During the #YesAllWomen movement, there was an meme that went viral saying, “You say not all men are monsters? Imagine a bowl of M&Ms. 10% of them are poisoned. Go ahead. Eat a handful. Not all M&Ms are poisoned.” This is exactly how I feel about Islam.

The Myth of the Radical Minority

Except it’s much more than 10% of Muslims who are ideologically poisonous. Consider this video from Ben Shapiro exploring a 2009 Poll by the Pew Research Center of radical Islamic beliefs:

A couple hard stats: 13% of American Muslims say violence against civilians can be justified, and 19% say they were either favorable to Al Qaeda or “didn’t know.” The stats are similar in France, victim of the recent Charlie Hebo terror attack, where 16% of of French citizens – not Muslims, but French citizens – support ISIS. The number rises to 27% when you look at citizens age 18-24. 40% of British Muslims support sharia law, and 20% support the 7/7 bombings.

That’s just Muslims in western countries. The percentage is much higher in predominantly Muslim countries where an overwhelming majority support honor killings, Sharia law, and unprovoked terror (More stats here.)

If the baseless claim that “10% of men are poisonous” is enough for the media to say we “need to have a conversation about masculinity,” call masculinity toxic, and demonize an half the population’s unchosen gender, then one of the most respectable research organizations in the world finding more than 10% of Muslims support violence and tyranny should be enough for us to examine that groups chosen religious beliefs.

Just as many men responded to #YesAllWomen by saying NAMALT (“Not All Men Are Like That!”) many will respond to me by saying that not all Muslims are like that. Statistically speaking however, radical Islam, “extremism,” or whatever euphemism western leaders want to hide behind actually represents a large percentage of Muslims, not a fringe minority. NAMALT is not a valid argument.

The Three Stages of Islam

So why do many western Muslims seem so peaceful, while Muslims in predominantly Muslim countries are often violent and tyrannical?

In the above video, David Wood of AnsweringMuslims.com describes the three stages of Jihad, as outlined and carried out by Mohammed himself. The first stage is stealth Jihad. At this stage, when Muslims are outnumbered, they preach tolerance and complain of persecution while antagonizing others. This is the stage American Islam is at.

Stage two is defensive Jihad. Once Muslims have a large enough percentage in the population to sustain criticism, Muslims engage in terrorism, using the largely peaceful percentage of the population as the water they swim in, and a haystack to hide their needles in. This is the stage European Islam is reaching.

Stage three is offensive Jihad. When Muslims have a majority and political power, they are commanded to fight non-Muslims, subjugate them to Islamic law, and expel non-believers. This is the stage Middle Eastern Islam is at.

These stages were carried  Mohammed in his capture of the city of Mecca, and supported by the Muslim holy texts. Essentially, Islamic strategy changes based on the amount of power and influence they have in a population.

There is also a Muslim doctrine known as “Taqiyya” which means, “concealing or disguising one’s beliefs.” It essentially means that Muslims are allowed, and even commanded to lie to non-believers when it suits them.

“The believers never ally themselves with the disbelievers, instead of the believers. Whoever does this is exiled from Allah. Exempted are those who are forced to do this to avoid persecution.” – Quran 3:28

So while Muslims may say my words are incorrect, I would say they cannot be trusted, because their religion commands them to deceive of non-believers.

Islam Threatens Western Egalitarianism

Given that a significant percentage of Muslims hold radical violent views, and Muslim doctrine permits Muslims to lie to non-believers, Islamophobia is perfectly natural. It is natural to fear those who’d threaten you because of your beliefs.


Why then do so many Western leaders believe it is their mission to combat “Islamophobia?” Barack Obama, who spent part of his childhood in Indonesia, a country where 65% said they agreed with Al Qaeda on pushing US troops out of the Middle East, has said “I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

Why is protecting Islam’s image the stated mission of a man who has taken an oath to protect Americans and the Constitution of the United States?


The answer is that combating Islam would require rejecting the egalitarian multiculturalist values that brought leftists into power. It would mean rejecting the idea that all cultures are equal, and interchangeable. It would mean allowing Europeans and those of European descent to take pride in their unique culture and do what is necessary to defend it.

The fear conservatives have of Islam is not an irrational phobia but a rational caution grounded in reality. It is wise to be wary of people who would kill you for what you believe or the art you create.

What leftists fear about Islam isn’t that they will kill their bodies, but that they will kill their belief system. Radical Islam means confronting the failure of leftist beliefs at the point of a gun. The stigma around Islamophobia is an attempt to silence those who’d point out this failure. Every politicians who insists “Islam is a religion of peace” is a narcissist trying to reassure themselves of their own belief system.

If leftists had any integrity they’d call out radical muslims who behead women for premarital sex as much as they call out men who write articles on the internet advocating women have certain types of sexual relationships. The real rape cultures are those in the Middle East that perform compulsory virginity checks on women, and forcibly circumcise both genders.

Islamaphobia Will Require Courage

While writing this article, I felt some fear. After all, if certain Muslim groups were to read this, they might attempt to physically harm me or even kill me. However, I’ve written articles criticizing other political groups for less egregious offenses, and have articles coming out in the future criticizing Christianity and the new age movement. It would be hypocritical of me to call out social justice warriors for getting men fired for their beliefs, and not call out Muslims for killing men for their beliefs.

Islam is the reason I can’t just “enjoy the decline.” Under Islam, there is no decline to enjoy. No freedom to create art, or love the women you choose. Every word, thought, and relationship is subject to the “will of Allah.” And based on current demographics and policies, Islam is the future of the west.

While fear may be natural, our response must be courage. It will require courage for western leaders to see Islam for what it is, and admit the failure of their policies. It will require courage for western populations reject multiculturalism and defend their people, culture, and unique way of life. It will require courage for the West to stop shaming those who fear for their lives because of Islam, and start protecting them.

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