Joe Lonsdale, the wealthy Silicon Valley entrepreneur whom the New York Times skewered recently, appears to be innocent of the charges of rape his ex-girlfriend brought against him. Assuming his records of the email correspondence between himself, his then-girlfriend Ellie Clougherty, and his then-girlfriend’s mother are correct, this is simply a case of a crazy woman seeking revenge against a man who had dumped her.

You might be thinking that calling her “crazy” is a smear.  No: she wrote, “I was taken away from my parents and locked up in a nearby mental health hospital, against my will.” (Emphasis hers) “Looking at a bowl of spaghetti literally began to terrify me.”



The New York Times, which used to be a great paper─don’t get me wrong, I’ve written for it twice and I’d write for it again given the opportunity─went full McIntosh with its almost baseless smear against Lonsdale, entitled, “The Stanford Undergraduate and the Mentor.”

The dishonest reporter meant to convey the impression that Lonsdale was a Stanford professor preying on a student, when in fact Lonsdale met Clougherty a year before he took a “volunteer” position─I would guess this means “unpaid”─as a “mentor” for a course at Stanford she was taking. He even checked to make sure he wouldn’t be evaluating her.

Having said that, it’s important to make three points:

1. Feminists passed rules prohibiting student-faculty relationships so that a male faculty member couldn’t get away with harassing uninterested female students.

Yet now 99% of the time, the people using these rules are jilted female students seeking revenge against faculty members they freely dated. It can’t be “harassment” after the fact.

Feminists continue the trend to make the word “harassment” meaningless, as well as the trend to treat women as infants. After all, a woman willingly falling in love with a man is hardly “harassment,” and a university student is an adult.

Nobel laureate James Watson, who helped discover the structure of DNA, married an undergraduate and some 47 years later they are still happy. I don’t have psychic powers, but I had lunch with them and left thinking that’s the kind of marriage I want.


I know a woman who met her husband when she was a graduate student and he a professor.  If they had not been married, the company they later worked for might not have reached the stage where it could be sold for $2 billion.

2. These rules prohibiting relationships may even be illegal, at least at public universities: they prevent two people from becoming romantically involved, even platonically, even when one is not grading the other, based on some vague idea of “unequal power.” But women never want mates who have “equal power.” They have always wanted to “marry up.”

According to feminists, this is rape, because of the “unequal power” the two have.

According to feminists, this is rape, because of the “unequal power” the two have.









3. I thought nothing could or should get in the way of love, or does that only apply to relationships 95% of the country views as degenerate?


The comment at 4:36 of this Huffington Post Live interview reveals the real agenda: It is a sin for an older man, especially a successful one, to have a relationship with a younger woman. (These days, one might have to leave one’s job if one said that about homosexuality, like the CEO of Mozilla.) The problem is, younger women like it and men like it, so they have to outlaw it. Catharine “All Sex Is Rape” MacKinnon has won. Oh, and for the record, Lonsdale was 29 and Clougherty 21, (1/2)x+7.

Getting back to Lonsdale, months after the alleged “rape,” Clougherty called him “the boyfriend every girl dreams about but doesn’t think actually exists.”  “It makes me so happy to think there’s someone like you in the world I can love and think about,” she wrote nearly a year after the alleged “rape.”

Her own friend signed an affidavit saying that the girlfriend tried to get her to lie and say that the relationship with Lonsdale was abusive, something the friend never saw: “I feel bad about testifying that my long-time friend is not being truthful.”

Incidentally, I’m not sure why it should be illegal for a relationship to be non-physically abusive. An adult woman has legs. She can walk.

I’ll mention only in passing that the mother begged Lonsdale to take her daughter back, because even though I believe that the mother was heavily involved in the daughter’s love life (“Joe really really really seriously likes me,” Clougherty texted her mother), I can’t back that up so well with the email records. But it seems likely that the daughter would have told the mother that Lonsdale had hurt her if he had.

The rape of the word rape

Those of us in the know are now sick of the fact that any woman, no matter how crazy, can say 40 years later that she was raped, despite having told no one in the intervening time period and despite having maintained a cordial or even loving relationship with the alleged rapist after the alleged rape.

“I really love how much you care about me and like I told [redacted] in Rome, the love I feel for you is deep…, and I think I secretly want to take care of you more than you do me,” Clougherty wrote a few months after their trip to Rome, where she claims she lost her virginity.

Feminists have raped the word “rape.”  “If I said no, he would slowly convince me/make it look like he was going to die if I didn’t climb on top of him.” Yes, that’s what Clougherty thinks is rape or abuse: her climbing on top of him.  Fortunately, this time feminists have taken on not some broke undergraduate, but a millionaire who can afford a legal Dream Team.  Lonsdale’s lawyers should help the falsely accused University of Virginia fraternity and the falsely accused Columbia University student.

Like the vast majority of public rape accusations, all signs point to this being false. Still, this false rape allegation will follow him and other accused parties around for a long time. Stanford banned him from the campus for ten years, denying the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs a chance to easily meet and learn from him.

MIT removed the physics lectures of Dr. Walter Lewin─accused of “harassment”─from its website, denying future Stephen Hawkings around the world the opportunity to learn from a distinguished scientist.  The allegations of prostitutes are drowning out Bill Cosby’s message to the African-American community about how it can thrive.  How much progress in science, how much economic progress, will feminism retard?  Feminists have nearly reached Moscow.

Will you join our march to Berlin?

Don’t break up by email, guys.

Don’t break up by email, guys.

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