Do you remember playing the “floor is lava” game as a kid? It is a simple challenge with simple rules—just don’t touch the floor. It could be played anywhere indoors and merely required several pieces of furniture with comfortable gaps in between. Those with siblings probably remember playing “don’t let the balloon touch the ground”, a poor man’s version of ping pong that didn’t require paddles, table, or ball.

As kids grow up, they become more self-aware and their motivation for playing games changes. It is no longer enough to simply conquer the environment and have fun. The goal is now to compete against others and win, earning recognition and respect from peers and adults in the process. This is when games move outdoors and arguably the point at which childhood ends and adulthood begins.

outdoor basketball

I thought that White Men Can’t Jump

For young men who enter puberty and experience the surge of testosterone in their veins, it is essential that they have a publicly sanctioned way to channel their aggression in a constructive way. Besides, sports teach them the necessity of teamwork, cooperation, endurance, and the importance of self-sacrifice for the greater good. All of that and much more, without using a single word.

Ancient Greeks recognized and honored this tumultuous period in every boy’s life by founding Olympic Games, during which no wars were led and all death penalties were suspended. The Olympic Games continue to this day, but in name and form only. The substance and the entire reason for their existence has pretty much been destroyed by galloping SJW ideology which sought to include women, retarded people, trannies and other travesties at all costs. Currently, the regular Olympic Games are just an excuse for massive orgies between participants when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Darya Klishina, long jumper

Frankly, who wouldn’t bang a fit girl like this 24/7?

To truly realize how far the western world has sunk into degeneration, we have to take a look at the uncorrupted sports of primitive cultures. The best example is the national sport of Afghanistan – Buzkashi. In short, Buzkashi is polo played with a headless goat carcass instead of a ball. Teams of players on horseback compete in controlling the carcass and have to bring it into a designated circle to win. The rules allow kicking, whipping, punching, and whatever is necessary to obtain victory. Protective gear is allowed since Buzkashi can be quite brutal at times.

Let the games begin

Remove the horses, replace the goat with an appropriate ball and you’ve arrived at pretty much any modern sport. All of them are fueled by the hunter-gatherer instinct and are meant to be friendly warfare that keeps men in mental and physical shape for an actual war. In any case, if men, for whatever reason, can’t play sports, they are content with watching sports being played. Even the act of observation gives them the much needed adrenaline rush and provides a great excuse to bellow and punch a wall from time to time.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, now it’s even possible for men to watch any sports match while taking a comfortable dump in their very own bathroom. But that is nearing an end, thanks to SJWs and their tireless persecution of masculinity. Sports have become just a vehicle for propagating femnazi bullshit and the most glaring example of this is NFL during the month of October.

NFL crucial catch

The very sight of her makes my dick shrivel

Let’s start off by going to the NFL website’s “Pink” section, where we are greeted by a certain Lisa (pictured above) holding an X-ray of her breast. We get to hear her sob story and how she was lucky to catch breast cancer or something like that. It’s a touching story, worthy of a Lifetime feature film. What does it have to do with sports or football is anybody’s guess. Are we supposed to believe that her life was saved because of the Crucial Catch campaign?

Crucial Catch is a NFL-endorsed campaign that runs throughout October every year and serves to raise awareness of breast cancer. Even though men can get breast cancer too, Crucial Catch focuses exclusively on women. During this campaign, all NFL players and coaches wear pink ribbons and pink-themed gear. Pink ribbons are everywhere, on and off the playing field and even the ball has one. Of course, every televised match is peppered with condescending ads about retarded men and how they should feel guilt for not contributing to the SJW causes.

That background makes my blood boil

That background makes my blood boil

Though the notion that Crucial Catch somehow magically saves the lives of women is truly in the realms of science fiction, there are some interesting lessons to be learned from it. Crucial Catch goes to show how clueless and suggestible women are, that the SJWs in power are well aware of this fact and are using it for their own schemes. Conversely, you should use this knowledge to your own benefit and command the women in your life how you see fit.

“Shut up and sit down”

SJWs count on common decency and the fact that the average person is highly unlikely to rebel, protest, or do anything out of the ordinary, due to the fear of ridicule. Ignoring SJWs won’t make them go away—in fact, they are expecting that men silently submit and give up. Women will naturally follow whoever is in power anyway. Meanwhile, SJWs constantly shape and reshape what “ordinary” and “common decency” mean, which is why a gay parade is now an official political requirement for all countries that wish to join the EU.

As a global society, we’re more and more connected and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid the SJW zealots spewing their toxic propaganda into the minds of feeble-willed women. As individuals, we have to face tough dilemmas involving ourselves and our children.


“Why can’t I stand with both feet on any of these?”

Everything we do has a consequence and even inaction has its price. As a man, you have to take charge of your life, start defending your rights and become an example to others. The truth is, people are just waiting for someone to show them how it’s done and the global revolt against SJWs will begin. It may not start with sports, but you can count on that being one of the many battlefields.

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