I believe there is a benefit to anything in life. Whether it is short-term, middle-term, or long-term, sometimes you have to see it for what is. Although men on ROK believe that one way is always better, most normally stick to what they are comfortable with.

Older men generally stay with women of around their age, and younger men stick with women generally around their age. I feel more men should try dating those who are both older and younger than them. If you are 38 years of age and older, date women who are from the ages of 18 to 25. If you are under the age of 38, date women who are in their 40s and 50s.

When I say date, I mean have a casual relationship with them—nothing more, nothing less. Life is made to live fruitfully, so enjoy everything life gives you, including an abundance in variety of women.

Older men to younger women

I suggest older men to date younger. You get a vitality that you wouldn’t normally get from women of an older age. Plus, the belief is that the younger one is, the more liberal she is. Liberal in every way of life, compared to someone who is older.

young chicks having fun

Age and mentality

As you approach the polar end of youth, you experience a more free mentality; as you approach the polar end of elder, you experience more conservatism, a more “stuck in your ways” stubborn lifestyle. “Don’t tell me anything new, because I am a grown man and have life figured out.”

Think about the mind of a child, how free he is and how he approaches life with reckless abandon, basically rebellious. This child has no chronic thoughts of worry, resentment, or anxiety. He just lives happily and in the moment with no worry of the world.

Through aging in this world, you have been primed by many years of societal conditioning—whether you try to cope, resist, or acknowledge it, it is in your psyche, and that can be limiting. However, for a younger person it is quite opposite. Generally these types of people have not been pressed with the branding iron of societal conditioning; therefore they have a more optimistic approach with life.


Dating younger women is great for older men, because you get to learn about a different culture of women. Plus, being around younger women will break up the monotony of “adult” life. Being around younger women also increases testosterone. It’s a great trade off. You provide wisdom and life experience, while she provides novelty and excitement.


They live more in the present moment; therefore they are more with their perceptions of life. How do you attract these women? They are no different than any women when it comes to attracting them. Continue demonstrating masculine traits (i.e., confidence and frame) and proper game.

Man with older chick


Younger men to older women

I suggest that young men go ahead and date older women. Why? Older women provide a broader perspective to life. Contrary to belief, there are very sexy and gorgeous older women out there. You can normally find them in very affluent neighborhoods.

I remember when living in one suburb where the mothers looked just as good as their daughters. They went to the gym daily, ate clean with small portions, always had their hair and nails done, and wore the best outfits to accentuate their still fit bodies. Not only did these women have great bodies, but they also brought a little substance to the table.

Pictured: Ashton Kutcher (age 36) with Demi Moore (age 52).

Age and mentality

Their life experiences have given them experience to become masters of their craft(s). That could be their profession, cultures, food and drink, and more importantly, sexual activity. Older women have built years of schema, which allows them to see the bigger picture of the world.

Through dating older women, you can attend higher quality places (restaurants, lounges, social events, etc.) and learn about the environment there. Older women tend to have their lives together. There are many older women out there who want to feel desired by dating a younger masculine essence. As a matter of fact, there are older women out there who are willing to spoil these men with money and other goods.

wealthy woman


How do you attract these types of women? The same goes with the above about older men attracting younger women. Continue to exert masculine traits (confidence and frame) and game (social skills, appearance, etc.). Contrary to belief, I have seen many women who were in their 40s to 50s having slender, lean, and toned bodies and dressing sexy.


Dating younger women brings forth a very revitalizing experience to an older man. For a younger man, there are also older women out there who would love to have a young masculine stud in their life. Plus, if you can date both of the spectrum, you’re not only learning something new, you’re also expanding your harem of women, which helps your game. Expand your mind, enjoy life, and meet women of all kinds.

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