In the wake of the Muslim attack on the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, the left have cast their lot in with a pair of savages who viciously murdered nine people because they ran a magazine that made fun of their sacred prophet Muhammad. Some extreme leftists, such as Guardian columnist Joe Sacco, are openly siding with offended Muslims, while others are attempting to excuse the Kouachi brothers’ actions by claiming that French Muslims are “marginalized” and that Charlie Hebdo was “racist.”

On paper, SJWs’ affection for Muslims makes no sense. The average Muslim’s views on homosexuality, women’s rights, and related issues is so extreme it makes the “cishetwhitemale shitlords” SJWs rage against look like demisexual otherkin in comparison. For example, there’s an anti-Israel group called “Queers for Palestine,” apparently unaware that 95 percent of Palestinians think the best way to deal with homosexuals is to string them up from trees. What gives?

The answer is that Muslims and SJWs have the same fundamental mindset. Both groups are driven by their feelings, namely the idea that their feelings are the end-all-be-all of human existence. And as the attack on Charlie Hebdo shows, people who place their feelings above all else are willing to kill anyone who slights them.


Islam Is A Woman’s Religion

“But Matt,” you may argue, “SJWs are pansies who faint at the slightest hint of being triggered! Muslims are willing to fight for what they believe in! How could they POSSIBLY have anything in common?”

The answer is this: Muslims are not manly. On the contrary, they’re some of the most hypersensitive and feminized men alive. The attack on Charlie Hebdo, the worldwide demonstrations against the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons, and every other act of Islamist terror happened because Muslims felt offended on behalf of their prophet. Letting your emotions dictate your behavior is what women do, not men.

Indeed, so much of what is wrong with America and the West is due to society tolerating and encouraging the mindless emoting of women, gays, and other designated victim groups. Rape hysteria is driven by women who feel that they were raped because they had sex and regretted it afterwards. The UVA rape hoax came about because Jackie Coakley felt slighted because a boy she crushed on had no interest in her. Leftists who stumble across Return of Kings articles always cry about how “disgusted” or “offended” they are, damn the actual facts.

Historically, both men and women were taught to keep a stiff upper lip and to not let their constantly-changing emotional states dictate their behavior. This has been thrown out the window with the millennial generation, raised on Barney the Dinosaur and “It’s OK to Cry.” Kids growing up these days have their feelings indulged at every opportunity and are never told to suck it up. Social justice warriors are the end result: a class of defectives ruled by their feeeeeelings.

While it’s tempting to assume that the Kouachi brothers had imbibed their whiny, crybaby mentality from Western leftists, the hysterical reactions Muslims around the world have to anything that offends them suggests this is a feature of Islam itself. Namby-pamby liberals misleadingly call Islam a “Levantine” religion, when in reality the only links it has to Christianity and Judaism are that which it plagiarized from the Bible.

Islam is not a religion in the western sense, but a system of control. It thrives by stoking mindless emoting in its adherents, directing their rage against the infidels, the dar al-Harb (House of War). Unlike Christianity, which teaches stoicism and self-reliance, the God of Islam tolerates nothing less than unthinking allegiance on the part of his followers. Indeed, Muslims are taught that the Koran is the direct, inerrant word of Allah as dictated to Muhammad, as opposed to Christians acknowledging that the Bible was written by men and subject to human error.

Islam is, above all else, a feminine creed. Evidence of this can be seen in the droves of white British and European women who are becoming Muslims. Left-wing SJWs feel perfectly at home in a religion that indulges their feeeeeelings, strips them of free agency and tells them what to think and believe. Indeed, there’s a growing body of evidence to suggest that Islam’s Allah is not derived from the God of Christianity, but is an altered version of a pagan Arabian moon god; the moon is almost always associated with the feminine in polytheistic religions.



SJWs Want Their Enemies Dead

Some of you will no doubt still argue that comparing SJWs to radical Muslims is unfair, because the former have yet to pick up guns and start killing their “misogynistic,” “transphobic” adversaries. You would be wrong. Just because Muslims are more willing to act out their violent fantasies than SJWs doesn’t mean the latter are any less homicidal.

Three months ago, pro-GamerGate attorney Mike Cernovich was targeted by social justice warriors. Cernovich had been publicizing Zoe Quinn’s (real name: Chelsea van Valkenburg) abuse of the court system to deny her ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, his First Amendment rights. In response, Quinn collaborated with blogger Margaret Pless (alias: Idle Dillettante) to expose Cernovich’s home address and encourage other SJWs to “swat” him: barrage the police with bogus 911 calls in the hopes they would panic and send a SWAT team to kill him.



As a result of Pless’ provocations, Cernovich was forced to flee his home and is taking legal action against her. Pless has denied that her intent was to swat Cernovich, claiming she was reporting him for “harassment,” a ridiculous story seeing as all he was doing was publicizing freely available court documents. Cernovich has also indicated that other major SJW figures might have been involved in Pless’ attempted swatting.

This is far from the only example of SJWs threatening violence against anyone who upsets them. Several months ago, Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannopoulos received a syringe in the mail from an SJW upset about his GamerGate reporting. My Return of Kings article “5 Reasons Why Girls with Tattoos and Piercings Are Broken” resulted in a flood of hate mail and death threats, with a disturbing number of people justifying them by pointing to how “offensive” my column was:


The fact of the matter is that SJWs are the new brownshirts, seeking to hurt, silence or kill anyone who resists the leftist status quo. Just because they haven’t taken to the streets yet doesn’t mean that they don’t want you dead. And if the murderous antics of the Kouachi brothers are any indication, they’ve found kindred spirits in the legions of hyper-offended, militant Muslims.

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