The world has changed. I know it, you know it, but we don’t do anything about it.

The balance of power which has been ruled by men since throughout history, is now in the hands of our far inferior counterparts.

Where men had his choice of women, it is now reversed. Women are picking men like they pick their clothes; they shop. And if they find one little thing they don’t like, they move onto the next one. They have an unlimited supply of guys that are showering them with attention which they don’t deserve in the slightest.

We already know how it happened. It started with Facebook, which was manageable. But then; the iPhone. Oh the iPhone. This sleek rectangular device became the ring on golem’s finger. With the iPhone girls started receiving daily bombardment of thirst. From Twitter, to Instagram, to Vine, to Snapchat, to Tinder, to Plenty of Fish. And don’t forget standard texting.

It only got worse

With each year that passed, the daily bombardment turned into hourly bombardment, which then turned into minutes, and now finally into seconds. The attention span and stupidity of a woman is at an all time low. But even worse is the self-entitlement they now possess.

They think they deserve the perfect man crafted out of God’s gift to earth. While that would be fair if they were attractive and had a decent personality, now even busted girls who only know how to have a conversation if its on a screen think they deserve perfection.

Average guys can’t even get laid anymore. And if they do, it requires way more effort than it ever should. We have all seen the abundance of high quality guys dating whales. It’s beyond disturbing. The supply and demand of sex has gone to shit. It is so out of whack that girls are getting away with being ugly, rude, stupid, slutty, fat, non-feminine, the list goes on and on.

Gentlemen, It’s time for a change. It is time to reverse this awful time in history.

Even though the iPhone caused this dilemma, we as males gave it power. We have been the ones blowing up girls’ phones. We have been the ones swiping right on every single profile. We have been the ones giving these gelatinous pieces of garbage the false self-entitlement they now possess.


It is up to us as a gender to come together and stop this madness.

DELETE your social media, DELETE your online dating accounts, STOP putting up with bullshit behavior that girls are giving you.

If a girl flakes on you, delete her number. If a girl is rude to you, don’t be afraid to bring her self-esteem back down to where it should be.

This will only work if we do this as a whole. We need every guy we can to stop this insanity. Who cares if we go without sex for a while—this is for the good of our gender. And it may even make girls like you more. Imagine if one day every girl wakes up with no messages, with no notifications. Imagine that happen for a week, a month, a year, FOREVER.

They wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. They would be throwing themselves at us and the balance of power would be restored. Remember the times when girls would be insecure, when girls would be needy, when girls would text you first? If we all work together, we can have that again.

Gentleman, this is war. We are the 300 Spartans up against King Xerxes and an army of pathetic females that don’t deserve their power. But, If we keep recruiting 300 more men, and those men recruit 300 more men, and so on and so forth, we can eventually come out victorious.

My name is Brian and I have a dream.

Let’s sacrifice sex in the short term to win back our power in the long term.

Let’s go back in time to how things used to be.

Let’s save the world.

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