Education keeps people in a constant state of childhood by virtue of its very nature. Just think of your stereotypical frat or sorority, partying and living for the now. Going to classes you hate, doing assigned work without pay, and hearing moral lectures about character development. Does that sound like third grade or college?

Add in how people now take six years for a four-year degree and then go back for graduate degrees, and we have a society of 30-year-olds who have never functioned as full adults.

Almost everything I learned in college I could have learned on the internet. Nor did I even do much studying or socializing. I just wanted to get my degree and be done while hating every person who asked me, “What are you going to do with that?” It was a waste of a liberal arts education, something to check off of life’s list. I had (and somewhat still have) no idea what adults do for money and wasn’t very interested in finding out.

But this doesn’t begin with college. It starts much earlier. For most of human history, when you hit adolescence, you were an adult and were expected to act like one. Today when you hit puberty, you have at least another ten years left of childhood, and you find yourself in this weird mix of adult maturity and idealistic juvenility.

The Value Of An Education

PC Re-Education Camp

The worst part of it all is that there is little actually learned from all the education. I had maybe three outstanding teachers in all of primary and secondary school who made a difference in the way my mind works. The social studies teachers were the worst, since they all seemed to only be there so they could coach sports. It takes a special kind of imbecile to make something as interesting as history into a rote chore.

The math teachers taught to memorize the formulae, but they never taught why the formulae work, which is the whole purpose of learning advanced math. You will likely never use most of your high school math, but it’s important because of the way it rewires your brain to think logically.

But they robbed that from us, not just at the high school level but also at the elementary. So we have a whole generation of people who think “I’m just an English person” and take pride in their ability to not be able to move numbers around in their head.

Yet my school—like most public and private schools—strangely did not offer any logic or philosophy classes while having a plethora of science, fine arts, and leadership electives. The most important classes that taught you analytical thinking were never offered, but you could get credit for computer typing class.

In fairness, my state had the third worst public schools in the country. But I get a strong impression that most of this is present everywhere in public schools.

Shoehorning Teenagers Into The Liberal Arts


Just up until my freshman year, the school offered two paths to graduation—the vocational path and the university path. But they got rid of the vocation path, and now the kids who wanted to study a trade despite the incessant shaming and lack of support had to go to a magnet school. The magnet school of course didn’t have many staples of high school like athletics, because society has decided to limit funding on programs that teach kids the possibility of failure.

By some miracle my high school offered Latin, but most schools have cast it aside because “You’ll never speak it,” as though your two years of spoon-fed Spanish made you anything close to proficient. Again, the administrators and teachers misunderstand why a subject is taught. Foreign language is important not so that you can speak it but so that you can better understand how the English language fits together.

The English classes were rudimentary and heavily politicized. We read all sorts of boring poetry about carpe diem, which was the teachers’ way of telling us to go to college. We read Shakespeare three of the four years, but I never understood how to appreciate him until George Orwell taught me. And despite a childhood full of college prep and English classes, ask any freshman-level college adjunct professor how bad the students’ grammar, spelling, and general rhetoric is at their own native language.

A Better Solution

It’s clear that high school has become a babysitting service for biological adults. Wouldn’t it be better to skip the whole thing and transition 14-year-olds into being productive members of society? Or if you insist they must go to school, have them learn a money-making trade?


If kids learned a trade at that age, then at least they could financially support the babies they keep making. Despite the propaganda and pleading to delay, most teenagers will have sex because that is what teenagers do. Teenage girls are especially fertile compared to women just five years older. It would be better to channel that energy into something useful for society instead of repressing it.

Instead they spend four years being coddled and entertained while draining tax dollars instead of generating them. Think of how much money the government could save if we cut all public secondary schools. And if only the very few rich kids had high school diplomas, then employers would no longer expect them out of applicants. So someone explain to me why we insist on perpetuating this money hole, because it’s clearly making young people dysfunctional.

Shooting For The Bottom


Part of the issue is that people insist all education must be equal, at least within an individual school system. But there are many demographics spread over a single county. Completely equal education must meet the lowest common denominator, or else those from a lesser socio-economic background will either flunk out of high school or make too poor of scores to go to a good college where they can flunk out.

Another issue is that kids are taught to always every time defer to the authorities instead of solving their own problems. I get that kids shouldn’t beat the absolute shit out of each other on the school playground, but today any amount of mild violence has severe penalties, often even when in self-defense.

And this does not merely cover physical violence, but also responding to insults with other insults. This teaches children that they cannot and should not try their best to work through whatever difficulties life brings them. Instead, just file a complaint and wait for it to work.

An Alternative Family

They tell you that you go to school to learn, but the parents also expect the schools to teach a moral agenda. I had abstinence week three times, two of which were school-wide. Not abstinence day, but abstinence week. They never technically lied to us, but they heavily implied that condoms and pills were worthless.

And my Christian mother thought it was wonderful. What, you thought this was just a leftist thing? It’s the Christians who think their kids will grow up to be atheists if they don’t waste two minutes of every morning teaching prayer in schools.

But whereas the Christians make a desperate grab at what little influence they still have, it is the left that dominates the narrative. Remember in the 90s constantly hearing about the rain forests? I suppose they figured a group of eight-year-olds could save the world by donating their allowance.

Whatever happened to the rain forest? You never hear about it anymore. I’m assuming they either finally finished cutting it all down, or the left found a new pet cause like global warming or breast cancer. I’m just glad that I was born after the AIDS fad.


Not that any of the propaganda worked. We had more anti-smoking education than anyone else, but my generation has kept the tobacco industry alive and flourishing now that their old consumers are dying off. Frankly, it’s the best anti-depressant on the market.

Most generations in human history had a mother and father to parent them, but instead we had television and public schools. Notice how excessively motherly elementary school teachers are, which I find totally inappropriate. They build a close relationship with the (female) students for a year and then suddenly disappear.

There are less professional ethics in the school system than in what young white liberals assume is the average police force. And nobody calls them out on it because, remember, the parents want to outsource their own job.

Hmm…I wonder why homeschooling has become so popular lately?

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