To those of you who haven’t been following along with the feminist indoctrination of Sweden and its effect on their country, it is time to start paying attention to such things. I know the next version of the iPhone seems really important to many of you, and that your minds are occupied with such clutter throughout the day.

I assure you, there are far more prudent things for us to concern ourselves with if we wish to not only point out the wrongs of our modern chaotic Babylon of a nation, but to take the action necessary to restore order in a time of such dire need.

The creep of political correctness

Consider that Sweden was once an amazing country where the people were mostly happy and mostly peaceful. However, it is a couple steps ahead of America in terms of what happens when you let dishonest, ignorant bigots (feminists) control national policy. There is one thing to understand that I have not yet seen addressed on Return Of Kings, though it is an important piece of the puzzle.

The kind of political correctness advocated by feminists opens the doors for some very nasty things, one of which is takeover by radical Islamists. I’m sure that sounds insane to some of you, though I would argue that by the time you’re done with this article, perhaps it will make sense to you how much the two are connected. Let’s chunk down and examine how this can make sense.

The doctrine of political correctness makes illegal the honest and rational observation of any group of people who are not white. Despite the fact that it’s Orwellian thought control–“Tyranny with manners,” as Charlton Heston once called it–it also makes it incredibly easy for enemy cultures to take root and begin their operations against the host nation.

Often times, this involves wealth transfer from the host population to the new parasitic invader population, which will feed off the host until it grows big enough to simply swallow it whole. Radical Islam, as it is very open about, is on a “divine mission” to eradicate the world of western powers (and many other people as well). Everyone is to some degree aware of this. When a host population is no longer allowed to say “maybe we shouldn’t let those guys in who swore an oath to behead us,” it makes them an extremely easy target.

The history of Islam in Sweden

For years, radical Islamists have been invading Sweden. Muslims (different from Islamists) are now 5% of the Swedish population, and commit an absolutely staggering 77% of the crime. I am not just talking about petty theft, either–I am talking about thousands of cars being set on fire, bombs going off all over the country, and an enormously high rate of rape of white Swedish women by radical Islamists.


In recent months, the native population of Sweden has grown tired of the insanity brought in with radical Islamist culture and the sharia law they advocate. People have begun fighting back and blowing up mosques all around the country, and now the Islamists are retaliating by killing Swedish police officers. One study estimated that Sweden will become a third-world country by 2030, and be less prosperous than Mexico.

It is a terrifying and crystal clear image of what happens when the kind of political correctness espoused by feminists is allowed to bleed its venom into mainstream dialogue and government. It is a danger to every country it sinks its claws into, and there is absolutely no reason to believe America won’t eventually go the same way unless we turn things around.

Feminist insanity continues

Several times, feminist politicians in Sweden have tried to outlaw the act of urinating into a urinal since “a man standing up holding his penis is indicative of male sexual violence.” Recently, a school in Sweden even banned displaying the Swedish flag.

When are we going to learn the lesson that you cannot let certifiably deranged human beings get into positions of power of any kind? When will we stop letting those monsters teach our children, run our universities, create useless Human Resources departments, and write our laws? When will we say, “enough is enough of this insanity,” and begin to look at the obvious outcome occurring in other places where the disease is even more advanced? It is a cancer unto our culture and leads to nothing good or true.

It is so obvious what is happening, and it breaks my heart that so few people in the west seem to care one iota what is happening all around them. In moments of candor, they will admit they would rather live in blissful ignorance than harsh reality.

That is why it is up to us to turn things around as we have been doing and must now begin to go on the offensive. We know where this will lead and we will never wake up enough of the masses to have their majority support. They want to stay asleep.

Let us pull Excalibur from the stone and raise our arms together as one united brotherhood of men standing up for truth, justice and reason in an age of twisted ideology.

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