Being a man is truly awesome, especially in this day and age. You get to play with awesome new gadgets that our ancestors couldn’t even dream of. In fact, you can build your very own gadgets if you so desire. For example, just get a 3D printer and unleash your creativity. You liked LEGOs? Why not make your own LEGO?

You get to bang as many women as you want, carefree and without any obligations. You can choose as much adventure and excitement in your life as you wish and travel all around the world. You can fix every problem you have by using just your two hands and your brain. The result is personal satisfaction and enjoying your life to the fullest

Meanwhile, women choose to waste their years living a life of mediocrity and utter boredom. Women are afraid of straying too far from the accepted norms of behavior and offending anyone. They did so a century ago and they still do so today. When this philosophy fails to bring any spectacular results is when the depression sets in.

An average woman will then spend her days comparing herself to her peers on social networks and obsessively inspecting her selfies to find the tiniest wrinkle. This will cause her to lament that “her youth is gone.” If she is extrovert, she will then probably go outside half naked, hold a sign and start shouting random things in the air.

Social Jealousy Weaklings

Every slut walk or SJW protest is a testament to how awesome men are. Not even the shrillest man-hating she-beast can deny that men change things while women bitch and complain about them.

The instinctual reaction of a SJW is to go on a social media website and start whining about some perceived injustice until somebody does something. In fact, every SJW protest is an appeal for men to use their magical “privilege” and improve the lives of women.

Protesters march on a SlutWalk in Newcastle

“Men, buy us some proper clothes!”

This mythical “privilege” is actually just the potential every man contains in himself. Developing this potential means reaching greatness in all areas of your life. Not just having a great body, or banging a lot of women, or raking in the dough. It means all of those and much more. It includes having an attitude of a winner and having an unbreakable spirit that can endure everything.

Covering up her mistakes

Women have a similar amount of potential as well, but it is inner rather than outer. It is their fertility and is best spent bringing new life into this world as soon as possible. A woman’s fertility only declines as the years go by, making her even less attractive as a mate to any sane man. We naturally connect a woman’s fertility with her beauty, which is why the cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar business.

makeup difference

Making it the proverbial fountain of youth

Despite all the sexual education, girls are never told that their most fertile years are between 16 and 20 years of age. After that it slowly but surely declines, making the baby of an older women susceptible to a range of mutations and disorders.


The decline is even steeper if the woman uses alcohol, drugs, or other powerful medicaions. Again, this explains the SJW obsession with stopping “ableism.” It’s not impossible that SJWs succeed in making something like the Down Syndrome widely accepted as completely normal 30 years from now, if they haven’t done so already.

In fact, SJWs in academia encourage women to waste their potential and unabashedly spend their most fertile years going to college and earning their underwater basketweaving degrees. Of course, this intense studying includes spreading their legs to whomever they desire at the moment, aka. “have fun” while using government-sponsored birth control and safety nets in case they do end up pregnant.

Clinging on to her man

The implication behind this leftist line of thinking is that men have more than enough potential to carry at least two people and can compensate for a woman’s lack of it when she finally decides she is ready to settle in her 30s.

But, when she finds out the average man is just average and hasn’t really achieved anything special, she becomes truly pissed and feels betrayed by the SJW movement. This prompts the “where have all the good men gone?” speech in its various forms and a lot of undeserved rage outpoured on the poor schlub.


Explaining why SJWs absolutely loathe the average man

Meanwhile, men have no such age limit and as they grow older they simply become more awesome. The wrinkles and gray hairs that come with age and cause panic attacks when a woman discovers them on her face add much more charm and authority when found on a man’s face.

Per aspera ad astra

Developing your potential is always optional and it’s never too late to start with it. In fact, you can begin right this instant by doing whatever inspires you, draws you, and motivates you. Otherwise, you can live a perfectly normal life with minimum effort and be happy with it. But only when you start to develop your potential will your life become interesting and challenging.

Your best companion on the road to greatness is your mentor. You will find your mentor when you embark on the journey of developing your infinite potential. He is the man who has been through it already, knows the obstacles you will have to face and is willing to share that knowledge with you. He speaks wisely, calmly and with confidence.

Though every man has the potential to achieve greatness, this is not easy to do nor is it meant to be easy. In fact, the greater the challenges a man has to go through, the sweeter is his success afterwards. Remember that every day is another chance to make your life become great and never stop trying to develop yourself with the encouragement and guidance of your mentor, whoever he is.

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