For those of you who aren’t aware of the Roosh V Forum, it is a Fight Club-like think tank and message board composed of men from all walks of life. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, academics, laborers, and everything in between gather to engage in a bit of friendly banter, discuss the problems of today’s world, and share the odd game tip or two.

Though the forum certainly has its traditions and culture all its own, its members recognize that the world is changing and we may have to alter our approach to life over the coming century. To that end, here’s a sampling of what we think the future might look like, as predicted by thread titles from 2114 in an excellent thread started by POASTER and recently revived (with credit to original poster in parentheses):


“Bitch didn’t approve my consent application last night – couldn’t make out” (POASTER)

“Tips for Guys in their 140s Hitting On Girls in their 120s?” (POASTER)

“Tips for Guys in their 140s Hitting On Girls in their 120s 20s?” (Soma)

“I just had Psychokinesis sex” (MY DETROIT PLAYAS)

“How to game Robot 9s” (Cattle Rustler)

“The Quest for Traditional Women: Quechua vs. Inuit” (Sonsowey)

“Is it True Founder Roosh was an Oppresso-Sexual and had Physical Sex with Females??” (POASTER)

“The Would You Teleport It Thread” (Cunnilinguist)

“Last surviving PUA nabbed by local authorities in Toronto” (Cunnilinguist)

“Erik Von MarkoBot Releases Controversial New “Pickup” Guide Titled ‘How To Have Sex with One of the Remaining Eight Actual Women in Toronto'” (Hades)

“How To Pass Shit-Tests About Your Genetic-Engineered Pedigree” (Quintus Curtius)

“Secret Diary of Original RVF Member Discovered In Attic In New Detroit” (Quintus Curtius)

“Need advice for passing tentacle control at clubs in Moscow” (Handsome Creepy Eel)


“Fit Man Turns Down Fat Woman, Executed Under Jezebel Act Of 2030” (CRR)

“Lindy West’s Great Granddaughter Can’t Fit Into Massive Spaceship Destined For Jupiter, Throws Fit” (CRR)

“Poll: Do You Guys Prefer Girth or Length on Your Wife’s Penis?” (POASTER)

“How to make $1,000,000 in 6 months by working in the Martian Oil Craters” (Cattle Rustler)

Cosmopolitan: “From adopted African baby to teenage boy toy: how moms can navigate the sexy transition!” (Days Of Broken Arrows)

Washington Post: “Extremists question high school’s ‘mandatory homosexual experience’ graduation requirement” (Days Of Broken Arrows)

The Atlantic: “The new ‘male slavery’ movement: why it’s not only moral, but essential” (Days Of Broken Arrows)

New Republic: “No, mass starvation, widespread power outages, and nuclear fallout are not the fault of our last four female presidents” (Days Of Broken Arrows)


New York Times: “Why lowering the age of post-partum abortion to 9 is harmful to women” (Days Of Broken Arrows)

“Prius sales continue to skyrocket; No longer considered gay” (RCP)

“Gamergate XXIV: Mike CF’s Great Grandson Finally Speaks” (Quintus Curtius)

“Inside The Trillion-Dollar SelfieSatellite™ Industry” (Black Knight)

“Coming Out of the Closet: How to tell your Friends and Family you aren’t gay” (Horus)


“Monument dedicated to Lena Dunham erected in Central Park” (Cunnilinguist)

“Wall Survivor – American Actress Jenny Chang-Smith Gonzalez” (POASTER)

“Is your Hovercraft alpha? Let el mechanico decide” (Krusyos)

“What do you all think of The 30 Second Work Week?” (Krusyos)

“Return Of Kings Media Corporation Announces Stock Split At New York Stock Exchange” (Quintus Curtius)

“Mark Zuckerberg III Promises Tighter Privacy Controls On Facebook” (Black Knight)

“Lena Dunham to replace Theodore Roosevelt on Mount Rushmore” (nek)

Health And Wellness

“Study: Light speed travel lowers sperm count” (Mentavious)

“Anorexia finally defeated as America celebrates 100% obesity rate” (Sonsowey)

“Abstaining from mechanically synthesized sludge for a month” (DjembaDjemba)

“No fap challenge, can you last one hour?” (Cattle Rustler)

“The Real Alpha Male’s Guide to Wallmart Sexbots” (runsonmagic)


“New British Law (Shari’a Code 113302) Passed by Lord Sayyed William al-Landani” (POASTER)

“U.S. initiates bombing campaign in Iraq” (Sonsowey)

“US debt reaches 800 trillion – President ”very confident” in recovery” (French Canadian)

“Months After Purchasing US State of New York, Apple Declared Sovereign Nation By the United Nations” (Hades)

“Is It Time For A Male President?” (Black Knight)


“Mars Datasheet” (POASTER)

“The Islamic State – ~ A Black Man’s Disneyland ~ ” (POASTER)

“The best planets for black guys to get laid” (vinman)

“Roosh’s new book ‘Intergalactic Poosy Paradise: Saturn awaits'” (MY DETROIT PLAYAS)

“I was in a huge fight against white knights at a cantina in Mos Eisley” (Alpha_Romeo)

Old Favorites

“Do Looks Matter?” (iamdegaussed)

“Was This Alpha?” (Cattle Rustler)

“Which country is best for Indian guys to meet white girls?” (el mechanico)

“Are pocket squares still alpha?” (Oz.)

“What happened to The G Manifesto back in 2013?” (Merenguero)

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