USA Today said it best when it said the Super Bowl’s ads were depressing and the halftime show was bizarre.  Bizarre indeed.

The Pepsi Cola Halftime Show was a visually stunning spectacle rife with subliminal messages. For those who didn’t see it, it opened with Katy Perry riding on an animatronic tiger. This was followed by androgynous chess pieces that looked like they came straight out of the dystopian film Metropolis. The message was clear: people and nature are becoming unisex machines to be moved around a chessboard by the queen bee.

Following this “Dark Horse” vision, Lenny Kravitz came out for a quick minute and Perry performed a mild mannered mini-twerk. The set then changed to a SpongeBob SquarePants beach scene designed to capture the attention of little kids.  Perry played her schoolgirl shtick in a party dress that did a good enough job of covering up her most precious assets. Girls in 1950s-style bikinis danced along with cartoon sharks, beach balls, and surfboards.

Nothing was really surprising up to this point. It was just interesting just how unsexy Perry’s performance was. Perry was playing a mildly flirty tease, and most parents were probably relieved that their kids weren’t being exposed to anything too racy. Feminists were undoubtedly happy that male viewers didn’t get to see more of Perry’s boobs.

The Bizarre


A masculine Missy Elliot sings “Get Ur Freak On”

Then the bizarre happened. Katy Perry’s girly, PG-rated performance was followed by Missy Elliot coming out dressed in a NASCAR outfit singing about getting your freak on. It would not be surprising if some five-year-old girl turned to her mother at this point and asked, “Mommy, what’s getting your freak on?” And the mother replying, “Why honey, according to UrbanDictionary it means to have sex.”

Thus, the confusing subliminal messages in this year’s PepsiCola Corporatist Halftime Show. What’s a boy to make of this charade? What’s a girl to think? Well the subliminal messages for girls are as follows:

It’s OK to be a tease


Dress up like a man and have sex

Gender Equality Through Masculine Feminism

The truth behind this over-produced charade soon became clear with the first commercial shown after the halftime show:

The explicit message of this commercial is that any criticism of the female sex is wrong. It’s that girls’ athletic abilities are just as good as boys.  And they sure as hell shouldn’t be made fun of if they suck at those pursuits. Like the animals in Animal Farm, girls are equal to boys, but with special privileges.

Notice how this commercial for gender equality doesn’t even hawk a product. It’s actually a Procter and Gamble commercial for menstrual pads of all things, which makes no sense and perfect sense. Advertising has become a way for corporations to sell social messages rather than actual products.

The idea is that by controlling the mindset of your consumer, you control their purchasing power (not only controlling their individual preference to buy your products, but to spread this preference like a virus through hashtags and social media).



I wouldn’t be surprised if Sheryl Sandberg designed this Super Bowl Halftime Spectacle and paid the NFL millions to get it produced. The underlying message seemed to promote her style of masculine feminism that wants to turn women into men. This style of feminism believes that acting feminine and girly is for little kids and is even shameful. That girls need to act masculine in order to have sexual agency and compete in sports and dominate the man’s world when they grow up.


Masculine feminism doesn’t try to feminize men as much as produce beta males as a byproduct. Beta males don’t know how to stand up for themselves and certainly don’t know how to get sex from a tease. Masculine feminism aims to do this by marginalizing men and telling them to shut up (think about how Lenny Kravitz performed for only a minute and didn’t even sing one of his own songs). Because football is no longer a masculine pastime, every other Super Bowl commercial now has a feminist message.

Why Katy Perry?

How did Katy Perry become the face of a halftime show that wants to socially engineer masculine women? Because she’s popular and can be used as a Trojan horse. Katy Perry is first and foremost a sex symbol. That is why she prayed for big breasts when she was a kid. That is why frosting spurts out of her bra in her music videos and her first music video was called “I kissed a girl and I liked it”. She gets attention.

But Katy Perry also embodies an innocent PG-rated image in order to appeal to younger girls. On the one hand she plays the sex pot. On the other hand, she plays the princess in a fairy tale. Is it any wonder that feminists don’t like her, but can see how she appeals to a vast spectrum of the female sex, especially little girls?

Two years ago Katy Perry wanted the public to know that she’s not a feminist, but she believed in the strength of women. The media got mad at her. Angry feminists said a woman’s strength isn’t in her sex appeal. A year later Katy finally issued a mea culpa, typical for celebrities who accidently admit they are not feminists.

“A feminist? Um, yeah, actually,” she responded. “I used to not really understand what that word meant, and now that I do, it just means that I love myself as a female and I also love men.”

Shame on her for also loving men. She clearly has no idea what feminism is about. But that’s OK for the masculine feminists who designed this halftime show. Perry played the role of the queen bee with Missy Elliot as the court jester. Perry was simply used to capture girls’ attention.  Then subliminal messages were used to prime the viewer’s senses for what came next: a commercial telling girls to act like boys and not apologize for it.


The Goal Of Masculine Feminism

Why is Sheryl Sandberg and her corporate ilk in the media trying to produce masculine women? To create more corporate worker bees. By creating a steady supply of unisex machines, corporations can pay these workers less and boss them around. And in the modern age, corporations control the government through lobbying and campaign donations.

Thus, we have a way for government to control people. Sure, a small number of women will succeed by leaning in (acting like men) and climbing to the top of the social hierarchy. The rest will just be machines who fight with the boys for the same lowly wages. For every queen bee like Sheryl Sandberg, there are thousands of worker bees.


Here’s a gender-neutral way to tell females they throw like a girl: just tell them they suck. Then laugh when they get mad and start screaming like a little girl.

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