We’ve seen and discussed how social indoctrination in modern societies has brainwashed men to act unnaturally to the core qualities of masculine nature. Right from childhood, a man’s indoctrination begins from his family, his teachers, and all the people who take care of him till his adulthood. Societal indoctrination thus begins directly in real life from those around him; but as he grows, more so through the entertainment he is exposed to.

The entertainment world today remains more powerful than ever, as modern civilization remains plugged to the virtual world more than the real one. Smartphone addiction is just an example of how much the modern human needs the virtual world. While literature may or may not be as effective in its influence today as many men may not have cultivated the reading habit, one important way of indoctrination which remains quite powerful in its influence is cinema and television.

We’ve also seen how sitcoms today promote feminist ideologies to modern men: the idiot box lives up to its name as an effective agent in peddling such idiocy to the masses – primarily women, who often derive their role models for their personal lives from such sitcoms. Men don’t lag behind in falling prey to this as well – for these factors often influence modern men more widely than ever before.

Back then: the masculine era

The masculinity in the below clip itself shows the times which have passed. While it could be argued that such display of masculinity could still make women go weak at their knees today, what is to be inferred are the lessons what men today have lost, what they should’ve continued emulating from their forefathers.

Frame control. Male dignity. The ability to walk away in the face of a woman’s emotional instability.  The below clip further highlights an important seen truth in the dating world: the more masculine a man is, the more feminine his woman would eventually act to be.

But in today’s times, would this masculine behavior be considered as justified in equality seeking, gyno-centric modern feminist societies?

Fast forward to today: feminist indoctrination in movies

Masculinity today has itself become a confusing minefield for modern men to walk through, considering the gyno-centric feminist societies which seek to demean it further. And in such degenerate societies with the lack of proper role models, it’s common to see men increasingly long for role models to guide them down the actual path of masculinity.

For those lucky and smart enough to find the red pill, this problem gets addressed effectively. But for those who haven’t yet taken the red pill, this problem gets usually compounded as they continue to seek male role models, which gets worse when the search for this “role model” ends on a pseudo “alpha” character on screen.

But what might appear as alpha on screen, may not be after all if you’d think deeply about it.

Should a man bear responsibility for and white-knight a woman who didn’t wait for him? Is such behavior a proper role model that should men follow?

It’s quite common to see action movies today (even superhero movies) to have a flawed message of covert feminist indoctrination, even if they might have stunning visuals coupled with pseudo-realism. As commonly seen in such movies (which target both young children and adults), the protagonist develops himself to the highest level of masculinity – in mind, body and skill – only to either yield to scavenge, or ‘save’ a heroine who lives a sub-standard life of moral ambiguity (or worse, no morality).


Not only do such movies further promote distasteful levels of entitlement among modern (slutty) women who are indoctrinated to emulate such dysfunctional cinematic caricatures of femininity, these movies also present dysfunctional role models of masculinity to growing male children and young men.

The same problem of beta-indoctrination is further shoved down the ears of modern men by modern music.The beta-indoctrinating messages often noted from these sources are:

  • It’s masculine to white knight and defend a woman at all times– even if she may unworthy of it due to her own stupidity and flawed character
  • It’s masculine to always forgive and forget a woman’s past and flaws
  • It’s masculine to always jeopardize yourself to get a woman (even if she may be sub standard), even if it may be by putting yourself recklessly or needlessly in the line of violence – women are the prize men should sacrifice their resources, dignity or even lives for
  • Women are entitled to have even the best of men, even if these women lived trashy lives
  • Female agency exists: Men need women more than women need men

…and so on. You could also see more of such indoctrination through entertainment today –  which the red pill has already debunked, as seen in the above links.

Even if the intellectuals might argue that it would be stupid to take these cinematic caricatures of modern masculinity literally as role models, one can’t deny that not every modern man has the intellect to deduce so. With degeneracy on the rise in modern societies, it’s not surprising to note that the intellect and wisdom of an average man to be shackled with blue pill prejudices and sometimes outright stupidity.

The main underlying cause of this problem remains humanity’s predilection for man worship

 A wise man ought always to follow the paths beaten by great men, and to imitate those who have been supreme, so that if his ability does not equal theirs, at least it will savor of it. Let him act like the clever archers who, designing to hit the mark which yet appears too far distant, and knowing the limits to which the strength of their bow attains, take aim much higher than the mark, not to reach by their strength or arrow to so great a height, but to be able with the aid of so high an aim to hit the mark they wish to reach.
― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

Mankind has always needed “role models” over the centuries – whether it may be through saints, prophets, political or cult leaders, etc. But this need for role models further compounds the problem: when a “role model” appears, it’s very easy to go to extremes to “deify” him – as usually the objects of man worship were “role models”.

This is the main reason why the form of entertainment based indoctrination holds powerful; and additionally because mankind has habitually been inclined to man worship since antiquity, and entertainment media reaches in every home.

The red piller however does not “deify” his role model (a trap the blue piller usually succumbs to)—because the red pill makes him aware that even the best of role models have flaws, as no one is perfect. The truth remains: no human role model can be perfect, as the easiest flaws to notice are often in the human body itself. Similarly, these same “inadequacies” or flaws extend to a person’s character or intellect – as there is always a possibility of human error.

Humanity however needs tangible examples of evolved human character to believe in, so as to emulate. But to emulate the human flaws of a role model is simply sheer stupidity. This mistake occurs because it’s easy to practice emulation excessively to the point of blind adoration.

Another reason which further exacerbates this problem is what has already been raised by some red pillers before: that the signs of a declining civilization is when the entertainment industry gets more public appreciation and sometimes, “deification” –  than the thinkers and builders of the civilization, like in the times of today.

In such scenarios, if a man’s personal role model is that of a male celebrity who plays pseudo-heroic caricatures of masculinity on screen, it’s easy to deduce as to what his idea of masculinity would potentially be, and how he might potentially behave in his own personal life.

The sign that a man in a society would look to emulate a pseudo-real role model of masculinity which itself might be ambiguous, fake or convoluted to begin with, is itself an indication to the declining societies modern men are living in. When fake itself is perceived as real by modern men, what more could the matrix of blue pill societies ask for?


In a modern world where men often suffer from a lack of real role models of masculinity, it thus becomes even more important for men to be careful when selecting role models, especially from the entertainment world, both from on-screen and off-screen.The blue pill matrix of modern societies offers little room to escape for modern men from its emasculating snare, and modern entertainment often serves as an camouflaged but effective tool in its plan.

With the increasing addiction of modern civilizations to entertainment, the problem its poses to the masculinity of modern men is acute, especially since modern (blue pill) men often look to it for their role models. It becomes even more important for those unaware of this danger to take the red pill before, and to save themselves from such blue pill beta indoctrination.

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