From news to movies to documentaries to education, there is a constant drumbeat. Girls are now the equal of men as movers and shakers in the world. Girls are beating boys at school, a majority at university and touted as being the equal or superiors of men at making money. Lately the tempo seems to have increased. Some are even starting to claim that men are obsolete.

Most of these claims rest on a comparison of the sexes abilities at money making. However, the aim of any activity in the world of money is not to be working or to be in business or to be getting qualifications. The aim is to make money, to create wealth.


University drop out

Forbes magazine provides us with lists of the richest people. These are the true champions of wealth creation. Further, for the first time in 2014 their American list included a “self-made score” The score is a number from 1 to 10 with 1 meaning “Inherited fortune but not working to increase it” and 10, meaning “Self-made who not only grew up poor but also overcame significant obstacles.”

With this score, it is relatively easy to see who actually made the money and who just inherited it from someone who made it. Now for a bit of analysis of who is at the top, how they made their money, and how men and women compare.

America is still a land of opportunity

At the time of writing Forbes reports that 69% of the people on their list of the 400 richest Americans was self-made. That means that around 276 scored from 6-10 on their scale and can be said to “have truly made it on their own.” Meanwhile, the remaining 124 scored 1-5 and “inherited some or all of their fortune.” This group includes people who some might consider self-made, such as Donald Trump, who scores only 5 because he inherited a relatively small business.


Build buildings, build wealth

The first lesson from the list is that despite big government, high taxes, slow growth, all the problems and all the complaints, America is still a land of opportunity and reward for smart, hard workers. Most of the really rich people made their own money through their own effort.

The fact that some inherited their wealth simply shows that people who create exceptional wealth still get to decide what happens to that money and who it goes to when they die. This is all as it should be.

Of the richest Americans, 11% are women

The list shows that 44 of the richest people are women and 356 of them are men. One member of the list is a man who insists he is really a woman, known in some circles as transgender. Forbes chooses to support his pretence of being female, but here he is counted as his true sex, male. As might be expected of such an individual, he is not capable of being self-made and is classified by Forbes as class 1, inherited wealth.


At first glace it would seem that 11% of the top 400 wealth creators are women. It’s a small minority, but not an insignificant one. A closer look shows this to be an overstatement of women’s achievements.

Less then 3% of the richest self made Americans are women

This is where the new “self made score” comes in to show what is really happening. Using Forbes definition of self-made there are 276 self-made people, of whom 268 are men and 8 are women. That’s right—75% of the men on the list are self made, while only 18% of the women are.

So less than 3% of the self made Americans in the list are women. However, even this is probably an overestimate.

Of the eight self made women only four did it alone

A quick look at the biographical information of the so-called self-made women shows that four of them actually went into business with their husbands. There is no easy way to know what part of the contribution was actually from the women in these partnerships, but the breakdown of men and women in the overall list of wealth makers shows that skepticism is appropriate.

Men are the builders, innovators, inventors and creators

The advance of modern America is the same as the advance of historical America in this one feature. Men are still doing the vast majority of the advancing. The builders, innovators, and creators are almost exclusively male. There is little or no sign that is going to change.

What has changed is that women are now working and earning wages. However, with a very few laudable exceptions they are not the movers and shakers of the productive sphere. Think government generated jobs, dead-end drudgery, and non-productive work.

Lessons in this for men


Being second is not so bad

One of the negative features of the manosphere and the red pill generally is the victim mentality and culture of excuses often displayed. Some men, especially in the comments on ROK and other sites, make the claim that the world advantages women and is unfair on men to the point where no success is possible.

They claim that there are no opportunities and that robots will eliminate all jobs. They claim that raising children within a complete and rewarding family environment is impossible. They claim that all women are so horrible that casual sex and prostitutes are the only workable options.

Undoubtedly all these claims have a grain of truth. The world can be hard and sometimes it can be unfair. What is really happening though is that men are using these claimed difficulties and injustices as excuses to avoid taking hard decisions and expending effort. A quick look at the Forbes list shows that these men have made good on opportunities and become rich. Their biographies show that the vast majority of them have successful marriages and large families.

It is still possible to make it in America

The Forbes list shows that it is still possible to make it in America. There are money making opportunities in plenty. That doesn’t mean it is easy. That doesn’t mean that every man can be a billionaire or should aim to be a billionaire. It just means that the way is still clear for a man to take what he wants, if he has what it takes. So go to it chaps.

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