In this day and age, with medical technology being what it is, there is really no reason to have an “accident” with some slut you pulled on a slow night. There is much less of a reason for an accident when you factor in all the things you have to lose by surrendering your power to women in these matters.

You will have no legal position over what happens next if you knock a girl up. It is her body – it is her decision what happens next. She might have an abortion, or she might keep you on the hook for eighteen years. Do you really want to play roulette every time you get it on with a girl for the rest of your life? Why even stress about it?

Don't be a dummy

Don’t be a dummy

If you think of the number of times you would like to have sex with a young beautiful women versus how many times you will want to impregnate one of these women, I think the argument for your vasectomy becomes rather straightforward. You want to have sex with as many young beautiful women as you can throughout your lifetime. Well of course you do, don’t we all?

What’s the maximum number of children you intend to father? I’d be surprised if the number was more than three. Are you really willing to risk your paycheck for eighteen years on the word of some girl that she has taken care of the contraception on her end? Every single time you have sex? Don’t be an idiot!

The plan

You need to take some drastic action to keep those greedy little woman hands out of your pockets at payday. Go to a sperm clinic and “put your money in the bank” for later use. If and when you want a child, it can therefore be on your own terms. If it’s good enough for the greatest stud animals in this world, then it’s surely good enough for you. By keeping your sperm cryogenically frozen you keep the little fellas absolutely ageless and as healthy as they day they were put on ice.


Since your body is your own business (unless you choose to parade the fact you are firing blanks now to every girl you hook up with) you have now taken a little control over every relationship you ever enter into again.

Imagine you are dating this smoking girl and you happily believe this is all going smoothly. Then she drops a pregnancy bomb on you, not knowing that you are firing blanks. Do you think you just gathered some very valuable intelligence about this girl you were starting to fixate on? Next her, eject, and carry on.


What if you end up with a girl who truly wants you to settle down and she starts mewling for a baby? Enjoy trying for a while, then remember that this is what you put your money in the bank for in the first place! If you truly think she is motherhood material, here is your chance to be a father.

If she balks or bawls about things being unnatural, just tell her that you don’t necessarily think abortions are natural either, but you respect a woman’s right to choose. Tell her you expect her to be happy you were so selective about whom you fathered a child with and that if she is really not interested in being the recipient of your genetic potential she should simply move on. Save your money in the bank for a woman that’s really worth gifting with your child!

These are desperate times, gentlemen, and so it is time for desperate measures. Sign up and get yourself cut. The only alternative is pay up and shut up. Choose wisely!

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