There has been a gradual awakening among men. Over the last decade, the ease of access to information that would typically be excluded from mainstream media has allowed fringe ideas to flourish. The mens rights movement in particular has come along in leaps and bounds, much of it initially spurred on by average guys who were just looking to get laid at first. Evidence has been gradually compiled and built up to the point where rational men have begun to realize that while they need to improve themselves and offer more, there is indeed a real underlying problem with western society and western women. There is no need to go into any great detail on how destructive feminism has been to men, women, the family or society as whole (I would only be preaching to the converted here) However, men as a whole are gradually starting to realize that they are getting a pretty raw deal.

The Mens Rights Activists have gained some traction of late and they have their hearts in the right place. I just fear that it’s a complete waste of time trying to campaign for any meaningful change. Our systems of education and educational institutions, throughout the Western world, are so liberally biased that they have become nothing short of indoctrination camps, churning out armies of students and gullible chodes who take up employment in media, government, civil service, education, and all manner of positions where their beliefs dictate their activities and actions.

Feminism’s foundations are based in egalitarianism, which means that for MRA’s to find any sort of mainstream recognition they are going to have to prove that discrimination against men is not justified, if you can even force them to concede that there is widespread discrimination in the first place. MRA’s, much like any other politically incorrect movement, simply do not control modern language or have any influence on it. Which means for every valid argument made, the counter argument will be accusations of bigotry, paranoia and bitterness. There is no rational debate to ever be had, only the inevitable outcome where you will be shamed into silence regardless of how sound an argument you make. It has become an exercise in futility, because movements based on egalitarian principles are often irrational movements based on an irrational premise held together by irrational arguments, yet they are regarded as politically correct and and infallible regardless.

Simply put, you cannot beat cultural Marxists at their own game when they constantly redefine the rules at their whim, and you cannot discredit feminism as a movement when its foundations are rooted in extreme egalitarian principle either. Feminism is one cog in a huge machine and you are not fighting feminism alone, you are fighting a particularly irrational pattern of thought that pervades most egalitarian principles, of which feminism is one just aspect. All the logical arguments, backed up with all the empirical evidence in the world is simply never going to challenge an entire ideology that is based on nothing more than good feelings and wishful thinking.

The best form of protest from men is rather simple, and it can be summed up best as simple indifference. Men built the world. They built the systems that run the world. They developed the philosophies those systems are built from. They invent the tools that help them build those systems. Everything from basic modern conveniences to necessities like food and water are only made available because somewhere a man is getting shit done or because he solved a problem that needed fixing. This is a mans world because we built it. Every brick and every nail.


There is a reason why the Googles of the world are not being started by women or why the cure for cancer probably wont come from a woman either. There are reasons why men need to dig the ditches and pour the concrete. It’s because at the end of the day there is a natural order of things that no amount of social engineering is ever going to change. Attempts to do so will only result in eventual systemic collapse, which is why this current social experiment is on borrowed time. Feminists and modern-day politicians buying votes are eventually going to run out of other people’s money, and when they do there is simply not going to be a way to fund the numerous programs required that allow women to compete with men or survive without them. Their ideology was never based on reality and has been built on the foundations of prosperity that were laid by men in the first place.

Which is why the “Men Going Their Own Way” movement that has sprung up may indeed be the best form of protest we have, along with being the most realistic. I was skeptical at first and thought it extreme, but upon reflection over the years I have come to realize that there is no better form of peaceful protest than our indifference. As a philosophy in itself, its entire purpose is one of protest through inaction. The bottom line is that men are simply being taken for granted now, and it’s reached the point where men are really faced with few options.

They can embrace the status quo, which marginalises them to the detriment of society. They can protest, which leads to substantial conflict as progressives reject the emergence of what they would classify as a movement based on hatred and bigotry. Or they can simply eject, which essentially leaves women and society to fend for itself without men breaking their backs for the cause selflessly. All options lead to systemic collapse anyway, the last option though is the least painful for men and one that teaches everyone a damn good lesson along the way.

If women are leaving the kitchen and the family, then men need to leave the building and the city. You can do this by simply living for yourself and acting no differently to the army of self-absorbed, entitled, narcissistic bitches that are being produced in droves. Live the carefree, selfish life women lead instead. Make everything in your life about you and your feelings, and what suits you as an individual, rather than your community. You have no obligation to society other than living within the law, and you are free to move to a place where the laws are more suitable for you if you wish.

Women and society have taken men for granted for too long, and the selfless actions of men are not appreciated as much as they are outright demanded now.

Fuck that, you don’t owe anyone shit. Your loyalty should lie with your family and with your friends who return your loyalty, but that is as far as it should go . Do what you want and put yourself first now. Your acts of selflessness are no longer appreciated, they are resented and therefore wasted. If you want to play video games everyday or spend your free time fixing cars, do it without shame. If you want to notch up 200 club sluts or spend your spare time hunting, do it without shame. If you want to marry and have kids, do it because its what you want, not because you feel society or anyone else expects it of you, and do it on your god damned terms or not at all.

This has begun already, even if it does not seem like a conscious decision many men have made. Underneath the surface, there is massive undercurrent of inaction and we are seeing it in the gradual decline of the west as a whole. Men are checking out. Men are rejecting marriage or putting it off and marriage rates are in decline. We are seeing the emergence of shaming language like “Peter Pan Syndrome” or the media demanding that men “Man Up,” which just shows how more and more men are going their own way, and they are scared shitless. We will probably see things like bachelor taxes in our lifetime as demographics change to the point where tax revenue declines, and expect political pressure to be heaped on men as everyone gets more hysterical.

Pump them and dump them boys, let God sort them out.

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