ROK currently needs a WordPress coding expert to help us improve the site. Here are the skills I’m looking for:

  • Ability to customize themes and plugins
  • Good troubleshooting skill to solve problems such as malfunctioning widgets, plugins, etc
  • Deep knowledge of the WordPress system including its newest upgrades
  • Strong skill of html/css to incrementally improve design and fix css bugs/problems
  • Open availability to implement requested changes within a 2-5 day timeframe
  • Maintenance of parallel development sites to test changes before pushing them to main site

I’m looking for someone with more of a strong coding and technical background instead of design. This is a freelance position meaning you’d be paid by the hour. It’s hard to predict exactly how much work I’ll have, but I figure it will come in random spurts and grow over time since you would help maintain Reaxxion as well. This position could lead to a “product management” lead role if the network grows further.


If you’re interested, please email [email protected] with your resume, portfolio, and/or qualifications. Also include your hourly rate.

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