Captain Capitalism posits that the master plan of communism is to destroy women, thereby reducing man’s motivation to marry, thereby reducing his economic production (since he doesn’t need to work as hard to support a family), thereby hurting capitalist economies.

Since the majority of this country’s (an any other free country’s) economic production is based on a man’s desire to live a happy life by getting married and (sometimes) having children, if you can destroy the quality and caliber of women, let alone the incentive to get married or have children, you can destroy the economic productive capacity of the United States, and thus the country itself. Thus, you see that feminism really isn’t about “helping women.”  It is nothing more than an thinly veiled economic and political attack against the US, freedom and capitalism.  This is why I call it “Killing the American Muse.”



Feminism is nothing more than a cover for communists to destroy it and thus destroy your incentive to produce. The question is, though, are they succeeding?  And the answer is sadly yes.

It may be a stretch to say that communists planned this all along, but the result is still the same: men no longer have incentive to endure the rat race if they don’t have to support a family. There’s another strong article which goes into more detail on the link between feminism and communism.

There are several countries where I only need $1,500 a month to live comfortably, eat well, and sleep with different women. That comes out to $18,000 a year. What will it mean for any economy when men only work as much to have a pleasant bachelor’s existence?

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