When thinking about game with women, one should see it in terms of ranks or positions in the corporate world. Each position has a level of education and field experience to be qualified, which grants them a certain level of income and benefits. Welcome to “Game, Incorporated” and here are the positions that are available for consideration.

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Greetings, sir. I’m here for the interview.

1. The Janitor

This would be the lowest level in the corporate world. No educational or field experience in game, therefore this position picks up the scraps from the floor. He grabs the dirtiest jobs, getting chicks from the physical attractiveness ranges of 1 to 3 out of 10. His wage is pretty low, so he only gets a few of these dumpster chicks every year.

He has little to no benefits (meaning, he does not have a harem, booty calls or LTRs) and his position is pretty expendable (meaning, chicks friend zone and keep him as a beta orbiter and white knight). The attrition rate for this position is very high (meaning, he will feel like a loser and drop out of the game community very quickly).

The Office - Season 8

Low income (meaning, low pussy earnings) leads to a very disadvantaged life for janitors.

2. Temp Worker

This is the second level up in the corporate world. Maybe a little educational or field experience in game, but he still gets the shit work. He can pick up chicks from the physical attractiveness ranges of 1 to 4 out of 10. His wage is pretty low, and he receives no benefits, since he sees his chances in game as a temporary thing to “try out.”

He is expendable, having those more superior to him (meaning: alphas) moving up on the ladder. The attrition rate for this position is very high. He finds himself having another job on the side (meaning, masturbation) to make ends meet.

Temp Worker 1

3. Floor Staff

This is the third level in the corporate world. He has some educational and field experience with game. This man is inundated with the steady stream of females he attracts. However, these chicks are your average customers, on the physical attractiveness ranges of 4 to 6 out of 10. He works off commission, so even though his income fluctuates, he manages to have a pretty good weekly or monthly cash flow (meaning, high amounts of ONS and LTRs).

He is a very busy man, picking up the fat, ugly, young, and old The attrition rate for this position is medium, for 50% of this position gets burned out. Billy on the other hand has been showing management that he is a leader. He has been racking up an all-time high in sales (meaning, approaching and closing with chicks above the physical attractiveness of 6 out of 10), and these customers (meaning, the women) have been referring him to other customers. Billy has been considered for a promotion.

4. Lower Management

This is the fourth level in the corporate world. This position must have a good level of educational and field experience with game. To be considered for this position, one must possess these qualities:

  • Strong frame
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and text)
  • Can manage a harem of women (minimum of 3 is sufficient)
  • In good physical shape to lift 95+ pounds (of woman)
  • Flexible – willingness to travel and approach late on nights and weekends

This position gets a steady stream of 7s on the physical attractiveness scale. The job can be very demanding, since he is requested to travel often to make sales (meaning, escalating and getting sex). Granted he has acquired a pretty good client base from the floor staff position, he notices he is not very impressed with salary pay.

This means he has to work from morning to late night and weekends picking up chicks, and he will make the same income (which could be two chicks rated as 7/10s a week). However, this position receives great benefits – 401k retirement plan (meaning, he has many chicks whom he’s banging that want an LTR with him), full medical (sex) and dental (they give him on the spot oral when he needs it).

5. Upper Management

Lower Management

This is second highest position in the corporate world. It demands a high level of educational and field experience in game. He exceeds the requirements of the lower management position. At this position, he can occasional sit back and watch the steady stream of 8 out of 10s come his way.

Excellent pay and benefits, high job satisfaction, he is the guy (read: alpha) who is terminating any janitor or temp worker that comes his way. When he walks into the corporate business building (meaning, the bar, club or any social event), all positions beneath him stand at attention and make sure they greet him.

6. C.E.O.

Archive Manager james.feltham@itv.com 0207 157 3052

This is the highest level in the corporate world. Being a master of his craft, he possesses many years of educational and field work experience to be considered the highest ranking officer in gaming women. His income is so high that he can do whatever he wants with it. Money (meaning, women) attract to him everywhere he goes.

He has a big job, but knows how to handle a harem of five women or more. He has excellent benefits, such as his severance pay (meaning, if one chick cuts him off, he will always have an endless supply of women still coming at him). Like most CEOs he likes to donate (meaning, his cock) towards other organizations and charities (meaning girls below 8s).

He may not like this but knows that donations are good, for at the end of the year his business (meaning, his cock) gets tax exemptions and receives a nice refund (meaning, more chicks pile up in his line of steady vagina). As stated in the laws of attraction, high level executives understand this rule that if you give you will receive, and so his business gets rewarded handsomely through his donations.



Where do you fit into this corporate ladder of gaming women? Do you feel there is a glass ceiling, where you may see chances to move up, but somehow are not moving anywhere? Do you hate where you are in your position? Are you satisfied?

Upper management and CEOs are where they are due to their belief systems and work ethic. Way back when they first got the job at “Game, Inc.” they, too, were once janitors. It took hard work and persistence to move up the ranks, approaching day in and day out, working nights and evenings.

So, are you ready for a position at “Game, inc.”? Then go to school, get out in the field, and perfect your craft! The client base is seeking potential leaders like you.

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