get started.

Don’t hate…it’s just survival

In the city I reside it’s not uncommon to see a hot young female driving an expensive car with plenty of bags and boxes from a day of shopping at designer stores stuffed in the back seat. On it’s face we all might think “pssh…that bitch is livin’ off a man,” and we’d be right most of the time.

We have to understand, however, that women have precious few assets they can monetize—their youth and beauty being the two most valuable. We can hate on them all we want to, but this is the way it’s been since the dawn of time. Housewives, strippers, sex workers, sluts, and all pretty women in between have always had to use their looks to get by as a matter of survival.

Dubai sluts have been properly nicknamed “porta potties” because of their willingness to be used as human toilets. Anything goes if the price is right and so long as the girls are paid, they happily bathe in the bodily fluids of foreign men. This is a flat out stomach-churning way to make a living.

Bri 4

Nothing’s off limits so long as there’s money involved

“But you just said not to hate on them for shaking their money makers right?” 

Being a stripper, prostitute, or a trophy wife is one thing. Lying in a pool of blood, shit, and urine after getting ass fucked by half a dozen condomless men just to get a picture standing next to a Lamborghini wearing designer heels is quite another.

The clear difference between the two is the incredibly steep physical and psychological price they pay compared to their gold-digging or sex working sisters, and that’s where this lifestyle ruins these girls forever.

She would pull out a few photos that they would take as proof so they could recover the damages to the room. In quite a few photos, there were bedsheets stained with blood and feces, and quite often there was drug paraphernalia in the room.

-Veloce, Roosh V Forum

The price they pay


As far as strippers go, both parties know the transaction is strictly business. You pay the money, she takes her clothes off, rubs her tits in your face, grinds on your junk, shows you a little cooch and that’s that. The physical and psychological price she pays, though tangible, is comparatively low.

Sex workers

Escorts and prostitutes operate the same way in terms of the transactional exchange. Their psyches pay a higher price because sex is involved, but unlike party sluts who give it up for free, they’re getting cash out of the deal for giving it up.

Trophy wives

The trophy wife comes out the best, having exchanged her most valuable assets for long-term security and a lifestyle befitting a young, pretty woman. Her mental and physical portfolio is in the black due to her sustainable lifestyle which puts her mind at ease. Plus, the fact that her uterus isn’t a petri dish filled to the brim with semen from multiple donors (at least not lately) means that she doesn’t suffer the physical drawbacks that women in the sex trade are subject to.

Porta potty girls

Dubai sluts, however, pay the highest price of all and get the lowest return on investment. They participate in abominable acts for a few thousand dollars, a picture on a private jet, and expensive clothes—are of which are temporary and depreciating assets.

private jet


Whoring themselves out in the worst ways possible for frivolous, temporary, material items that will be all but worthless in a few months will use up their reserves (youth and beauty) quicker than they can imagine, meaning they’ll likely hit the wall a hell of a lot sooner than they would otherwise. This is what happens when they exchange their only valuable currency for useless material possessions.

Sure they make a little cash, but they blow it within months and before they know it they’re looking for another offer.  But how many times can a girl physically and mentally handle these gross, abusive, Arabian-style fuckfests?

Why do girls do this?

Simple Math: Females  Slut shaming x (brand worship + attention and validation addiction) = a ride on a cock carousel that costs a hell of a lot more than the tokens she’s used to paying stateside. It really is as simple as that, gents.

Every Anglo-slut’s dream

The entire culture tells them it’s okay to whore themselves out for designer sunglasses and shopping sprees rather than finding and locking down a man who can provide them with a solid lifestyle for years to come.

This mentality is the direct result of sluts no longer being shamed. The sad part is that although the traditional housewife is becoming an endangered species and often frowned upon by today’s modern woman, they all know it’s the pinnacle of true womanhood. Anyone who doubts this need only take a stroll through any social media site and see that attention whores take almost as much pride as declaring how great a mother they are as they do getting 100+ likes for their duck face selfies showing cleavage.

Women will always have the notion of settling down and having a family in the back of their minds because it’s what they desire regardless of what their Instagram or Facebook accounts say. Fighting this biology only tamps down these desires, but mother nature always wins out in the end.

The sad thing is that girls that engage in this porta-potty depravity think they can have their shit cake and eat it too. They believe they can live this adrenaline-fueled lifestyle then settle down and expect to live happy and fulfilling lives. Unfortunately for them it doesn’t work that way…not even close.

Girls like this are like recovering meth addicts who have fried their dopamine receptors to the point they can’t enjoy anything anymore. The exotic trips, expensive hotels, posh surroundings, and everything else they’ve grown accustomed to will make living a normal life all but impossible when their looks fade and they stop getting offers from pervs overseas.

Celebre-sluts like Miley Cyrus and Ke$ha who sing about “poppin’ bottles” and “gettin’ fucked up” don’t warn these girls about what awaits them when the high-priced party’s over. They crave the bright lights, the high-priced drinks, and the private jets they see on TV, so when they get the opportunity to actually live out what they see in the music videos they brainwash themselves with it’s no wonder they jump at the chance regardless of what they have to do to get it, long term consequences be damned.

It’s all fun and games ’till they hit the wall

Are they fooling anyone?

Not a chance. It’s amusing to see these girls with the typical self-serving hashtags underneath a photo of them sitting on a yacht or in a pool when they know damn well that everyone who “liked” or commented on their photo knows she doing ass to mouth later that night.


Everybody, men and women alike, know this isn’t the lifestyle these chicks lead on a daily basis. Their social media “friends” know these girls can’t afford this life. Yet these girls tout and talk about how their latest photo op is just “another day in the life” and delusionally think the fake praise they get is genuine.

A quick Google search or a visit here shows you how quick girls are to shame each other for this behavior. They all know the debauchery in Dubai is fundamentally wrong, even if they put on a good show by telling the world a girl can do anything she wants with anyone she wants for whatever reason she wants.


No need to speculate….we all know what’s really going on

The shaming is also hypocritical and that isn’t fooling anyone either. Most of the girls calling out these human waste dumpsters would gladly take a steamy shit to the face for a chance to drink expensive champagne in a G5 bound for a foreign land, and they know it.  If they had the looks they’d be entertaining offers as frequently as the scat porn stars they berate.

Most girls think this way

The real damage they suffer

There’s no doubt that the superficial effects these escapades has on girls is substantial. But they pale in comparison to the real damage that is done to her sexuality on a psychological level.

This article offers a front row seat to the pathological damage that genuine rape has on a woman and what it turns her into. Among the slew of mental hurdles she has to jump in order to feel normal, regular sex doesn’t excite victims of rape. Violent, abusive sex is what she wants because it arouses her the most. This leads her into relationships with dangerous, mentally unstable men which only accelerates her descent into cerebral torture.

In short, she is damaged well beyond repair.

Girls who take part in these feces-slathered gang bangs will be similarly damaged. Participating in sex acts such as this even once will render a female utterly incapable of having a normal sexual relationship.

The reason for this is that her body is not the only thing being defiled. Her mind and soul are also being violated by the filth she participates in. Girls with high notch counts have a shitload of mental issues as it is. But subjecting themselves to this level of depravity is psychological suicide. There is no coming back from this degree of degradation no matter how much they try to forget what they’ve done.

…the memories of the sick acts they’ve committed will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

-Matt Forney

They also become sexually numb. Like genuine victims of rape, the prospect of conventional sex won’t turn them on like it used to. This isn’t to say that the prospect of a diarrhea bath or getting a fish stuffed into their vaginas is what’s necessary to moisten their panties. But rough sex, which the vast majority of women with a healthy (ish) sexual appetite love, will leave a lot to be desired as far as a Dubai slut is concerned. As a result, she’ll have to engage in increasingly vile acts just to get off.

The bottom line is that these girls sell their souls to the devil and no amount of time, introspection, or contrition will ever buy it back.

What does this mean for men?

Not much as far as betas are concerned. As long as their blue pill upbringings continue to blind them, they’ll thank their lucky stars they’re able to wife up these shit stained sluts.

White knights will always be around to defend these women and make excuses for their behavior using words like “victim” and “exploitation.” Regardless of how many golden showers she’s taken, these idiots will turn a blind eye to her deplorable past and continue to be safety nets for these toilet whores.

What this means for red pill men, however, is much different. Granted, we’re not surprised by this at all. We’ve lifted the veil on the greatest con job in history (feminism) so the lengths women go to for useless name brand knick knacks isn’t going to change anyone’s perspective. If anything, it cements what we already knew to be true in the first place.

But now that we’re cognizant of what these “Instagram models” do for these luxuries it would behoove us to be even more selective than we already are…especially the really hot ones who are “well traveled.”

While it’s common knowledge that high SMV women are much more discriminatory when deciding who to let penetrate them, at the end of the day every girl’s pussy is for sale whether she admits it or not. So is her mouth, anus, dignity, or anything else that can get her money, gifts, or security. There is and always will be a price.

Whatever helps you sleep at night

If you’ve read a few articles or perused a few sites on this subject matter it’s easy to see that most of these porta potty girls are quite beautiful which is not surprising in the least. These rich oil princes aren’t going to throw $40,000 at women who aren’t in the upper aesthetic echelon. I think it’s fair to say that no matter how good a girl looks, men who have been unplugged will think long and hard before pursuing a woman who’s known to have been on one of these luxurious trips to Dubai.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only man who doesn’t want to swap spit with a woman who’s been served a shit sundae. Proceed with extreme caution and do your due diligence by asking her what countries she’s traveled to. If Dubai is on that list, vanish like a fart in the wind.

see ya!

If you see this on her page, make like a bad check and bounce

In the grand scheme of things this trend means that more and more young, beautiful women are opting out of the long-term investment strategies of old. These girls used to marry young and bear the offspring of high status men to ensure they were taken care of well into the future.

The hard truth is that the instant glitz, glitter, and social media attention the Tag The Sponsor lifestyle offers is more enticing to today’s females than marriage and motherhood…at least in the short term (no shock there). In their minds there’s no need to tie themselves to one man in holy matrimony to live a fulfilling life when they can get what they believe is something better without having to commit to anyone long term.

As far as they’re concerned this is a no-brainer and unfortunately for men this further shrinks the pool of viable (ish) options. Eventually the only option for a man who wants to pass on his legacy or have a meaningful relationship with a beautiful woman is to leave the country. And even that resource is beginning to erode.

In the end…

…this is an extreme case of the female id run amok. We know girls do anything and everything for status and material possessions but that doesn’t make the stories of their licentiousness any less stupefying.

The craziest part about all of this is that when girls accept these offers they are well aware of despicable deeds expected of them the minute they check into those five-star hotels but they do it anyway. This, if nothing else, shows the absolute degeneracy of today’s females. The fact that they do this of their own volition for short-lived status and attention hits on social media exposes them for the nefarious creates they are when left to their own devices.

Shit, no wonder Muslim men cover their women from head to toe in 120+ degree heat. They seem to know better than most men that women will run wild if given any measure of control over the sexual market.

What these women and their admirers fail to realize is that they are further confirming to the world what’s already proven to be true even though they deny it in public: that most women who live lives of luxury (real or otherwise) do so because of men. Every man, red or blue pill, knows the only real currency a woman has is her appearance.


She totally bought that jet and Ferrari

That’s not an indictment on women. It’s biology. Some women do the smart thing and consolidate on a man to ensure security, some women enter the sex trade to liquidate their assets for a faster ROI, and most use their femininity to gain minor favor and minimal status (or as much as their SMV will get them), tangible or otherwise.

Some women are literally dedicating their lives to looking as good as they possibly can — you can find them on Instagram, Tumblr, etc. but you shouldn’t. But those looks are all they have. Most of them still have to suck a dick to get by, and outside of being fuck toys, they have nothing to offer which is why most of them are constantly in and out of relationships.

It doesn’t take “Tag to Sponsor” to know that when women are on their “good look as hell” grind, that they’re about some money, and if they’re going to get money from men who have it, they’re going to have to suck and fuck for it”

-Jariel, Roosh V Forum

It’s a travesty that the best looking girls in this country are being used up like cheap gasoline. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if the majority of our women weren’t land whales. If most American women were in good shape the ruining of a few of them wouldn’t put any substantial dent in our meat market.

But the scarcity of beautiful women in the U.S. makes this trend all the more painful and further depletes our already limited options. Our highest value (not to be confused with quality) women are being grossly polluted by this lifestyle. Nobody wins in this situation…

…except, of course, for the men squatting over these girls and emptying their bowels. All it’s costing them in these transactions is a few bucks and maybe some linens.

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