While I have no ambitions to change the world, watching the manosphere grow has made me wonder if our beliefs are becoming mainstream. Is it possible that one day the views of game guys and men’s rights guys will crush feminism and repair its negative consequences on society?

I looked at feminist sites and blogs, trying to to estimate their traffic and userbase when I could. I’ll spare you the effort: the feminist sphere is formidable  The manosphere has less than 100 blogs with a least modest traffic, but they have thousands. Jezebel alone gets more visits than all of us combined.

They have 99% of women in their corner. They have all the beta males and white knights, which alone outnumber us ten-fold. They have all the gays and transsexuals. Even when you step out of the internet realm, they’ve infected higher education, government, and the media. Not only do they have near unlimited power to push their anti-male agenda, but they literally have millions of minions that spread their message. I estimate there are less than 100,000 guys in America who have firm red pill beliefs. We’re essentially extremists.

If this was a real war, we’d have to run into the mountains and resort to guerrilla fighting because of the size of their army, but this is not a war. We’re not fighting them. While they should be checked when the opportunity arises, any efforts to destroy them is ultimately futile. Society is not ready for men to reign superior. Forcing it will result is few gains. I could dedicate my life to changing America, by signing up one million dedicated culture warriors, yet still fail in the end. Unless you’re trying to target specific legislation or take down the most egregious of feminists, war is a less useful use of our time than working on ourselves.

It pains me to admit that feminists were successful with their revolution. They had a long laundry-list of changes they wanted to enact and they got it all while men of our generation are left feeling stunned and powerless. But there is something they can never take away from us: the power of choice. It’s possible to make choices that avoid their revolution and its effects. You can choose whether to buy products that mock men in advertisements. You can choose which woman to date, and whether or not to take abuse from them. You can choose whether to pay tuition for a college that has a radical woman’s studies program. You can even choose whether to live in countries that don’t have a feminist stronghold.


For me, those choices have already been made. In the past couple of years, except for five months in Scandinavia and one month in America, I have not been exposed to feminist women who have a deep-seated hatred of men, and on the rare occasion I do meet one, I simply stop talking to them. It really is that simple. My only exposure to them is from what I read online, and in that case I don’t feel anger but sympathy for the men who still have to interact with them.

If feminism contain lies, and manosphere sites contain truth, that leads to a question of whether we should actively bring in other guys into the fold. Should we expose them to teachings that help them get what they want in a society that is wholly against them? I say probably not. It will just be like trying to teach a guy game when he hasn’t hit rock bottom. There will be a part of him that knows it’s what he should learn, but he’s not yet frustrated or angry enough to accept a new belief system. He’ll close his eyes and shake his head like a petulant child refusing to take his medicine.

If a beta orbiter is getting validation that makes it seem like his compliment and cuddle strategy will some day in the next ten years lead to sex, he will not want to suddenly give that up (until he’s 30 years old and realizes he’s still a virgin). If a man thinks he’s in a happy marriage, he’s not going to care about men’s rights (until he’s raped in divorce court and loses custody of his kids). I say forget about feminism and the guys who insist on changing their tampons. I say let them destroy society. With the thousands of us already here, our energy is better spent helping each other instead of trying to change the world. The truth is they already won. The best we can do is find our own happiness.

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