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It’s probably obvious to you that our enemy had a bad 2014. Feminists, SJW’s, and their totalitarian liberal buddies were on the ropes for much of the year and for the first time had to play defense to their delusional and incorrect beliefs. One of the reasons they’ve been successful up to now is that they pretended to be moderate. They simply preached the idea of “equality” and the cessation of violence against women. What monster would be against that?

But now many moderates are finding out that they wanted much more than equality. They have pursued censorship and hate while advocating for the removal of due process for men and their marginalization in order to make them second-class citizens. As they’ve made rapid gains over the past few years, their cry for equality has been rightly outed as a anti-man movement.

Since moderates tend to be reasonable—perhaps foolishingly so—in that they want to hear both sides of the story before making a decision, I believe they can be convinced of our correct views if we pursue the following two tactics:

1. Label the enemy mentally insane

Once a moderate finds out that they are being pressured by someone who has a host of psychiatric disorders, they are less inclined to believe them. This will be easy to do since the enemy has adopted transsexuality as their pet cause.

Let’s be clear that transsexuality is not being biologically born with mutated sex parts from two sexes like a hermaphrodite. A transsexual is someone who was biologically born with one sex but feels they are another. This is a legitimate psychiatric disorder, one of the most severe you can have, because it increases your rate for drug addiction and suicide while leading to irreversible surgical changes to your body that leave you as neither man nor woman.

The American Psychiatric Association, however, has stopped calling it a disorder for the sole reason to “reduce stigma,” a political decision that does not change the fact that transsexuals are grossly ill, exhibiting a behavioral pattern that you simply don’t see in non-humans. The fact that narcissism is labeled a disorder while transsexualism is not should clue you in to how science is no longer being used in the APA.

You can make the argument that some homosexual behavior is found in the wild, especially in primates, but have you ever heard of an animal biting off its penis because it wanted a vagina instead? Yet they are letting transsexuals and those who support them dictate policy that affects sane men while trying to normalize their deranged behavior. You must call it out for what it is.

The video I did on Laci Green, a prominent Youtube feminist who suffered from suicidal ideation and had to be given medication so she wouldn’t end her life, shows that most of these people are mentally sick in some way, with a host of serious personal demons that preclude them from coming up with public policies or mandates when they can’t even take care of themselves without popping pharmaceuticals or mutilating themselves. Take your pick from this list—they likely have more than one conditon:

People with mental disorders should get the treatment and medication they need (at their own expense) instead of trying to change the world into their image by legitimizing and normalizing their frightful psychoses.


2. Show how women are consistent liars who can’t be trusted

We’ve long known that women are essentially overgrown children who are unable to take care of themselves or act in moral and virtuous manner when not properly influenced by a male figure. Even a dog, when let loose from its master, does not begin to go on a rampage of destruction like women do when released from their traditional role.

When left to their own devices, their true nature implores them to pursue base behaviors of narcissism, attention whoring, deceit, backstabbing, cheating, manipulation, status-seeking, golddigging, and violence against men. These qualities prevent her from being a loyal wife, fit mother, or even a barely informed citizen who knows more about geopolitical issues of the day than which celebrity is fucking who.

Give a girl the “empowerment” and “independence” to go to university and she’ll pop out four years later with a million selfies on her smartphone and a notch count of at least 20 while being unable to come up with one good idea to advance civilization in a way that men have been doing for centuries. Without male guidance, a woman becomes useless in her natural motherly role.

This fact is important when dealing with today’s rape hysteria. We must make it clear to moderates that women are liars who have been proven to lie in the past and who will continue to use lies against men for their own personal gain. Once the legitimacy of a woman’s word is undermined, moderates will no longer stand by while their preach their myths of rape culture, patriarchy, and the unequal wage gap. They will be skeptical and treat women as they ought to be treated.

Whenever a woman alleges rape, tell your confused friend the following: “Women have lied in the past about rape, such as with Brian Banks, the Duke Lacrosse team, and also with the recent UVA hoax. Without clear evidence that can be used in a court of law, we must remain skeptical.” Clearly show how women behave in a way to maximize their attention and validation for personal benefit while shaming, disparaging, and denouncing innocent men that have done no wrong. Call out bogus “1 in 4 women have been sexually assaulted” studies whenever you see them by highlighting methodology so flawed that it would offend even a Haitian voodoo priest.

The key word is “skepticism.” Once you get people in the habit of being skeptical of any claim by a woman, their hysterics and rantings will then be ignored except in cases where true harm against them was performed (i.e. real rape, something that has been declining in America for decades).

Red pill ideas against the enemy is spreading rapidly, and you can now commonly see them in the comments section of mainstream publications (the ones that haven’t removed them, anyway). I believe the two tactics above will quicken the pace in getting more people over to our side.

While we should not dilute our message or moderate ourselves to win these people over, we should help spread doubt that those who are trying to influence them are either mentally insane or flat out liars (commonly both). Hammer that into their brains over the next year or two and they will properly disregard the latest rantings and accusations that attempt to further escalate the war against men. While I don’t want to declare that victory may be within sight, I can say we’re inching ever so closer.

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