In your quest to become the best man that you can be in all areas of life (including game), I have distilled many of the best practices in the manosphere down to seven strategies.

These strategies were chosen for their synergistic effects on one another. By improving ones financial standing, physical appearance, communications skills, and subject matter mastery alone, the other aspects of ones life are noticeably improved.

1. Develop a side hustle


In this age of global economic uncertainty, relying on a job as your sole stream of income is a dangerous proposition. You will forever be at the beck and call of “the boss,” and at the mercy of economic forces that can change the employment landscape in a moments notice.

Do not make the mistake of relying on a job to secure your future. Your military enlistment will one day end. Your company will one day go out of business. The economy will tank and jobs will be lost (again).

Having a side hustle—a stream of income that you create independent of your primary occupation—grants you a measure of insurance against these forces while increasing your disposable income and net worth.

Over time, your side hustle can grow into its own small empire that grants you the freedom to live life on your own terms with your own schedule. With so many free resources available, there is no excuse not to start building your empire immediately.

2. Train your body with a purpose

Needless to say, exercise is mandatory for any man seeking self improvement. However, the goal of going to the gym in order to look good is shortsighted. Cranking out rep after rep of heavy lifts and doing triple digit situp sets might make you look good, but exercise alone is not a replacement for developing ability.

For years I spent hours in the gym bulking up. While I scored a number of lays from my physical gains, I felt sluggish, slow, and stiff for most of the day. I changed things up by joining a boxing gym to develop the ability to defend myself if needed. The results were spectacular. I had more energy, a well honed physique, and the confidence of knowing I could hold my own against a potential adversary. That last point increased my inner game more than the size of my biceps ever could.

Take up boxing, mixed martial arts, or practice functional strength training and put that muscle mass to work.

3. Be the best dressed man that you know


Lets face it, we live in a world where looks matter. Until you open your mouth, your appearance is the only thing the world can judge you on. Your appearance is a statement of value to the world and more importantly to yourself, so when you look good, you feel good and both your performance and bearing reflect it.

In order to communicate your true value to the world around you, strive to be the best dressed man that you know. Learning to dress well is a skill like all others that can be acquired. Start with versatile wardrobe staples that match well with almost anything — basic items like white shirts, dark blue jeans and grey sweaters.

Many men think they have to be on top of all the latest trends to become more stylish. However, when you start out, developing your own style is vastly more important. Once you figure out what image you want to portray, you can start adding trends that will work with that image.

Another misconception is that a large wardrobe is a better wardrobe. The opposite is actually true. Avoid filling your wardrobe with lots of clothes, thinking this will offer you variety. You won’t need lots to have a great arsenal of stylish outfits. Shoot for quality over quantity.

As your side hustle yields more disposable income for you and you become better at spotting value, you can experiment with trends and interesting pieces that set you apart.


4. Develop mastery over a subject

Robert Greene’s must-read book Mastery has been the subject of a number of articles here at ROK, and for good reason—the pursuit and development of great skill drives every man worth his salt.

In a world where being a Jack-of-all-Trades is the status-quo, gaining mastery over your area of focus will place you above and beyond the layman. Not only will you command more adoration from the women around you, but you will also garner the respect of those you serve as customers of your side hustle.

For example, When getting your car fixed, do you prefer a master mechanic or someone looking under the hood for the first time? If the cost were the same, would you seek out the master or the apprentice? When given a choice we automatically pursue and pay the more skilled individuals.

5. Never complain. Never explain.

Complaining and explaining are hallmarks of an inferior man. To complain is to resort to the only means the powerless have to express their displeasure. The way of the superior man is to take ownership of the issue at hand and take measures to correct it. Likewise, the superior man need not resort to explaining himself unless he is teaching others. If those around you cannot trust your behavior, then you have yet to let your results speak for themselves.

On the subject of a man’s words: Word play is a form of foreplay, and every man should have command over his native language.  This is not to say you should bludgeon the women you meet with million-dollar words packed into every sentence. Rather, subtly intermingle interesting and rarely used words into everyday conversation.

Stepping up your vocabulary will set you apart from the average slack-jawed monosyllabic beta. Commit yourself to learning and adding a new word to your vocabulary daily. This guidance applies to learning and speaking foreign languages as well.

6. Live an Epic Life

climber on sunset

In the early days of the pickup community, neophytes were encouraged to tell stories that demonstrated their value as fun, adventurous men worthy of the adoration of every woman within earshot. As a shortcut to actually living an epic life that produces these stories, many would instead fabricate or memorize stories from other members of the community in an attempt to pass themselves off as men of high value.

Understand this: There are no shortcuts to living an epic life. Telling other people’s story in lieu of your own does nothing for your self-esteem. Even worse, if you are simply passing off someone else’s story as your own, you are living a lie.

The stories that you tell should be your own. If you dont have any, go our into the world and create them. Write a book. Skydive. Quit your job and travel to China to study at the Shaolin temple. Go climb a mountain. Live an epic life and you will never cease to have stories to tell.

7. Develop a strong sense of humor

Bill Burr

A sense of humor demonstrates both confidence and interpersonal skills as well as the ability to put others at ease. Everyone has their own unique sense of humor that, if developed and expressed, can lend to your quest to build a respectable harem.

As a bartender I have the priviledge of watching social interactions go down in real time, and I can assure you that playful banter will get you laid exponentially more than serious, cold, mechanical approaches. While we are not here to be sideshow acts for women for the sake of getting laid, I challenge you to find your own sense of humor and make others laugh. It will pay you dividends.

Gentlemen, if you would like to share your specific strategies for stepping your game up, I look forward to hearing them in the comments below!

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