A new song by rising Swedish pop star Tove Lo serves as a reminder to Western men how broken the current generation of women have become. Have a watch at this video:

The original version without the distorted vocals can be found here.

The song has a simple message: a young woman gets hurt by a guy and decides to ease the pain by going to the club, getting drunk, smoking reefer, and fucking random guys. This coping strategy doesn’t work too well in the video—a brief but visceral moment in the end shows her breaking down in tears as she wanders aimlessly in a drugged- out haze. We don’t know the guy who hurt her, but Taylor Swift can answer that in her mega-popular song Trouble, where she falls for a bad boy who gets into bar fights, is wanted by the police, and cheats on her in public view.

A generation ago, the behavior of Tove Lo would be seen as alternative, to say the least. To get over a man, a girl would typically cry alone in bed, write in her diary, listen to sad love songs, bake with her mother, and pray to God that the pain would ease. Now, we have the normalization of screwing bad boys to get over bad boys. If you flip the sexes, this is ironically the advice given to men studying game (“fuck ten girls to get over your oneitis”). Girls are finding that this does nothing more for them than decrease their ability to have relationships in the future, simply because women are not men. A lifestyle of whoring around is, surprisingly, completely destroying the worth of women as long-term partners, wives, and mothers.

It doesn’t need to be repeated, but girls like players. They like men who who have been approved (vaginally) by many other pretty women. But this doesn’t work the other way around. The more cock a girl has had in her, the less likely a man will want her beyond a basic lay, a fact that women are at least subconsciously aware of when they conceal their wildly promiscuous past to men they attempt to enter relationships with.

How would you feel if the girl you seriously liked, after breaking up with her previous boyfriend, fucked five guys in the course of a month, all of them at rapid speed, and let them experiment with her three holes as described in the popular “romance” books she has read, all while telling you, the man she is making work for her pussy, that she’s no longer looking for a “hook-up” and wants a man to be more chivalrous with her?

Unless you are the bad boy who gets to drill her quickly, I imagine your reaction would be the same as a girl’s if you told her the following:

“When I was younger, I always took girls to the most expensive restaurants in town, and occasionally I’d surprise them with a romantic weekend getaway to Paris in a private jet, but since then I’ve realized what is important in life and now practice minimalism. Snuggling up on the couch while watching romantic comedies on Netflix is far more meaningful to me today.”

She would undoubtedly feel robbed at being treated worse than girls of your past, as should you if discovering that you have to work harder for her body than men of her past.


This sluttification of women, which Tove Lo’s catchy song conveys as normal and even fun, is part of a culture where every man who seeks serious relationships with women is a soft cuckold, because he’s the last man in a 30-man gangbang trying to give tender kisses on the lips and labia of a woman who has been rode hard and defiled for years.

How can any man who approaches a girl today see her as more than a cum bucket? Because let’s be real: she has been serving as a cum bucket thanks to a perverse culture that methodically trains and encourages her to take buckets of cum from men who make her vagina tingle, all as a way to help her “grow” as a person, find herself, and become strong and independent, which means not sobbing for more than a day when the latest bad boy she fell for turned out to be a selfish person who didn’t value her beyond the sexual.

This is the girl who’s going to be your lifelong faithful partner? The girl who’s going to be the mother of your children? I cringe at that notion, as should all men. I rather be an evolutionary dead-end than let a whore be the mother of my child, but men today are being trained to accept the whore mother and to be the soft cuckold, the sucker that gets to buy the goods at full price even though it has declined 80% of value from its peak.

It’s amazing that in just three generations, women have gone from being potential wives and mothers to nothing more than fuck toys. Men used to meet traditionally minded virgins, but are now stuck with a seemingly unlimited pool of mediocre sluts who have been fucked in the ass by multiple men. This is complete and utter decimation of the female human. Men can no longer gain any meaning or value from a woman beyond sex, even if he is truly capable of being the world’s number one dad, and rest assured that the degeneracy that has so swallowed America whole will spread throughout the world from the trojan horse technology out of Silicon Valley.

How did this happen? How did we get to this point? A book can be written on the answer, but understand that trillions of dollars are to be made by destroying the feminine mother and putting a mindless and shallow consumer fuck robot in her stead. The finger can be pointed at the elite and their useful idiots for creating this environment, but the fact still remains that this is not a good time to be a normal man with the normal need to reproduce with a good woman who will stay loyal to him, raise his kids right, retain a thin figure, and take care of his home. A man who puts in triple overtime and travels abroad can find the exceptions, but for the lot of men in the Western world, there is no longer any meaning beyond casual sex that can be gained from women. These are end times for traditional pair bonding.

So on that note, I urge you to learn game, seduce these inadequate women, and try out those moves you’ve seen in porn, because that sex drive of yours is not going anywhere and must be sated for your own mental health. Beyond that, however, don’t expect much more, because women can no longer provide you with what women of the past so easily could.

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