A while ago, I came across this article:

Vegan Cat

Veterinarian Leanne Pinfold said the kitten was brought in this month by its owners, who were believed to be vegan.

She said the kitten’s diet of potatoes, rice milk and pasta had caused it to become critically ill.

The kitten was given fluids via a drip, placed on a heat pad and fed meat.

The horrific case at a North Melbourne animal hospital has prompted a warning about the dangers of people “forcing ideologies” on their pets.

Here we have, I think, a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the modern left—arrogance, stupidity, idealism, a dangerously thin-skin, a lack of common sense, and reliance on “feelings” rather than “reason.” This describes the social justice warrior mindset, and shows just what happens when it finally runs up against reality.

I feel, in fact, we can make a law of it. Henceforth, we shall call this – “The Vegan Cat Principle”. It can be stated thusly:

Even if you have the best of intentions, you can still fuck things up royally

The dangers of vegan cat thinking

There are so many examples of the Vegan Cat Principle in action, its hard to know where to start.

I imagine it is much the same vegan, Earth-loving people who try and give the finger to big corporations by drinking raw, unprocessed milk, despite the fact that it can kill you.

We never hear an end to screeching about “Islamaphobia.” Perhaps this is why thousands of rape cases have gone unreported in England, over the course of many years, because the culprits were Pakistani gang members. Arguing against multi-culturalism is similarly taboo, even though immigrants often commit crimes and collect welfare cheques out of all proportion to their numbers.

The Buddha

The lovely ladies over at Jezebel recently gave a concerted fuck you to the Food and Drug Administration for declining to lift the long-standing ban on gay men donating blood. Never mind the fact that gay men are around fifty times more likely to be HIV-positive then the general population. We now hear that the FDA is considering revising its guidelines to allow gay men to donate if they have been celibate for more than one year, though even this medically dubious sacrifice to political correctness still isn’t good enough for some.

Anti-nuclear hysteria has seen several countries, including Germany and Japan, implement plans to shut down their nuclear plants following the Fukushima “disaster”—a disaster in which literally no one was killed, and which will have negligible long term effects. Billions of dollars of infrastructure is being sacrificed because the left has panicked, and spineless politicians have given in to their delusions.

Of course, one can’t bring up “left-wing hysteria” without mentioning climate change. Personally I believe the science behind climate change is actually pretty solid and, yes, we will have to get off fossil fuels eventually – but I absolutely do not trust the left to manage these issues properly.

Fossil fuels got us out of mud-brick huts, and alternate energies won’t be cheap and common enough for decades. Many billions of dollars have already been wasted already on “green” projects that have done absolutely nothing to help the environment.

Lincoln sjw

Similar thinking is probably why 19% of schoolboys in the US have now been diagnosed with ADD, despite other countries hanging around the 2-3% mark, and why 10% are now on some kind of medication for it – an unhealthy mix of feminist hysteria and a pharmaceutical lobby with dollar signs in its eyes.


Then there’s the way Greenies have forced on us the notion that cyclists deserve equal use of our road system, because “environment.” In 2013 the road toll in Australia fell to a historic low of 1,200. Cyclist deaths however, shot up to fifty, the highest figure in over fifteen years. There are calls to impose a mandatory one-meter gap between cars and bikes and spend billions of dollars upgrading our transport system to accommodate them. No one seems to consider the possibility that cyclists should not be on our fucking roads.

It is at the root of why feminists decided to dismantle the nuclear family, thinking they could be successful parents by themselves. This has resulted in a divorce rate around 50% and 45% of children today being raised by single mothers—who then grow up to comprise some 85% of the prison population.

Going back further, we can see much the same mindset in all sorts of “progressive” movements. Barely anybody in the modern left will own up to the tens of millions who have died due to communist economic policies, likely the most disastrous attempt at creating paradise in world history.


The Vegan Cat Principle at work in the People’s Republic of China

And to top it all off, guess whether democrats or republicans, are more likely to believe in Astrology? And which gender is more likely to believe in reincarnation, ghosts, spiritual energy, that they have “been in touch with a dead person,” have consulted with a fortune teller of psychic, or in the existence of the “evil eye” and other new age bullshit?

Sure, there are some issues where the right can be criticized more. Belief in evolution is now more than 20 points higher among Democrats than Republicans, but let us note that Black Protestants are one of the most skeptical groups of all, and belief in creationism is ten points higher among women than men—both core democratic constituencies.

Skepticism of vaccines is somewhat more dangerous, and an issue the left loves to use to bash the right over the head with, but one finds that self-declared democrats are almost as skeptical of government-imposed mandates for vaccines as republicans, the figures being 19% and 33% respectively. No less a liberal stalwart than Jon Stewart recently took affluent, California liberals to task for this.

Vegan cats – vegan cats all of them.

What is the cure?

Now why do people do this? What puts a person in the Vegan Cat mindset?

The reason could be a simple desire to be a hero. Everyone wants to think of themselves as one of the “good guys” on some level, but to be a good guy, one needs a bad guy to oppose. We are always looking for an injustice to rage against – never mind if it is one someone’s just made up.

But on a more fundamental level, I think we really just try to use this image to impress others, particularly those of the opposite sex. In order to rescue the princess in the tower, white knights need a horrifying beast to fight against.

Then again, one man may already have summed up the social justice warrior mindset decades ago (1:50 to skip the intro):

There’s a place in the world for the angry young man

I agree—its called the street corner.

Replace “angry young man” with “social justice warrior” and Billy Joel’s anthem has it dead on. They’re free to talk, but just keep them out of our parliaments, our universities, our schools, our businesses, our courts and as far as possible our government bureaucracies.

The disease that is Vegan Cat thinking is something we must all try to treat. Hell, we ought to have a “Vegan Cat Awareness Month” where we come together as a society to remember all the victims of Vegan Cat thinking. Memorials should be built to all the nuclear power plants shut down because of spineless legislators. Schoolboys should be encouraged to burn their Ritalin pills.

On a simpler level however, the next time you’re going about your daily business and come up against the unwavering stupidity and idealism of someone on the far-left, just go up to them, tell them they’re trying to create a Vegan Cat, wish them luck, and walk away laughing.

Maybe, just maybe, the message will get through their thick skulls.

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