The Southern Poverty Law Center—known for its public slandering of allegedly hateful people—now seems to have a worse stain on its methods than any crazy right wing group. On Wednesday, a militant atheist in North Carolina named Craig Hicks murdered three innocent Muslim students at Chapel Hill. He then turned himself into the police and is currently in jail.

He has not spoken yet, and the government has not released an official report. Current speculation is that it was a hate crime. Hicks’s Facebook page is full of atheist and far-left propaganda, and he liked several progressivist pages, including HuffPo and SPLC.

The SPLC has a map of people’s addresses who are considered hateful to facilitate vigilante social justice. One would assume this merely means letter-writing, but I cannot think of any effective means short of bullying that such a map could provide.

The Map

In 2011 an assassin used the map to target a Christian group but failed, murdering a security guard in the process. Now some claim it has happened again with a militant atheist murdering three Muslims, although this seems impossible to know for certain at this time.

The mainstream media has tried to dismiss the man’s religion as incidental, and they’ve outright ignored his far left wing political views, which can be seen on his Facebook page. He clicked like on several far left wing and atheistic groups, including SPLC. But to the media, he is practically a Bible-beating Republican or at least has the same frame of mind.

However, I’m not sure the people murdered were on SPLC’s hate map, since the only Muslims on the map’s North Carolina list are black separatists. Even if they were on it, I doubt Hicks could have used it to find the individuals. They appear to be three random Muslim students at Chapel Hill.

Nevertheless, it could still plausibly be motivated by his ideology. To my knowledge, no red-piller has ever murdered anyone because of ideology. And of course this happened in North Carolina, the freakshow state in the South.

The Narrative Continues

The media is also trying to claim that the man doesn’t represent “real” atheism, because that way it gives their philosophy a pass on doing away with absolutes (the similarities between secular-liberals and the evangelical Christians I grew up with never cease to amaze me). People love individualistic philosophies because it gives them an excuse when the consequences of the belief system manifest in ugly ways.

Good news, though. A candlelight vigil is being scheduled in DC, so I’m sure that makes it all right. I imagine the pope will give a forgettable address about the whole thing that will offend nobody accept his own adherents. Then the Onion will write something to inspire the masses, and it’ll be the same cycle we encounter every month. Leftism is like a woman—it has to get cranky and bleed every 28 days.


How much of a connection there was between the murders and Hicks’s leftism may not ever be known, but more and more right-wing online journals are making the connection. It may be a convenient conjecture, but it may not be a false narrative either.


In addition to leftist and anti-theist likes, his Facebook is full of atheistic quotes and memes. There are no posts explicitly SLPC-driven, although he is very pro-LGBT. He also has a picture of a gun he just bought. You’d think his meme about bringing atheism to the mideast to end religious wars would be contradictory to that.

Information Pending

But at this time there is not a whole lot of information available. Nor was there any blog or forum he’s written on. His Facebook notes were written over a year ago and are inaccessible to non-friends. Perhaps in the near future he’ll give a press statement of some kind.

Meanwhile, the SPLC has yet to make a statement about this. They’re currently distracted by a controversy about adding and then removing potential president candidate Ben Carson from their list of extremists for his comments against gay marriage.

The Ignoble Savage

child walk

People have an innate drive to conquer others with violence, and they often use their ideologies to justify it. No amount of pacifism or love will ever curb der wille zur macht. Indeed, it appears that progressivism—whether 2nd century Christian or 21st century secularist—always finds its way back to the base drives. If we didn’t fight over sacred ground or oil possession, then we’d kill each other over the color of the wall.

European philosophy speaks often of the noble savage. This is the belief that aboriginal peoples were free-living hippies devoid of materialism and hatred, like Pocahontas painting with the colors of the wind. But the historical American Indians and many other non-Western peoples were extremely industrious and bloody. The Europeans did a lot to settle them, even if their methods were sometimes unethical.

Hicks’s murder truly shows the futility of leftism. We find the more liberal a person is, the more hateful and miserable he is. Do liberals want equality, tolerance, and peace, or do they want a complete abandonment of unprogressive ideas? The activist can never make up his mind. Stalin understood this dualism, that two contradictory ideologies could not exist in harmony.

Which makes me wonder why one should even bother with activism or ideology. Instead of trying to save the world, wouldn’t the easier thing to do be to find a house in the mountains and just focus on enjoying yourself?

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