Massachusetts high school senior Michelle Carter has raised thousands of dollars for suicide prevention over the internet after her boyfriend Conrad Roy III committed suicide on July 13, 2014 by carbon monoxide poisoning in his truck.

But now Carter is facing charges for involuntary manslaughter. Police have recently discovered that while committing the act, Roy texted Carter that he changed his mind and exited the truck. Carter texted him back, “Get back in.” In American law, suicide is a form of murder, and therefore this could make her an accomplice to murder.

Legally there are a few issues. For one thing, Carter’s cousin is the district attorney and has removed himself from the case. Also, it is unclear how much Carter influenced Roy and whether he would have committed suicide anyway.


It appears that Carter’s attention whoring was premeditated. The Washington Post writes,

[Police Detective] Gordon alleges that such a plan was evident because late on the night of July 11, two days before her boyfriend was found dead, Carter had “already started explaining (to friends) that it’s her fault that Conrad is dead, even though he was still alive and speaking and texting with her regularly.”

That same day, Carter also texted Roy: “Let me know when you’re gonna do it.”

After the suicide, Carter rushed to Twitter to earn her social credits as a good person.

michelle carter

When Carter helped organize a fundraising softball tournament, Roy’s close friends began to suspect she was just fishing for attention and status while she accused them of the same, claiming they were “taking credit for [her] idea.” She kept making a point to insist on being listed on the Facebook page as an organizer until they finally relented just to appease her.

Carter also held the fundraiser in the town Plainville where she lived, whereas the other organizers suggested it be in Mattapoisett where all of Roy’s family and friends were.

Michelle Carter 2

According to them, she also has a history of being attention hungry and “being the ‘girl that cried wolf.'” His friends were unaware that the two had been dating, and at least one had never heard of her. That’s very strange, since teenage boys (and really, all men in general) are known for showing off their women like a trophy.

But maybe he was just embarrassed to be dating what now appears to be a sociopath. I had a girlfriend in college I kept a secret from all but mutual friends for a few weeks.

Michelle Carter 3


Euthanasia Or Just Youth?

On September 15, Carter texted a friend,

…his death is my fault like honestly I could have stopped him I was on the phone with him and he got out of the car because it was working and he got scared and I (expletive) told him to get back in… because I knew he would do it all over again the next day and I couldn’t have him live the way he was living anymore I couldn’t do it I wouldn’t let him…

Maybe she really did tell him to end it all out of a concern for his well-being. Or maybe she’s just running the hamster on the rationalization wheel and trying to retroactively weave a possibly good motive into a horrible act. I’m inclined to think the latter, but I’m cynical in general. But even if it was the former, Carter is still a horrible human being.

Personally I have some sympathy towards euthanasia, but I don’t think anyone would qualify this incident as a good example of how that should happen. Why does an 18-year-old kid have the expertise needed to recommend that? Why would nothing be able to relieve Roy’s suffering? His grandmother thought he had began to get better and could have been persuaded not to go through with it.

Every teenager thinks his life is terrible. Clinical depression has become a rite of passage. Notice that she doesn’t say what it was he was upset about. Maybe his girlfriend telling him he was better off dead made him think no one loved him.

Or perhaps Carter encouraged him to do it because she was tired of watching him suffer? No, that can’t be it. The death would be far too painful for her than the depression. And she enjoyed too much fame afterwards. If it was some kind of stoic action from a dramatic war movie, then she’d ride off into the sunset and never speak about it again.

Train A Child In The Way She Should Go

Carter’s parents, of course, are defending her. They claim that she is a good girl and that the media is trying to slander her name. They claim that the facts just aren’t all released yet and that anyone who knows her will agree with her. Apparently Roy’s friends from the fundraiser would disagree.

This is a common line of thought in western thinking over the last several centuries, that if I just give you enough information, you’ll come to agree with my viewpoint. And if you don’t agree with me, then you’re “ignorant.” The reason for this scandal isn’t because Carter is a sociopath. It’s because others just haven’t taken the time to get to know her.

And maybe they are correct the facts aren’t all out yet. But this seems pretty clear cut. What other facts are we missing? And why didn’t the parents mention those facts in the interview?

This line of thinking also really bothers because they are unable to admit fault with their daughter. I don’t have any kids, so I can’t really know how I’d react if one of mine did something like this, but I’m assuming I’d view him like that kid in The Omen.

There’s no negative reinforcement with the way the parents are treating their kid. Maybe she’s just too pretty in that Disney kind of way to be guilty of something so henious. I get that they don’t want her to go to jail, but at the least they could have the self-respect to decline commenting to the media instead of making a parade about it. Like mother, like daughter.

People claim that the millennial generation is worthless, but who raised us? Sometimes when the child misbehaves, it is the teacher who should be whipped. There should be more articles on the internet shaming the parents for raising such a blight on society.

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