Confidence is a combination of having high self-esteem and being sure of your abilities.

We all know that confidence is the key to success in life. When you’re happy with yourself and you believe that you can do something, things tend to fall into place.

Getting the job, the promotion, or the girl you want simply isn’t much of a challenge when in your mind you already know that you can do it. However, defining confidence and describing the material results it can bring you do little to assist you in actually embodying it.

And this is one area where having a mentor is invaluable. When you have someone who’s more skilled than you in a particular discipline they can show you the ropes. Just watching a buddy who’s great with women will boost your game. Lifting weights with a friend who’s bigger and stronger than you will similarly facilitate your physical growth.

However, we’re not all blessed with such skilled and motivated friends. And this is where fictional characters can sometimes be of service. While television writers and movie directors can manifest whatever the fuck they want onto the screen, this doesn’t mean everything you see on TV is a fairy tale. In fact, I believe that closely watching the behavior of certain characters can be beneficial to your growth.

For example, the following 5 “alpha male” TV characters can teach you a thing or two about confidence…

1. James Bond – Body Language

Always calm, cool, and collected

Good body language is key to a strong first impression

Learning good body language is probably the easiest way to boost your perceived confidence—it’s just not that hard to implement.

And James Bond displays superb body language in just about every scene he’s in (regardless of which Bond actor you’re watching). He moves with a slow and deliberate pace, takes up space, makes strong eye contact, stands up tall, and always appear relaxed and comfortable.

These are the key ingredients to good body language. Watch any bond film (I’m a huge fan of the latest “Skyfall”) and pay close attention to how Bond carries himself throughout the movie. Now try and infuse these tendencies into your day-to-day life.

2. Jack Bauer – Persistence

The mission will be completed... eventually

Persistence is the ultimate belief in your abilities

24 is one of my favorite shows. It’s so addicting and gratifying to watch because in each season Jack Bauer must persist endlessly and overcome impossible odds to stop a new terrorist threat.

While you and I are not counter terrorist agents working against time to locate and defuse a nuclear weapon, we all face our own obstacles. And if we don’t persist past these obstacles, we’re unlikely to accomplish anything meaningful.

Persistence is a crucial part of confidence, because when you give up instead of persisting, you’re basically admitting that you don’t believe in your ability to complete whatever it is that you’re trying to do. Watch 24 and admire this man’s persistence as he pushes on despite the fact that everyone, his friends and allies included, don’t believe in him.


3. Omar Little – Courage

Confronting your fears never gets easy...

Courage isn’t a lack of fear, but rather the ability to confront it

Omar Little of HBO’s The Wire is a thief, but one who only robs drug dealers.

Despite his homosexuality, this man is alpha as fuck. His trademark is walking down the street and whistling, with a shotgun slung over his shoulder, as he approaches his target. Talk about confidence.

And while the average man’s fears – which include being rejected by women and losing their job – don’t quite measure up to his, we can still be inspired by his impressive courage. Why fear rejection and embarrassment when this beast is gunning down criminals?

4. Tywin Lannister – Decisiveness

Making a decision is more important than making the right one

Making a decision is more important than making the right one

Far too many men are crippled by indecision. When you over-analyze a situation and can’t make a decision, you paralyze yourself. And you eat away at your confidence.

Tywin Lannister of Game of Thrones is the king of decision making. He definitely always doesn’t make the best tactical decision—and always making the right decision is a fucking pipe dream, so you shouldn’t try to do it—but he never hesitates. And for this reason, he’s the most powerful character on the show.

The same thing will happen to you if you can become as decisive as him. People unconsciously recognize decision makers. And they naturally begin to view them as leaders. Learn from Tywin and start making faster decisions, regardless of the consequences… You never regret a decision that you DID make.

5. Mal Reynolds – Humor


Don’t take yourself so fucking seriously, bro

Mal Reynolds of Firefly is one of the most confident TV characters of all time. He courageously leads his crew through a myriad of dangerous situations and displays tremendous decision making abilities as well.

But the most important thing you can learn by watching him is the importance of maintaining humor in your life. Even if you’re crushing it, when you lose your sense of humor, life becomes far less enjoyable. No matter how “alpha” or confident you are, being bitter and forgetting to laugh will destroy your happiness.

Watch Mal as he finds a way to make even the most treacherous situations funny. And strive to do the same – and stop taking yourself so fucking seriously.

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