Growing up, every boy wants to be so strong as to move mountains with one hand. This is a completely natural tendency, but going through the educational system of SJW brainwashing, their natural instinct to move, compete, and conquer the environment is smothered. In school, boys learn to shut up, sit down, and generally be as weak as possible, so as to not cause discomfort to females, which are usually in the majority of authority positions in the education system. Of course, females would prefer physically weak boys, since they tend to also be mentally weak and thus much easier to control.

This is compounded by the fact that the typical urban work environment today doesn’t require a lot of physical strength. A typical guy today goes to work, sits for eight hours at the computer, comes back home, again sits six hours at the computer, goes to bed, and tomorrow repeats it all over again. If coupled with bad eating habits, this type of life creates a slob with disgusting manboobs and flaps of lard hanging on his sides.

Stay away from the emo side

Some boys will make it just fine, but others will learn to loathe themselves and despise physical strength. Since masculinity and displays of raw physical power are considered toxic and banished from the mainstream, positive masculinity role models were constrained to cartoons and obscure entertainment.

The only ones left today are superheroes, which always get their powers through some extraordinary event, rather than raw strength (except Hulk and Batman, which is why they’re so awesome). Thus, boys have nobody to remind them of the importance of strong biceps. You are expected to be a puny castrated emo dude, one way or another.


Deep, dark, edgy and pathetically weak

If you recognized yourself in any of the above, then you’ve landed on just the right article for you. The bad news is that you’ve wasted many opportunities to improve your life and it will take you a lot of time and effort to overcome the inertia and move from the standstill. The effects will be minute and you will often be frustrated at how slowly you seem to progress.

The good news is that it’s never too late to begin with lifting weights, no matter how old you are or in what condition your body is. In the end, however, you will be happy because having a strong body will:

1. Make people start respecting you

Despite the technological improvements, we still can’t avoid personal contact in our daily lives. In communicating with others, your body language tells everything about you to those who are observant enough. Slouched posture, lowered head and looking at the ground or somewhere into the distance, feeble handshake… All of your other qualities are meaningless if you have the muscle strength of an algae mass.

slouched posture

Don’t let yourself become like this

On the other hand, standing straight, looking people right in the eye as you talk to them and having a firm handshake exudes confidence and generates trust, even with total strangers. A strong body means you will have a commanding presence and won’t have to raise your voice or exert yourself in any other way than gesture to have people obey you. Women feel instinctively attracted to chiseled bodies, so you won’t have to qualify yourself to prove your worth. Simply take off your shirt.


2. Help you avoid injuries and recover from them

It’s never comfortable to think ahead and plan for medical emergencies. In fact, if you’re a middle-aged man, you probably have no kind of medical insurance whatsoever. You simply feel indestructible and whatever happens, you simply grit your teeth and carry on. In the worst case scenario, such as your leg falling off, you pop an aspirin. This attitude is actually so widespread among young men that Obamacare was arguably created specifically so that exact demographic is forced to get any type of health insurance.

thanks obama you are welcome

One simple fact about muscles is that, if they aren’t used, they atrophy. This simply means that they wither and become almost useless. You can pretty much go through adulthood without thinking twice about muscle atrophy, but once you enter middle age, things become exponentially more dangerous.

That slip and fall that was a laughing matter when you were 20 becomes a potentially fatal injury when you’re 60. This means that building your muscles becomes an obligation towards your older self. Lifting weights isn’t just a niche pastime, it is a health practice of the utmost importance.

3. Lose weight and keep it down

In the 50s, you had to go to a freak show to see a comically obese man or woman, but today they are all around you in the US. Not only is having a weight problem a major inconvenience for the fatty, but others around them have to suffer the consequences as well. The half-ton beast has trouble moving, walking, let alone doing anything else, so everyone else is labeled “ableist” and has to accommodate for it. Being in such a helpless position makes hambeasts extremely irritable, lazy, and lacking any social skills.

obese comical

Not so long ago, this was an exception

On the other hand, a large muscle mass in your body makes you burn calories, no matter what you do. Instead of counting calories or limiting your meals in arbitrary ways, you will actually be able to spend all calories that you ingest and drop weight by lifting weights. That’s actually poetic, isn’t it? The end result is an awesome body that moves and exerts force effortlessly. Strong leg muscles, such as from squats, will make you feel like you have iron springs instead of quads.

Whatever excuse you have to not start lifting weights right now is bullshit. You can buy dumbbells from Amazon, but even if you can’t afford it, take a few plastic bottles, fill them with water, wrap them in a blanket, grab all four corners of the blanket and start lifting the bundle. Despite being completely ghetto, this method actually works.

Once you start gaining muscle mass, you will be delighted to start your daily lifting routine. That’s it for instructions, go out there and build yourself into an awesome man.

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