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Hi there! This is Colt Williams, from over at We’re rolling out a free webinar series on matching, meeting, and sleeping with women on Tinder – and to help promote it, I’ve put together a few pieces on getting girls on Tinder for ROK. I hope you find them useful.

Little’s as frustrating as swiping like crazy on Tinder and getting no matches. Hours spent doing nothing but bulking up your thumb muscles, while all those girls on Tinder are busy flirting and messaging and meeting up and sleeping with men who… well, aren’t you.

Fact is, matching on Tinder is 95% photos – which might depress you at first, if you usually rely on charm, game, or other non-looks attributes to get dates (and get laid).


Yet, there are numerous ways you can ‘hack’ photographs to make yourself look as appealing to the opposite sex as possible… and get loads and loads of matches on Tinder.

In today’s post – the first of a short series for ROK – I’ll detail what those elements (all 5 of ‘em) are, and how to use them – but first, let’s talk appearances.

The Biggest Tinder Sin Of All: BAD Pictures

If you’ve tried Tinder, you know it’s 100% visual. And 100% visual means you get judged on your looks. Solely on your looks.

Knowing this – and I think every guy knows this, consciously or unconsciously – men nevertheless go and upload whatever crummy photos they have sitting on their hard drives, figuring they look like what they look like and the picture won’t make that much difference.

Well guess what?

Girls on Tinder – all those sexy, striking vixens you seek to match with (then meet with… then bang the brains out of) – aren’t uploading any old thing off their hard disks.

In case you haven’t noticed, women spend hours upon hours upon hours snapping selfies, posing with friends, making every facial expression known to man, plus several new ones they just invented on the spot.

The end result is that women who ordinarily look like this:


… end up on Tinder with pictures that look like this:


Men though?

Our Tinder pictures tend to be equivalent to the “before” photos of the women above:

Boring, ordinary, and AVERAGE.

She’s flipping through her phone, bored and uninspired, and then… she comes across… yet another ordinary picture from yet another dude!

*flip* *flip* *flip*

It’s not really that’s she rejecting him per se; it’s that he simply didn’t even register on her radar. No impression made. She swiped him away on autopilot and continued searching for the needle in the haystack who’ll catch her eye, make her take pause, and compel her to say, “Wow.”

Per those images above, women don’t need to be naturally phyiscally attractive for them to have an image that captures YOUR attention and makes you go, “Hmm… would bang.” Well: same deal for your pictures and her reaction.


What you need to mind here, though, is that what grabs a woman’s attention in a photograph and what grabs a man’s are, in fact, somewhat different.

What Girls Drool For In Guys’ Tinder Pictures

What women look for in men’s photographs is a bit different.

OkCupid published a widely circulated blog post on profile photos that you may (or mayn’t) have seen, the result of a 7,000+ picture analysis from its dating site.

OkCupid discovered men are most attracted to women who:

  • Smiled,
  • Stared directly at the camera, and
  • Made a flirty face.

No huge surprise there, right?


Of course those girls are most attractive!

We tend to dig girls who are clearly into us and flirting with us (most of us do, anyhow). These girls seem easier to get – and like they must have great taste in men, too.

But what do women respond best to in a photograph?

Women respond to five (5) key elements in men’s photos:

1. Mystery

2. Prosocial behavior

3. Preoccupation with something else

4. Preselection by other women

5. Hotness (facial hair, hairstyle, clothes, posture, physique, etc.)

The OkCupid analysis covered most of these, including:


Girls like men who are looking DOWN and AWAY in their profile images – not “into the camera” like what men like in women’s photographs. Women also prefer men who are not smiling… by a huge margin.

Prosocial behavior

Women respond better to men who are taking care of animals in their pictures (best) or having a good time with their friends (still good).


OkCupid showed that the ab shot – used correctly – does indeed work… provided you have abs to show off, of course. There’s a lot more you can do to up your hotness in photos – like getting a professionally done hairstyle, or getting attractive facial hair, or good fashion – as well.


Each of these factors also communicates preoccupation – women are curious about men who aren’t falling all over themselves to get their attention in their pictures.

Even though you can’t ‘see’ the other person via a picture, human beings still respond on an unconscious level as if you could.

Have you ever seen one of those “take a donut, leave a dollar” honor systems set up anywhere? Well, a study on that found that simply placing a picture of a set of eyes above the box nearly doubled the number of paying donut eaters. We respond to pictures as if the person is right there in front of us. You must plan your pictures accordingly.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for getting exceptional profile pictures – we didn’t even talk about how you can include preselection, for example. But we are out of room in today’s post.

To get my full set of Tinder picture tips, and a peek at my complete girl-getting top-to-bottom head-to-toe Tinder system, head on over to my site and watch my FREE webinar series on meeting women on Tinder.

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