Love potions, amulets, charms, aphrodisiacs… Since time immemorial, men were looking for the secret formula that would enable them to reliably and effortlessly create sexual desire in women. This is still a taboo topic, shrouded in mystery and controversy to this day, as evidenced by the bad reputation the PUA community has gotten.

The problem is that men who are proficient in seduction can’t explain how they do it, because for them it comes naturally. Women are also of no help, since they are reluctant to speak about their arousal triggers and even then, they are often times clueless on what these triggers actually are.

Searching for their own place

Some boys will, for whatever reason, completely fail in figuring out seduction. Coupled with insufficient social skills, they will be unable to even approach women in the first place. The overwhelming social anxiety from repeated rejection will generally cause them to withdraw into their secluded fantasy worlds, where they will live without disturbing anyone.

Beats rejection hands down

Beats rejection every time

In rare cases, these men will snap and violently lash out, as demonstrated by Elliot Rodger. His manifesto, “My Twisted World,” is a fascinating example of what happens when a man loses self control and can’t handle the emotional and psychological pressure of his environment. This pressure is actually quite useful, as it is the only incentive a man has to reach his true masculinity.

Men have an inherent desire to confront forces stronger than themselves and triumph, called “power fantasy.” All cultures acknowledge the power fantasy by having rites of passage, where boys endure hardships, earning respect of other men and admiration of females. This is personified in the mythical hero who “slays the dragon,” serving as an example of courage and fortitude to younger generations of boys. Even today we have mythical heroes—where Greeks had Perseus, we have Iron Man.


Same character, different outfit.

When men don’t fulfill their power fantasy at an early age, they remain in a certain state of restlessness, dubbed “The Peter Pan syndrome.” They basically see themselves as losers and perpetually fail in life, but can’t understand why. Of course, this prompts women to collectively wring their hands and whine: “Where have all the good men gone?”

Women have no need for the power fantasy and would rather just pick the most masculine man and achieve their status through association with him. A woman would actually prefer being a mistress of a masculine man rather than the wife of a Peter Pan. It’s nothing personal; women are simply attracted to raw masculinity and it overrides every other promise or vow they’ve ever made.

Check your masculinity

Rodger lamented the fact that women outright ignored his troubles, but that didn’t happen because women are heartless monsters. The truth is that women cannot handle their own problems, let alone the pressure men endure. What is normal life for men causes mental illness in women, as evidenced by Norah Vincent and her experience living as a man.

Women don’t care about the path a handful of dirt had to go through to become a diamond. They don’t want to hear about the pressures and crystallization. A woman would rather prefer to get the ready-made diamond, put it on her finger and have fun by sending waves of jealousy and butthurt throughout her social circle.

diamond ring

Like so

It’s not that women are lazy, but they are simply not equipped to deal with challenges men have to face to reach masculinity. The troubling conclusion is that women can never help a boy become masculine or teach him how to fulfill his power fantasy. Quite the opposite, females will inadvertently remove all challenge and danger from the environment by always clamoring for as much safety as possible.

Today, all danger has been effectively outlawed by the government, thus criminalizing the masculine rites of passage. In fact, the only way for an urban boy to become genuinely masculine is to join a gang. What is the alternative? Earning a degree? Buying a house? Getting achievements in World of Warcraft? Is there even a way out of this mess?

There is always a way out

Under the steady influence of radical feminism, generations of women have been pigeonholed into the roles of men. Women are expected to behave, perform, and achieve as well as men do, which exposes them to excessive and unnatural mental strain. As a consequence, women need to have a constant emotional and mental release of anxiety. In other words, “fun.”

A woman tries to achieve this state of permafun by having a smartphone basically glued to her face 24/7. The smartphone serves as a pipeline through which she receives her much needed dose of inane social media bullshit. Instagram, Pinterest, 9gag, cat videos… It’s all the same and simply serves to help her forget her vapid existence, even momentarily.

This is the dragon you have to outsmart

This is the dragon you have to outsmart

A man who can recognize, engage and entertain this kind of overstressed woman will instantly get her attention and generate genuine sexual attraction. Whether he is short, bald, or poor is entirely irrelevant. What matters is his ability to generate fun on a constant basis and the women will flock to him. Conversely, when a woman doesn’t get her dose of fun, she creates drama. This isn’t a personal attack on you, it’s just a call for help from a woman that’s bored out of her mind.

Once you demonstrate your entertainment value, the women will suddenly become much more servile and eager to do your bidding, attempting to lock the source of fun (you) down. Don’t sell yourself short and keep your options open. If there is a woman that blows the competition out of the water, you may consider settling with her eventually.

Otherwise, you can have a constant supply of fresh nubile women even in your 50s. At this age, the average gangbanger is either serving several consecutive life sentences or is long dead. Besides, no matter what insanity femnazis spew from their diseased minds, women will remain thoroughly addicted to fun and viciously defend men who can generate it.

Starting all over again

Intelligence is defined as “the ability to adapt.” There is nothing shameful in adapting to the current situation and choosing the most effective way, even if it’s unusual. What matters are the results, not methods. However, learning that all your efforts in trying to reach true masculinity have been in vain can be devastating.

The western civilizations are perhaps the most bizarre social experiment ever conducted. Men and women are supposed to switch roles, pretend nothing changed and carry on with a stiff upper lip. These reversed gender roles take a tremendous toll on the psyche and can’t be maintained for a historically significant period of time.

Sooner or later, something has to give. This will probably result in a catastrophic failure of first world governments, rebooting the entire western world. Until that happens, enjoy life and have fun.

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