When I was a young boy, I would spend my days daydreaming about wars and heroes, battles between good and evil. I imagined the whole world as black and white, everything as a giant whole, where bad men tried to impose themselves and good men had to stop them.

The romantic concept of the hero seemed fascinating to me. Watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy, living the rise of King Aragorn, reading stories of the fabled King Arthur, and other incredible men from the fantasy stories, that rose from the depths of nothingness (Arthur was a nobody until he pulled that sword from the stone, Aragorn was just a ranger fighting as a nobody in battles and lost in the woods), into saviours of the world, resonated with my young heart. My parents are idealists, always standing against evil and corruption, and their teachings were impregnated into my soul.

I believed that life was this epic struggle of good against evil, that even though evil is triumphant right now, an epic band of heroes would stand up against the tide and send them all back to the abyss.

Oh how wrong I was.

The futility of being a hero

There was once a time where heroes were appreciated, applauded, even worshipped. I would soon learn that those days were long gone.

I lived most of my life in this romantic, bedazzled state. As a young teenager I would do no wrong, try to do good, try to help people, trying to live up to this incredible moral standard I had been so infatuated with in the stories of my youth, trying to be a beacon of light in this world that seemed to need such a light with so much darkness rampant, everywhere.

I thought somewhere out there, was my perfect princess, waiting for her hero, her shining knight, to come and rescue her. I kept to my standards in most of my younger years, waiting for this incredible love to appear magically and invade my life, waiting for this awesome girl to come and be swept off her feet by my heroism and epicness.

But the years passed, and she never appeared. She never came around. I would view the girls of this modern world, and they were nothing like the damsels in my stories. Most of them were just living out their lives, drinking themselves into oblivion every weekend, messing around with many boys at a time. None seemed even remotely interested in my notion of heroes, saving, and romance.

I was lost, confused. I was doing everything right, following my what I believed to be the correct path to the letter, but this path appeared to be leading me nowhere fast. It was here that I had a revelation.

How I thought the world would be

How I thought the world would be.

The veil is lifted

One day, I woke up, and realized that in all my seventeen years of life, and I had never been with a girl. My perfect princess was nowhere in sight, not even a faint glimpse on the horizon hinted of her arrival. So I sat in my cave and reflected on my life, my actions up until this point. Was the world really like in my stories?

I looked around and saw no perfect knights—most guys were just selfish, pathetic, weak losers, subservient to what society dictates as “cool” or “correct,” willing to sacrifice all their morals and principles just to get a piece of pussy, or something even less important. Girls were not much better, uncommiting sluts interested only in self-indulgence, a good time, and little more. These were NOT the characters from my stories, to me they were just bad jokes. And then it hit me.

The perfect knight is not needed in this world. Morals and truth are thrown out the window, conveniently displaced in favor of self-pleasure and debauchery. No girl wants to be “saved,” heroes have no place here. Nothing was they way I believed it was, and I wasn’t going to get anywhere if I didn’t radically change my course of action, very fast.

I ditched the hero’s cape, opting to replace it with cunning and courage, and ventured out into this brand new world. The veil had been lifted from my eyes, and I saw clearly now. It was a strange place indeed, everyone out on their own, no principles, no morals, just unlimited, unchecked, absolute freedom. The pleasures of the moment were far more important that the dealings of tomorrow, good and evil nonexistent between the loud music and the bottom of the next scotch.

But it wasn’t all dark. I had my friends, who had been with me throughout my life. I kept them close throughout my life, and still do, because they have a sense of brotherhood, of loyalty, that is ever so rare now a days. I learned much from them, and kept growing stronger and stronger in this now more familiar world. In the beginning it was quite rough, as I had no game, no knowledge, making me feel completely naked. Soon though, things changed, and began to unfold in a manner I would have never predicted.

How the world actually was.

How the world actually was.

The rush of victory

It turned out, even with no game, it wasn’t that difficult to attract women. There is always someone that finds you attractive, ALWAYS. Even if you can’t notice it, that girl in the coffee shop, that always smiles more than she should when she hands you your coffee, that girl in your gym that seems to constantly lock eye contact with you, but pulls away after a few short seconds, or that girl in your class that finds any excuse to sit next to you. These are your targets. I talked to a young beauty from my class and things progressed rather quickly with her. We went out, got wasted, went to a private place, and lost our virginity together.

Things had progressed so easily since I changed my perspective. I stopped trying to “save” girls and instead, just gamed them, and pushed to have sex with them. In a few short weeks, a guy with zero experience was dating one of the hottest girls of his class, banging her regularly and making no apologies for it. I was no casanova, but for me it was the best moment of my life up until that point.

Leaving behind the moral backpack weighing me down was so liberating, I discovered the true me hiding beneath the cape all these years, eager to stretch his legs and make his way out into the world. It felt like I learned to fly. I started going out, every time I could, and having as much fun as I could.

It wasn’t precisely all uphill from there, but I found the ability to get laid, make my way out on the world, claim what I wanted as mine. I discovered my power as a man, given to me by God, the creator, the universe, whatever you want to call it. All my successes and failures were mine alone, everything I had achieved was thanks to my work, and the only limit was the sky.

She wants you to talk to her.

She wants you to talk to her.

The road so far and what the future holds

Getting rid of the “good guy”, the hero’s cape, was the best thing I ever did. At first I was reckless, breaking hearts and hurting people. I quite literally turned into the opposite of what I had idealized my entire life. But then I slowed down. Hurting people is no good. Saving them isn’t necessary, but bringing more pain and suffering in a world already so littered with such things, is not the way to go.

A man constructs and empowers. Women are proud to be with him, proud to allow his dick to shove its way to the bottom of her pussy. Friends learn from such strength, find their own balls, and grow as well. Loyalty is important, to friends, to family. Don’t lie to girls, if you want to date several, go ahead and do it, but make no promises. Be unapologetic, god gave you your dick, and your sexual desire, to go out and fuck chicks.

Don’t let religion or so-called “gurus” control your mind. Believe nothing unless you can prove it true from your own experiences. Rather than the hero, be the conqueror, who sees what he wants, takes it, and makes no apologies. Avoid creating pain as much as you can but always, ALWAYS, put your own needs above others.

I share this story because it is not my own. It is my life, but I can’t claim sole ownership of the events that I described here. I believe most, if not every young man, is faced with a moment similar, where he sees that things aren’t the way our parents told us they were, that girls aren’t looking for that “good guy” to come, put them on a pedestal, work 9 to 5 to maintain her and kiss her feet.

I am here to spare you the pain of these truths you are discovering and instead, show you their liberating power. You don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to save anyone. Just start hitting on girls, put your balls on where they belong and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you will start seeing results. Even one success will be like a snowball that can begin an avalanche, each victory adding to your confidence and courage. Just get up off your ass, take off your cape, and go conquer the world.

Happy hunting!

She doesn't want a hero, just your dick.

She doesn’t want a hero, just your dick.

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