Singapore is a unique Asian gem, often called the Switzerland of the east. It actually may remind you of what America used to be—reasonable rates of taxation, tough punishment for criminals, favorable business climate, and slender, attractive women. Though the cost of living is high, the economy is strong and crime is almost nonexistent.

You won’t see too many cops since like it or not, wherever you go in public, cameras will be watching you. Don’t worry, if you screw up, they’ll show up. The resulting safe society makes it a perfect place to raise a family—but, alas, only a family with daughters. For sons, the ironclad cocoon of security is proving to be a detriment to the development of Singaporean men.

Two kinds of guys

Singaporean sons tend to fall into two categories—either total losers living in their mom’s basement, ripping off the family money and never really amounting to much, or moderately to highly successful gents who nevertheless are soft, not self-assured, from families where the women are dominant.

Wives and mothers with strong personalities are quite common in every social strata. A female friend in Singapore explained it to me thusly:

“In the decades since the founding of Singapore barely fifty years ago, all of the hard work has been done. The last few generations of Singaporean men, particularly the Singaporean Chinese men, have never experienced real struggle. Although they usually need to work in order to support themselves, they are to some extent mollycoddled by the government and their families alike. If there is a problem, the reaction is almost instantly “The government needs to do something about XYZ.””

I was a bit surprised that two years of national service for men doesn’t do more to imprint some degree of manhood and leadership. Apparently, however, this military experience has been watered down over time. Because of the low birth rate, they’re even considering drafting women.

Recently there was a picture of a new recruit reporting to basic training with the family maid carrying his rucksack while he walked ahead of her, in uniform, unencumbered and absorbed in his smartphone.


Not sure if she also polished his boots, but probably.

Maids from Indonesia and the Philippines are affordable even for middle class families, meaning many young men can easily grow up to be just a bit lazy. I guess we should be grateful he’s not carrying his girlfriend’s handbag, since that’s not uncommon either.

Smartphone Zombies

Speaking of smartphones, Singapore too is rapidly becoming a nation of smartphone zombies. In some respects it’s even worse there, since at least in America some people read articles online (albeit usually shitty ones from Buzzfeed or Huffpo) or maybe they’ll tackle a Kindle ebook.

Not so with Singaporeans, where nearly every person, especially the young, is either watching a video or playing some stupid game on their iPhones. Reading is for school, they reckon, not leisure or self-development.


Sliding doors prevent falling over into the subway tracks while texting.

For Singaporean men, the decades of safety and comfort have produced outwardly apprehensive, barely masculine men whose umbilical cords are never completely cut. Imagine a world where grown men don’t know how to use a corkscrew and need to call AAA to change a flat tire.

All manual labor and construction is performed by immigrant labor (albeit legal, verifiable, and temporary immigrant labor), with the end result being the incapable, neutered state of modern Singaporean manhood.


At least the trains are on time, right?

Nowhere else is the maxim that comfort is the enemy of ambition more apparent than on this island nation. Our parents want “the best” for us, just as Singapore’s government wants “the best” for its citizens. While the west produces legions of narcissistic and entitled liberal arts majors with no marketable job skills, they at least have to be careful for their personal safety from time to time.

Singapore effectively reduced nearly all security threats and physical problem solving to the point where a young man never has the training wheels taken off. He simply has less opportunity to learn by doing (and failing), and thus cannot fully mature into a self-reliant individual.

Great for your daughters, not your sons

Sure, Singapore is where I would want to be to raise a daughter—if something unthinkable did happen to her, the perp would be caught in a matter of hours and probably be caned or even hanged. But raising a son who becomes a man could prove difficult. Remove all risks and challenges from life and the bones don’t harden, character does not resolve, leadership traits are not developed.

Sooner or later, the population takes what they have for granted and demands change to make things even more comfy. The obesity levels in Singapore are already creeping up; it’s probably a matter of time before their oft-used death penalty goes away and eventually, national service is eliminated in favor of a volunteer military (though who will actually volunteer is another question).

Soon thereafter, an uptick in already loud protests from the gay community demanding “equality” just like they never cease doing in the west. One by one, the framework that brought a great nation into being will succumb to the same cancer of self-indulgence affecting America and the rest of the west.

How long can it last?

How much longer Singapore can last is anyone’s guess, but with human nature being what it is, the status quo will not be permanent. As Tesla pointed out, the growing tendency of women to overshadow the masculine is a sign of a deteriorating civilization.

Singapore is not unlike every other society in history in that the more it does to improve itself, educate the masses, grow the economy and make everyone safe, in the end each overly complex civilized society is doomed to be the next Rome, just waiting for the fall.

Meanwhile however, the young women of Singapore are still mostly feminine, slender and pretty. They may find a man with a backbone and some hand skills both refreshing and desirable. If you’re in the neighborhood for whatever reason, drop in and enjoy it while you can.

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