Here are the top 5 articles from February:

1. 20 Signs That We’re Not Living In A Patriarchy

According to the Bureau of Justice, there are more than ten times the number of men in prison than women, many of them jailed for drug possession and other nonviolent offenses. So many men are imprisoned in the U.S. that the “land of the free” now has the largest prison population in the world, larger than communist China (a country with four times our population) and other repressive dictatorships.

2. If There’s A Mess On Her Floor, Then She’s Probably A Whore

Women who maintain disorderly residences generally maintain disorderly lives across the board: they’re slobs at home, they’re slobs with their finances, and they’re slobs with their vaginas. I’ve heard some people say that the more neat and fastidious women are the really slutty ones—it’s complete bullshit. I suspect this little theory was cooked up by ugly women who are too lazy to clean their fucking houses.

3. 11 Signs You’re Being A Wuss


Wusses love excuses. They have them for every occasion. Just ask any fucking wuss you know, and he’ll rattle off a whole laundry list of why he can’t go to the gym, why he can’t get laid, why he can’t travel, why he can’t get his business off the ground, why he can’t learn his favorite foreign language. And you know what? It doesn’t add up to dry shit. Because the problem is him: he’s a fucking wuss.

4. DePaul University Has Been Ruined By Cultural Marxism

DePaul University is renowned for having one of the strongest if not the strongest LGBTQ community of any university in the United States of America. Now, not that I personally have anything against gay people, but the power of the groups at a PRIVATE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY has gotten completely out of control.

5. 12 Signs She’s Not Who You Think She Is

“She’s educated” probably means she went to a typical four year college and got a useless degree which she likely earned by cheating or fucking (or both) her way to a passing grade. She did, however, pass Sex Ed 101 with flying colors, which was taught nightly at the Alpha Chi Alpha house (classes at the Beta Phi Omega house were cancelled due to continuous false rape claims).

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