I have always had a certain affinity for folklore. I wrote a paper in college with the thesis that nothing is more true than mythology. Myths and folklore are not made up by one individual but by a whole society, and so they tell a message about that society and often about ourselves as humans. Even if the actual events are false or exaggerated, the myth connects to us in a way that no other book can.

Authors imitating or adapting them like Hans Christian Andersen or Euripides often incorporated these elements into their stories, likely with little consciousness of the significance. The original “Little Mermaid” by Andersen follows the template so well that it could easily be confused as being anonymously written. It aligns with the Disney story most of the way, but it ends with the prince marrying someone else and the mermaid princess committing indirect suicide. It is not a story about “love conquers all” but a cautionary tale about leaving your role.

But I also love folklore because of the world it puts you in. Andersen’s Little Mermaid is rich in its descriptions, not only of the undersea kingdom but also of the metaphysical world. It has a theological undercurrent about the nature of mortality and the soul that does little to change the plot but frames the entire story into several contexts.

The descriptions of the world in Andersen’s story are vivid and detailed. The characters have lifelike motivations that allow you to connect with them, and the plot, while predictable, guides the reader into its turns. Mythology and folklore are not so much about the destination but the journey.

Disney took all of this but made it optimistic and child-friendly. Little girls have adored these princess stories for centuries, and when they grow up, they graduate to romantic novels and movies. Romantic comedies are a huge market share of the film industry, and we all remember the annoying Twilight fanaticism not quite ten years ago. Bella Swan is the modern Andromeda or Eurydice.

The Fantasy Continues

Despite the successes of feminism, women still crave a man’s leadership. Some women may claim they don’t need a man, but women are to be judged by their actions and not their words. We red-pillers mock romantic movies for their grand displays of beta seduction, since those things no longer work in real life.

Nevertheless, women still eat it up on the big screen because they want the grand romantic gestures to work. They want to fall in love by candlelight to a kind, gentle man who only has their interest in heart and will keep them safe from all the dangers of the world. The fact that such cliches are worthless is irrelevant to the fantasy women have in their minds.

And so we get such trite advice about how to impress women. “Always hold the door for them,” “Compliment her,” “Treat her like your sister,” et cetera ad nauseam. Women didn’t come up with this advice to play a prank on the menfolk. Most women honestly believe that this will work and will get angry should a man suggest otherwise.

Women want an alpha jerkboy like a meth addict wants to sell his food stamps for drugs. A woman in such a relationship is desperately addicted to him no matter how much she despises him, and she hates herself for being unable to break free.


Break In The Narrative

Today’s world is a long way from that of Ariadne and Sleeping Beauty. What do you notice about the Disney princesses below?

Except for the black chick and pasty girl in purple (the two newest characters, not coincidentally), they’re all hot, right? Most of them have beautiful flowing hair. Their gowns are gorgeous. None of them are holding Louis Vuitton purses. They have make-up and jewelry in the right proportions that complement their appearance instead of dominating it.

In short, you can tell by their appearances that they are feminine, in need of provision, and likely virginal. Not just their clothes and hair, but in their facial expressions and posture. Why, I bet that Sleeping Beauty chick is an excellent cook. And Cinderella can probably sew. Belle looks like she can hold an interesting conversation about books, and I would lay money that Ariel has musical talent.

I couldn’t imagine Snow White grinding in a night club. Pocahontas probably knows the ins and outs of folk medicine, but if she tells you that she slept with Chief Big Stick “just that one time,” then you know she’s a liar, because a woman never did the dirty “just once with only one guy.”

But women don’t look anything like that anymore. Sure, the above is formal-wear specific to a time and place, but there is still something distinct about the aura of the women. Maybe it’s partly the photoshopping that happens in animation, but Anglo/American women today usually don’t have the same exudation about themselves.

Now compare a modern rendering of the same characters.

modern disney

Their hair is unnatural and uninviting. Their facial expressions look conceited and mistrustful, like that of an abused dog. The way they dress makes me worry that I’ll be paying child support for another man’s kid. On rare occasions a tattoo can look good on a girl, but theirs are so excessive that you cannot appreciate what may actually have been beautiful, healthy skin. Nor can you even tell what the tattoo is supposed to be of.

Feminists decry the prince rescuer trope, claiming that women can function without a man. They are actually somewhat correct, but not in the way they think. The women above, in their heart of hearts, want a prince rescuer just like every woman. However, what kind of man will want to rescue them? Why would he feel a need to?

The women do not induce a picture of fragility. If one of them got into a fight, I’d pull out my camera phone. Marrying an androgynous woman is like marrying a dude, but with a snarky sense of self-importance.

Furthermore, what would he have to gain by rescuing them? Good for a victory bang, but you can tell they’d be miserable to spend time around. I will judge a book by its cover, because that is how a book is marketed. The women above have made their advertisements very clear.

Of course, I know those pictures are exaggerated examples. But even though most girls today don’t look a Texas whore, they have the same attitudes. Slut is a state of mind, after all, and there are plenty of virgin teenagers hoping to let the baseball captain get to second base. And yes, attention whoring is a close cousin of real whoring. And no, you cannot turn a whore into a housewife no matter how much she thinks Jesus has saved her.

Beta Heart, Alpha Soul

Men, in their heart of hearts, want to be a white knight. They want to come to the rescue of a defenseless woman, correct injustice, and be lauded as a good person. We want to believe that all women are innocent and pure, that they need us. We want the validation that comes with being a hero.

I think this is why some men marry former porn stars. Men are fixers, after all, and although the former porn star (or unwed mother) may not be innocent and pure, she certainly may be helpless. They see this broken creature and desire to fix her, as though she’s an appliance merely in need of a new motor.

But most men aren’t that dumb. Most men are reluctant to marry an unwed mother or a divorced woman, especially if they themselves haven’t yet had kids or been married.

And the very few quality girls left? They’re still part of our culture. Your 15th-century beta game will easily be misconstrued for the lack of genuineness that is the typical nice guy’s hallmark, especially since these girls generally come from rural areas where patriarchy runs deep in the family.

New World Order: Not Much Different From The Old

Despite all of the supposed smashing of traditional sex roles, women want the same narrative they have always wanted.


There are three comedies coming out this fall aimed at women. You have seen them all before, but you will see them all again… “Wait, that’s me,” you think. Yes, that’s the point. We all think that… The romantic comedy is the modern fairytale, and we’re the princesses… We’re not just living unfulfilling lives in a castle waiting for Prince Charming. Now we have impressive careers [brief pause] that are unfulfilling… So you’re single, happy, loving your job. I mean, who are we kidding? Work sucks.

For a comedian who claims to be a feminist, Sarah Haskins is full of inadvertent red pill commentary.

Yesterday’s Prince Charming is today’s Ashton Kutcher. Did you see No Strings Attached? I enjoyed it enough to buy the DVD from a bargain bin, but don’t tell me there isn’t a deep pathology lying underneath. Woman with an awesome career sluts around before meeting an alpha chiseled like Hercules with a temperament of dominance and respect. He’s into grand sweeping romance (“Let’s look at the twinkling lights”), but she just wants sex.

Or so she thinks, because really she’s just afraid to trust someone else. Then she loses him. Cries. Eats chocolate donuts. Misses her sister’s wedding or something. But surprise! Happy endings for all, because she gets him back, and then they’re all happy and shit for the first time in their lives.

Whoever wrote that film needs to see a therapist. But then again, in some sense every woman wrote that film. The romcom is the new mythology. It holds the mirror to our society.

There’s a whole market dedicated to feeding women the notion that they can have their romantic narrative exactly as their diary has planned it. Youtube and Amazon are full of information trying to help women get men to commit. I would imagine very few of them give advice like, “The sooner you sleep with him, the more likely he will forget about you,” or, “Do you have any talents and charisma that would be attractive to him?” or, “Are you fat or androgynous?”

Nobody ever claimed the red pill went down pain-free, but both men and women must take it. It’s the chemotherapy of the self-help world. And of course, the red pill is a bit different for women than it is for men.

In the unlikely event that women were to have the intellectual honesty to admit they want this narrative they spend so much money on, then the logical next question would be, “Why am I not getting this?” It’s easy to claim that men are hypergamous or immature, but when will the women ask, “What am I doing wrong? What can I do to increase my chances?”?

Ideas Have Consequences

So the moral of our tale is that women want the fantasy story but are unable to realize that they no longer merit it. Women no longer induce the drive in men that makes the men want to rescue them. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” as the saying is, but women today lean on Betty Crocker like a man on hospice with his oxygen tank.

Even with the draconian family courts, men would still be willing to commit should a woman be able to seduce him properly. Let’s be honest, men. We’ve accomplished amazing things throughout history, but add in a woman with a chance of sleeping with her, and suddenly we start thinking with a different head. We turn into complete morons around women. Nor is it always mere physical desire. Don’t think you’re impervious to the sirens’ call of infatuation.

Women today are often very good at getting a man’s sexual attention, since all they have to do is show up. Some play hard to get, but many figure out they just have to rub their tits in his face, whether metaphorically or literally. But women do that innately, hardly thinking about it.

What each generation of women has to be taught—and what has now been forgotten—is how to make a man want to stay. This isn’t terribly hard, although it is very easy to screw up. In the 1950s, this was common knowledge. Most women back then could get a man to commit. Generally today people tell men they’re doing women wrong by avoiding marriage, but, to use their phrase, “It takes two to tango.” What is the modern woman missing?

Domesticity is the common answer, but often overlooked is cheerful servility. You see, female submission is not the heavy-handed slave relationship it is slandered as today. After all, there’s no love if the server has no choice.

Rather, female servility is more like, “He’s asked me to run an errand, and I know it would make his day a lot easier if I were to do it for him,” or, “He’s really into his football game, so I’m going to surprise him with home-breaded chicken fingers just so I can enjoy the smile on his face,” or, “We’re disagreeing over this major decision, but I know he usually has good judgment, so I’ll trust him and let him have his way,” or, “I don’t like him drinking, but I know work is stressful for him, so I’ll tolerate him having a few beers before bed,” or, “I’m not in the mood, but it’s been a few days, so I’ll make love to him and pretend to be into it.”

Yes, men can do these things for women too, but it doesn’t induce the same sense of, “Wow, I have the best girlfriend in the world. Let me take every precaution to ensure I don’t lose her, because I will never find another this amazing.” Granted, no game technique works every time. But feminine submission greatly increases a woman’s options and chances.

Men are taught to become something to attract women, but women are taught by feminism to wait for the right man to accept them as they are (which, oddly, is the same “princess in the tower” mentality feminists hate). This is the equivalent of the liberal arts major waiting for “the right job” with a six-digit salary when he has no marketable skills. Women are unwilling to admit that there will always be a thousand double standards in both directions between men and women, even though the women themselves expect those double standards to be in place.

Men only want to marry a woman who can offer him things he can’t get elsewhere. I can have deep conversations, enjoy movies, and hear great jokes with my male friends. A woman will never be able to relate to me as well as another man can. What do you have to offer me beyond your used-up body and lack of personality?

Women today whine about being merely a sexual object, but most do little to cultivate their individuality or charisma. And yes, there can be a deep preciousness in female companionship, but the nature of it is radically different from male companionship.

Women today are so focused on the “I” that the “you” is only relevant to how it gives them validation. They are unconcerned about what men want from the relationship. A woman may throw a man a compromise cookie, but ultimately she wants to paste him into her life instead of join two together. Someone explain to me why people are surprised that men no longer want to get married.

Your princess is in another tower, I'm afraid.

Your princess is in another tower, I’m afraid.

The Solution

Unless women remain chaste, feminine sweethearts, they will not be able to hold onto the real-life Ashton Kutchers, if they are able to attract them at all. Unless women stop trading their most desirable years of beauty and fertility for college and careers, they will not be able to win the commitment of a Ryan Gosling.

Unless women return to focusing on their families instead of their petty ideologies, then they will never be more than a convenient hole to a Colin Firth with limitless candidates. Dido lost Aeneas for the same reason women today stew in spinsterhood and boring marriages.

Nor do they merit such a man. Daddy was right when he told her, “Wait for the man who appreciates you for what you are,” but he didn’t realize his daughter is little more than the community dumpster. Men appreciate a woman like that exactly for what she is and nothing else. She’ll get exactly the kind of man she deserves—the man who has no other options. Can you face the looking-glass, Alice?

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