The new generation is going downhill and dragging the whole world with it, exemplified by nonsensical actions such as “No Pants Day.” This article will firstly discuss the No Pants Day “occurrence” (for lack of a better word) and then discuss wider issues with society caused by certain features of millennials and then offer a simple first step in combating the spread of destructive silliness.


This event consists of people wearing no pants when they go out in big cities or taking the subway without said pants in an attempt to, well, obtain attention and shock people; a quick definition can be found here.

This, in itself, is at best a laughable idea and at worst a blatant display of insanity because it serves no real purpose besides managing to disappoint serious, normal people who still had hope that youngsters today might turn into real, responsible adults.

The sole idea behind this action is to engage in one shocking activity (or rather, to omit the important activity of dressing normally) simply to surprise people in the public; however, the surprise is not a joyous or welcome one, rather it signals the lack of credibility on the part of the participants since they consider society, decency, and workplaces to be simple troll-worthy concepts.

The Millennial Businessman Who Drives the Economy

In itself, this whole thing would hardly be noteworthy; in a normal society, it would even be acceptable to blow a little steam off once a year and engage the childish, silly side of our natures, and we also have examples of other civilizations that decided to accept irrational behaviors. The Romans had the Bacchanalia, where they gave in to their most primal instincts while the Greek philosophers occupied themselves with theories about sports and running, which developed into the Olympics.

However, we do not currently live in a normal society (arguably, humans rarely or never did or did so imperfectly, but that is another topic entirely) and midway between absurdity and lunacy, No Pants Day is reminiscent of wider psycho-social issues:

1. Prevalent narcissism

Firstly, there is the issue of narcissism and a morbid need for attention; millennials today are not ashamed to unconsciously display this psychological disorder and their need for external attention or validation, of which No Pants Day is a perfect example. This has been discussed on ROK, so I need not go into details.


2. Immaturity is the norm

Secondly, there is the problem of arrested development where people such as the suited guy above are unable (or unwilling) to grow into the adult that they are supposed to; more worryingly, there is a massive discordance between the real person itself and the suited, respectable white-collar worker that he tries to impersonate.

This, coupled with the fact that those people will soon obtain (or already have obtained) positions of responsibility, leads to a decline in society itself as leaders become extinct. Seriousness and hard work will be replaced by fun and jest, and maturity is subtly scorned and dethroned in favor of playing out clownish fantasies.

3. They crave sensationalism

Thirdly, there is the excessive need for fame, sensationalism, and shocking others, which sometimes replaces efficiency and overrides any noble goals. As an example, a millennial herself confirms this in an Elite Daily article, where she says “We no longer see adulthood as the end of our childhood, but the beginning of something even more liberating.” or (point 20) “we have a f*ck you attitude.”

Interestingly, that article mentions (point 28) how millennials “want freedom more than anything else,” yet when Snowden released his information about the NSA almost nothing happened—not even a miniature Occupy. The main reason is that millennials were too engrossed in playing Candy Crush or talking about how much they care about freedom, the environment etc. without actually changing anything, riding on the wave of sensationalism.

4. The repression of sexuality

Fourthly, this is another display of the west’s repressed sexuality and the amazingly quick powers of undressing of youngsters when given the occasion, which is boosting the current sexual market deregulation.

At least some girls looked good doing it…

To fix this, a simple first step would be to denounce such events (not only No Pants Day but other ridiculous ones as well) on Facebook and on Twitter. Of course, this is a very simple solution that is only the beginning of something that MUST be done before millennials devolve into complete clowns.

On the bright side, No Pants Day shows that young people still have a minuscule trace of political activism left within them; it’s too bad that they use it for such ignoble, idiotic purposes.

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