I went ahead and brought over Reaxxion’s layout to ROK for two reasons

1. It’s more compatible on mobile phones and tablets. Less people are browsing ROK from a desktop computer so I want to make sure they have a pleasant reading experience.

2. It increases our ad space inventory. The previous layout was too narrow and did not allow for industry standard ad sizes.

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Traffic summary for 2014

For 2015 I will be more aggressive in monetizing ROK so that we can increase our current news offerings. The mainstream media has shown that they are unwilling to provide coverage for news that goes against their narrative, so we will step up to the plate to ensure truthful views get publicized. This means an increase in editorial costs. As a result you will see more advertising on par with larger blogs, including sponsored posts and other promotions.


Passing over daily editor duties to Winston (aka Black Knight) four months ago has allowed me to pursue the boring but necessary backend adjustments that I hope will increase ROK’s long-term influence. I originally started ROK in October of 2012 to be a masculine group blog to compete with sites like The Art Of Manliness and Ask Men, but it has the potential for a much bigger political impact in crushing our enemies.

I believe any system is either growing, stagnating, or dying, and while ROK could happily proceed on its current routine, it’s worth a shot to see what it’s capable of. This will require changes that some of you may not like, but if my vision is accurate, it will be more than worth it in the end. I thank all of our loyal readers, guest contributors, staff writers, and advertisers for making ROK what it is so far. Let’s see what 2015 will bring us.

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