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Or are you are afraid because you don’t have any balls?

It takes balls to start a blog. Here are three reasons why you don’t have the balls to run a profitable blog:

1. You have to live your life to write a blog

If you don’t live an actionable and fruitful life, no one is going to care about your blog. No one cares about a guy who is invisible and doesn’t really even exist. Running a blog requires you to actually go out and live a life where something happens. It is not done by sitting in a dark room, browsing 4chan and jerking off to Japanese schoolgirls.

Do you have the balls to live your own life? Go out and prove it. You have to go talk to that girl you like, face your fears and make something out of yourself. Nothing is accomplished by avoiding action. You are not a pussy, are you? You will take action, set up a blog and that’s why you will have meaning in your life.

Face your fears and the fears then get replaced with confidence. Confidence is the thing that gets you everything you possibly want: girls, money and meaning. Your blog will provide you with incentives to take action and live a life of success. A blog is the reason why people get the little extra push to build their beach body, pick up girls or make more money.

You have to have balls to take action in order to run a blog. Are you bad enough to do that?

2. It requires effort to run a blog

Writing a blog is like going to the gym. It is hard work. Hard work is what turns coal into diamonds and that’s why you have to do it. It takes time to write posts for your blog, but that time is invested into something which will bring you future success. Not being afraid to work hard means you have grit, focus and discipline – qualities every man should have and has to possess in order to fulfill their potential.

Most men lack these qualities today. Most men are pussies. They shy away from hard work and that’s why they never build anything great. Most men have nothing to make them proud. A blog is the equivalent of building a house in today’s world where mental skills are favored over the physical. You build a blog, and you can proudly look at it and say: “This is where my hard work got me.”


Nothing gets accomplished without hard work. You don’t build a good body without going to the gym, and you will not build a good blog without putting the work in. BADNET has made it almost too easy for you to set up a blog, but you still need to write the posts by yourself. If you really put all the hard work in, you will turn your blog into money, success and fame.

Are you capable of working hard enough to build something of your own?

3. It takes heart and soul to write a blog

If you live according to the expectations of everyone else, everyone will know you are an imposter. Not only that, you will be invisible to everyone around you. Writing a good blog takes heart: you have to have the courage to write about things everyone else is afraid to say. You have to pour your soul into your blog and let people take it all in.You have to be willing to say things which go against the grain and make some people upset. You need to be ready to say what you know is right and be tough enough to take the heat for it.

After you do it the fear is replaced with confidence. You did it. It’s done. You let people know what kind of a man you are and how little shit you take from babies. You know you aren’t a pussy and that’s why you don’t care about pussies calling you out. You will express your masculinity regardless of feminine men crying about it.

That’s what defines a real man. A real man has the balls to do what he needs to do and will stand tall when the whole world is trying to change him. A real man will take action regardless of feminists or social justice warriors complaining about it. A real man will start a blog and say what he needs to say whether it is socially acceptable or not.

A real man has no hesitation to call himself a BAD guy. Do you?

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