We recently had Australia Day here down under. This involves a lot of beer drinking, barbeques, fireworks displays and SJW circlejerks over events that occurred centuries ago.

More than most countries, Australia is still in the midst of a serious guilt trip over our colonial past. As Australia Day commemorates the landing of the first fleet at Botany Bay in 1788, activists have taken to calling it “invasion day.” Sovereignty was never ceded they claim—as if that statement makes any sense.

We all know what these rantings and ravings are about. This is nothing to do with correcting historic wrongs, or actually helping indigenous Australians. This is nothing more than a group of brainwashed, grown-up children marching around desperately trying to lay claim to a shred of moral superiority.

Whenever I encounter one of these dumb, self-righteous fuckwits, I’ve taken to saying the following – “So if we sent you back in a Delorean to 1750, with the mission of preventing the colonization of Australia, how would you go about it?” Amazingly, I am yet to hear a satisfactory answer.

The Aborigines’ luck runs out


Doom for the Aboriginal culture did not come with the landing of the first fleet at Botany Bay in 1788—it came about ten thousand years earlier when groups of similarly nomadic humans started settling down into the first permanent settlements in ancient Mesopotamia.

Living in large groups, disease spread quickly. The peoples of the old world had to adapt as malaria, bubonic plague, smallpox and a hundred other epidemics swept through their cities time and again. It is not that the Aborigines were suddenly worse off than everyone else post-1788. After thousands of years of isolation, their luck just ran out, and like a species of flightless birds, their complacency cost them dearly.

Turning back the clock

Nor can you specifically blame the British for causing this. Lets say, hypothetically, they could be convinced not to settle at Botany Bay. Would Australia still remain untouched today? I imagine that without the British settlement, the French would have been right behind. If not them, then the Spanish, or the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Belgians, the Germans, the Italians…hell even the Swedish had overseas colonies.

Colonial World Map

As anyone living in the real world knows, you only have sovereignty over something so long as you can defend it, as Australia successfully did in 1942.

Of course, the whole issue is complicated. This isn’t to say we couldn’t have treated the native peoples more wisely at times. Of the half million or so Aborigines living in Australia in 1788, this number was down to under 100,000 by 1900. Around 20,000 died from violence (as well as 2,000 Europeans) the remainder from disease.

You can imagine the pattern. Settlers move into a new area. Local Aborigines spear their sheep. The settlers go out and shoot the Aborigines. This cycle went on for a century or so, as has always occurred when an agricultural society encroaches on a hunter-gatherer one.

There is very little to suggest a program of organized genocide against the Aboriginals however, though it is one of the left’s favorite myths. For years we’ve been told of the “Stolen Generations,” a system whereby thousands of Aboriginal children were apparently removed from their families by racist authorities purely for being black.



Other historians however, argue that the vast majority were removed over welfare concerns, growing up in broken communities where abuse and neglect were rampant. Many of them were half-caste children, which were often treated with scorn by the full-bloods of their tribes.

This hysteria has not only become mainstream, but practically unquestionable, since the release of the film Rabbit-Proof Fence in 2002. It supposedly tells the “true story” of a group of half-caste girls taken from a remote aboriginal settlement in 1931 to a “re-education camp” who then escape and walk 1,500 miles back home. I recall watching it as a kid (as it was screened in schools) and its actually a pretty good movie.

Unfortunately, its also mostly bullshit.

“Activism” can do more harm than good

You could ignore all this if these people weren’t doing any real harm. However, because of the stolen generations myth, welfare workers are now very hesitant to remove Aboriginal children from their families, even when they live under deplorable conditions. This has dire consequences. Indigenous children are four times more likely to experience sexual abuse than other Australian children.

There’s also the bizarre trend that more and more people are choosing to identify as Aboriginal in the census, even if it makes up a tiny portion of their ancestry. This would be equally harmless—except that federal government grants go to those states with higher reported populations of indigenous. Thus billions of dollars is not going to help remote communities, but being given to large, urban states for no good fucking reason at all.

Once again, the left is perfectly happy putting political correctness over saving lives, or common sense in general.

What about the noble savage?

Many also love to believe in the myth of the noble savage, but there’s nothing to suggest the Aborigines were less brutal than most native peoples. When humans first reached Australia, dozens of species of Australian megafauna—including giant wombats, kangaroos, echidnas, platypuses, koalas, goanas, snakes, crocodiles and turtles, were all wiped out by the coming of man.

Of course we all accept that killing animals is not on the same level as killing fellow humans, but is there any indication the Aborigines were different to the British forty millennia later? Australia would still have the diversity of the African Serengeti if not for the Aboriginal invasion. It is possibly the worst ecological disaster to happen in the history of this continent.

In an interesting twist, the Tasmanian Tiger, which was wiped out by Aborigines on the mainland and later by Europeans in Tasmania, is now a prime candidate for cloning. It may very well be brought back from the dead by those same fiendish white men.

Tasmanian Tiger

Of course, I bear no ill will towards the Aborigines. They have had an unfortunate plight over the past two hundred years. Even today, there’s a massive (though closing) gap between Aborigines and the rest of the population in living standards – everything from life expectancy to literacy to incarceration rates.

But these same activists are doing precious little to actually help them. Most have probably never been to a remote Aboriginal community or a detention center in their lives.

To them, they are not human beings, but mere playthings in a moral tug of war that benefits no one but the activists themselves.

We all know what this is really about. This is another great liberal wankfest. It is a mass of young “progressive” activists bragging about their moral superiority, and shutting their ears to anyone who dares call them out on their own bullshit and the harm it causes. They troll the world in a more insidious manner than any inflammatory-yet-true article written at Return of Kings.

Don’t give them the time of day.

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