There is an all-to-common condition (affecting 20-25% of people) that is a thorn on the side of any man who wants to conquer his destiny, and achieve greatness in life as an alpha male. Social anxiety.

It is the fear of interaction with other people that brings on self-consciousness, feelings of being negatively judged and evaluated, and, as a result, leads to avoidance from all these perceived negative stimuli.

Social anxiety is essentially another term for “covert avoidance.” An example of covert avoidance is when you happen to be at a large party, and you choose to hang out on the balcony, lost in your own thoughts, rather than mingling with the main cluster of guests. You proceed with this action not out of personal preference, but because being around those people with their watchful eyes and behaviors brought you somatic discomfort.

Basically, if you have social anxiety you probably want to make yourself as inconspicuous as possible in social settings. This advantages nobody in the game of life, but it’s far more destructive for the type of people that Return of Kings is intended to draw.

It’s Far Worse For Heterosexual Men

Of course, every government sponsored anxiety “awareness” campaign would like to pretend that it’s an all-encompassing human problem. One that equally affects people of all races, sexual orientations, and genders (because remember there are a lot more than just two genders these days).

But come on, we know the red pill truths about gender and social dynamics here. Social anxiety is a far more debilitating condition for straight males than it is for gay men, or for females of whatever social justice initiative they choose to identify with.

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Women and gays can get a pass on some of the hypothetical problems of social anxiety, because all they have to do is wait for a more assertive and dominant straight or gay male to approach them and let a new relationship naturally run its course. It sucks, I know. But as “cisgender” heterosexuals, this is the deck of cards we were handed at birth.

By contrast, straight men are saddled with the obligation of having to navigate the incoherent social field of women’s expectations, whether it’s for prospective sexual partners or for a lucrative job interview. Because remember, you have to be an entertaining clown 24/7 in order to land a “7” or above these days, and 24-year-old HR girls hold your entire career and financial prospects in the palm of their hands.


A male interviewer will hire you based upon a more practical set of criteria, such as your qualifications, experience, and work ethic. Women on the other hand, will hire you based upon how they “feel” about you, rather than any of those important skills and productivity assessments.

An anxious or jittery man will be metaphorically presented a one-way ticket back to his mother’s basement by the flick of her pen, because he committed the crime of not getting her hamster wheel spinning properly.

The Best Way For Men To Overcomekanye west flyness

Men, or more specifically straight men, do not have the luxury of various anxieties working in their favor in any shape or form. It will obliterate your dreams, desires, employment opportunities, and success in bedding women. A social anxiety that is holding you back simply must be addressed, identified, and murdered from your whole being.

My best advice? Practice public speaking. What better way to confront your fears than to jump right off the deep end of the swimming pool with a group of people who may be suffering from the same curable condition?

Check and see if there are any groups in your city (New York is linked just for an example) which are geared towards public speaking. The nature of such groups can be geared towards anything from presenting business ideas, to simply reading out a pre-written essay on a specific topic. It doesn’t matter because all manner of public speaking scenarios are designed to build your confidence, and your poise, with getting up in front of a sizable crowd and being the center of attention for at least a few minutes.

Everyone in the group will be there for the same thing, and will be very non-judgmental and supportive of your efforts. Just the fact that you are already there is putting you on the right track. Also bear in mind, there might be some worthy talent there too.

Final Statements

I hope this article can be a wake-up call for any ROK readers who want to do a little soul-searching and identify a social anxiety issue of theirs which is limiting their potential in life. Particularly in regards to improving their employment, financial, or sexual prospects in the long term.

Just remember, the actions you take towards confronting your inner demons in the real world, will speak louder than any amount of uplifting words I can formulate on a keyboard.

Since you have now become (re)acquainted with some of your anxieties, let’s reiterate the opening video’s last statement. “What are you going to do about it?”

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