The lovely ladies over at Jezebel have outdone themselves yet again in their celebration of human debasement. A post from last month asked the site’s readers a simple question: who’s the most embarrassing person you’ve ever slept with?

The answers poured in, and with each the faith of a red pill man in a woman’s true nature should be assured.

– Racist (revealed later) drug dealer
– Technically homeless musician(s)
– Ugly dude who didn’t really fuck me so much as grind my inner thigh with his dick
– HS boyfriend with lip ring and Ronald McDonald dyed red hair

He was this short, scrawny, metal dude with really long, luxurious black hair. He also had a big dick, but was such a douche I could not deal. He was a pizza delivery driver and completely nocturnal. He’d stay up noodling on his electric (not plugged-in, dude wanted to be Yngwie Malmsteen or something). And playing video games. I’d beg him to turn off the television and he’d launch into this diatribe about how going to college is for suckers and he was a freethinker and had attended the school of hard knocks. I hooked up with him for about 3 weeks.

Hot Italian guy in my exchange program who smoked cigarettes (which I hate), treated women poorly and wanted to sleep with me because it would help him toward his one-from-every-country map, Barney Stinson style (although this was ten years before Barney Stinson was a thing). I knew all these things and slept with him anyway.

The most embarrassing ever was the ‘Famous Writer’. I thought I recognized him and we got to talking. He was clearly hitting on me and I said, “Aren’t you married?” He said yes, but that his wife was actually a lesbian and they had an “arrangement” so I went for it.

Unfortunately the sex was really terrible. He had a micropenis and hadn’t developed any other skills to compensate. Still, I tried to be a good sport and act like I was having a good time, because, Famous Writer! Until afterwards, when, with this smirk on his face, he said he had to tell me something.

Surprise, surprise, his wife was NOT a lesbian and they did NOT have an arrangement. (“They always fall for it,” he said. “I’ve done this like 100 times. I just get bored and have to ‘play,’ sorry. Thanks for the good time though!”)


I slept with a guy who had to repeat his junior year and senior year twice in college. He was a white boy wanna be rapper. Got really drunk one night and almost died and was taken to the hospital…was told they found me being carried off by a dude to his apartment. A month later I had sex with the dude who was carrying me off the night I was drunk and incapacitated. So I basically had sex with my wannabe rapist.

This guy was only ok-looking but he had crazy-good game. He was cheeky and a great conversationalist and he could charm the habit off a nun if he wanted to. He was also a known womanizer and he’d cheated on pretty much every girl he’d ever dated.

18 year old taxi driver with an obsession with Joey Buttafuoco and whatsername, who ran away from home, fleeing a shoplifting charge, trying to get to the Galapagos islands.

I was on a mission to have a one-night stand, got really drunk and didn’t notice the nazi tattoos on the dude I banged until I sobered up the next morning.

Neo-nazis? This was a surprisingly common theme actually –

My very first. A loser wanna-be Neo-Nazi. Who was 15 years older. Did I mention that I’m a Jew?


He drove a pick-up truck, was a hard drinker and a tough guy. We drank and fought constantly then had really rough sex. He was in the shower after one of those sessions and I started flipping through his CD’s and seeing lots of cover art featuring guys with shaved heads and swastikas. Alarmed, I started snooping a little more and discovered that yep, I was fucking a white supremacist.


Do you need any more evidence that the manosphere knows what’s what? How many times have we said that girls like bad boys? How many times have we warned of the results of unrestrained hyergamy? Do people understand now that being a nice, beta provider is about as obsolete as the horse-drawn cart or the cassette tape?

This brings us to the question—who is to blame here? Obviously the guys themselves are acting like scumbags, but hey, if something works—it works. Your average man will go to the ends of the Earth to bed a pretty lady. Say what you want about the morals of asshole game, but its merits are undeniable.

But do we apportion equal blame here? Or should the women take some responsibility for their behavior?

Any Jezebel writer would demand men bare the onus of restraining themselves when it comes to physical violence. We’re naturally larger and stronger than women. It follows that it is our responsibility to maintain law and order in our society. It would be ludicrous to insist a five-foot-two girl should defend herself against a six-foot, knife-wielding mugger.

Biological differences cut both ways however, and the opposite is true when it comes to sexual restraint. Studies across the board show that men desire sex a great deal more. Women need to understand (then again – I’m positive they already do) that when it comes to sexual relationships, they hold all the cards. If you sleep with arrogant, dumb jerks, men with no jobs, principles or prospects, ones who will never make good fathers, that is what men will become.

People say men act this way because of “toxic masculinity” but the only thing toxic is women’s base desires when allowed to run free.

And someone may argue – well these are meant to be the most embarrassing accounts. At least girls do feel embarrassed about it. But I digress. If something is the “most embarrassing thing” you’ve ever done, you take it to your grave. Bragging about something on the internet doesn’t show embarrassment, it shows nascent pride.


The bottom line is, I basically agree that many of the men depicted in this article are assholes—but who are they trying to impress? Somebody needs to keep the country running, but if the blue-collar men of our society don’t have a loving family to return to at the end of the day, why should we expect them to keep turning up for work?

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