Passive aggressiveness is a distasteful trait that no self-respecting man should possess. Although to many it seems like mocking, it is a completely different animal. Mocking comes from a place of power and it’s stemming from entitlement.

Passive aggressiveness, on the other hand, comes from the resentful weakness of the schmuck, in spite of the fact that white knights think it comes from being strong and well-articulated.


Ask yourself this: would a strong man start acting in a passive-aggressive manner? Of course not—a strong man won’t have any trouble displaying his beliefs and core values, no matter who gets pissed in the process.

In the meantime what a passive aggressive person conveys is “I would like to kick the shit out of you, but I’m too much of a pussy to try it so I’ll keep on bitching at you. God, I hate YOU because I’M NOT able to express my anger.” Did you spot the blame shifting? Typical beta move. A beta will usually blame external factors for his own shortcomings.

Here are 13 types of passive aggressive behavior:

1. Intentional avoiding responsibilities, or purposefully performing incompetently to display anger


2. Procrastinating

Time Lost

3. Resentfulness towards others


4. Complaining about being feeling under-appreciated or cheated


5. Sulky, pouty, and argumentative behavior towards authority figures


6. Laying the blame on others


7. Contradictory behavior (enthusiastically agreeing on a job but performing poorly on purpose)


8. Displays of unexpressed anger or hostile attitude


9. Intentional forgetfulness


10. Inability to take constructive criticism



Assuming you have a decent grasp over yourself, there are viable options to cut out the foul trait that is passive aggressiveness. Above anything else, you are the product of your own mindset, which means you can be what you want if you concentrate long enough to produce consistent results


It is not a hard task accomplish if your will is strong. All you have to do it catch yourself (mid sentence if you have to) and switch to being more aggressive and express yourself, or switch to being aloof when increasing your aggressive stance might not be your safest option.

Granted, you might find yourself in the middle of a fight at times, but if you want to exorcise the inner wuss, you can’t go half way. One must be willing to fight in order to win a fight.

If this approach is not an option for you (apply your judgement to the situation), go with a “I’ve seen it all” attitude. Amused mastery if you will. Don’t be impressed and don’t get rattled by anyone.

At the end of the day, passive aggressiveness is a bitch move that doesn’t serve you at all. Truth being told, such behavior is a sign of the profound weakness of one’s ego.

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